An Open Letter to Muslims

The face of Islam 

Before 9/11/2001, I didn’t know anything about Islam. Since then I have learned plenty. I have learned that there is no shortage of Muslims willing to kill in the name of Islam. I have learned that they have no problem with killing other Muslims, when they don’t believe the way the killers do, or, are just in the way. I have learned that even though they call Christians and Jews, “People of the Book”, in Muslim eyes they are all infidels/kufars, and as such are worth nothing but contempt. The goal is to convert, subjugate, or kill them (in the case of the Jew, it is more likely than not, to kill them). While Christianity is a religion of love and redemption, Islam is hate, vengeance and “awful doom”.

Some Muslims will be offended by the words in this post. Maybe you should be more concerned with changing how Islam is viewed, by stopping the killing. Stop all the death fatwa’s. Stop beheading people and teaching children the fine art of beheading. Maybe you should stop indoctrinating little children in hate and death. Maybe you should stop trying to get 6 year old kids, to become suicide bombers.

Some Muslims think that the war, is about us, wanting to convert all Muslims. Their Imams and other leaders, use this kind of talk to convince other Muslims that they are in a legitimate, worthy fight. And that Allah calls them to defend, and “protect” the faith, a perfect example of this is here:–?cq=1 “come2jihad2save_Islam”, this person has moved on to a different blog and is a jihadist that wants nothing more than for ignorant Muslims to spill their blood.  First of all I think that Muslims who fall for this line of garbage, are ignorant, or naive, and have no real grasp of what is really going on in the world. If they did, they would know, that the real enemy of Islam, are those who would get thousands to give their lives in a false cause.

The west couldn’t care less, about your religion. Unlike most Muslim countries, the west has true freedom of religion. There is no compulsion on way or another. All are welcome to worship who they want, when the want, or not at all if that is their desire. And it is all without threat. The same cannot be said about Christians in Muslim countries. If you are a Muslim and want to convert to another religion, you face death.

I am not calling you a terrorist, but I am calling on you to condemn the terrorist actions of your brother Muslims. If you cannot do that, it leads me to believe, that you approve of their actions. Which is only a short step away from committing acts of violence and terror yourself, or encouraging others to do so.

I do not understand why it is so hard for Muslims to speak out against violence. Are you afraid for your safety?? Maybe you can explain it too me. And please explain why so many Muslims feel the need to kill others for not believing the way that they do. Why behead priest, nuns, and monks?? Are these people deserving of that treatment?? What about beheading school girls on their way to school. What in Gods name could they have done to deserve that?? Why rape women for showing a interest in the Bible?? Does your holy book command you to do these things?? Come on, somebody tell me why this is OK. I really want to know. Some feel that they are in a war, as stated above, to “protect” Islam, and yet we only see Muslims doing the kind of violence I just stated. So who is really trying to change who’s faith??

Do you really believe that this type of behavior will get people to want to become a part of your religion, or respect it?? I certainly have a hard time respecting anyone who believes these things. I have posted these questions before, and have not found any honest people, willing to answer my questions. Just some indignant Muslims, that have no problem being offended by my writings, but not offended enough about their own religion to stand up and shout for the insanity to stop.

Do I hate all Muslims…NO, I hate the actions of extremest, I hate the silence of the so called “moderates”. I hate the double talk of the so called “moderate” Muslims, who say one thing when in front of the camera’s, and says something else when he thinks only like minds are listening. I have a problem with any religion that allows their members to lie about their actions and true feelings about jihad, or anything else, to keep the “kufar” from knowing what they are doing.

I hate the “kufar” terminology. Nothing like a religion that blatantly calls for slavery, discrimination and murder. As I have said, Christianity is based on love, and forgiveness. Islam is based on hate, discrimination, and death. You can cherry pick verses that are against these things, but if you look at it in context or as a whole, the Quran is all about death.

The Christian Bible says nothing about killing everybody who doesn’t believe. The Bible says of enemies: “Bless them that curse you, pray for them who despitefully use you. And if someone smacks you on one cheek, offer to him the other; And if somebody takes away your cloak, give to him your coat also.” It says to love your enemy and to pray for them. And when asked of the Lord how often to forgive those who offend you, He said, “Until seventy times seven” daily. And what do some Muslims do with this information?? They mock it. How you can call Jesus Christ a prophet on one hand and mock him with the other is beyond me. The Christian Bible and the Quran are polar opposites.

I learned a lot about Islam since 9/11, I learned that if I was in a position of either converting to Islam, or death… you would have to kill me. I will never understand why anyone would want to be in a religion that is so hateful. And as far as Muslims condemning the acts of terrorist… I’m sorry, I just don’t see enough of it to think that you really mean it.



24 Responses to “An Open Letter to Muslims”

  1. salahudin Says:

    “Nothing like a religion that blatantly calls for slavery, discrimination and murder. As I have said, Christianity is based on love, and forgiveness”

    lol contradiction! hahhaha

  2. Rasel Darw Says:

    Why some people attack Muslims by quoting verses of Holy Quran without context?

    And why Muslims should be apologetic? We Muslims doesn’t care what you think of us. The problem is with the Muslims who have weak faith and try to answer their fugly questions in apologetic manner.
    They try to teach us PEACE –when they are the greatest plunderer
    and war-mongers. We understand PEACE–but not on your terms and standards–but in our own.
    You should read those verses in their context–not out of their context.
    For thousands of years Muslims did read and understand what they meant. If they misunderstood the verses–there shouldn’t be any Jews or Christians left in the Middle-East or North Africa. Right?
    There shouldn’t be Coptic Christians in Egypt. There shouldn’t be any Mizrahi or Shephardic Jews left.There shouldn’t be any Hindus left in India.During the 700 years of Muslim rule in Spain–the majority were always Christian–they were not forced to convert–they remained alive. But just after the Christians took over–there were SPANISH INQUISITION. The Christians well understood the Bible for sure. Certainly, Quran condemns the unbelievers to hell-fire–so did the Bible. The verses that are about killing infidels are in direct combat or war. It’s not about killing civilians. Didn’t Christians kill each other in wars? If your country is attacked or you are persecuted as a group–you won’t war against
    your opponents? And is there any war without killing????
    Why Good Muslims aren’t standing up against Islamic extremists?
    I think they are just a by-product or reaction to the Imperialist
    Neo-Con real Western Terrorists. Why did you vote the fugly
    TERRORIST NUMBER ONE–BUSH? Muslims should not be apologetic anymore.Muslims doesn’t fear anyone except God. Our enemie’s enemy is our Friend.

    Right Sir–Muslims try to convert people but they don’t force them to convert. Did you read my post? And the Christians don’t try to spread the GOOD NEWS?? Jesus
    did ordered them to.
    Wrong Sir–Muslims hate Non-Muslims more than vive-versa??? Don’t make loose comments…Do you have statistics?? I think the opposite is true on the contrary.
    Yes, there is lack of education and money in most Muslim countries. We know who colonized them
    and plundered them for hundreds of years and we also know WHO supports the autocratic rulers in Muslim countries.

  3. Eagle Says:

    As per usual, you compare what happened during the crusades to what is happening now. Lets look at the difference’s….several hundred years.

    Currently, Christians are in the military, and they fight and kill. But they don’t fight under the name of Christianity.

    Yes Christians do try and spread the Good news, and we love our Lord as much as you love yours, but we don’t discriminate against others for not believing the way we do. We don’t close down Mosque’s. We don’t be-head Muslims. We don’t make them “shave their head in front so they are more recognizable”.

    Parts of your response makes no sense to me. Where did I say Muslims hate non-Muslims more that vise-versa?? I don’t make “loose” comments. I ask questions, and post comments from others.

    My sole purpose is to learn and educate.

    WHO “colonized and plundered” Muslim countries for “hundreds of years”?? Prove to me that America did. Tell me about the Ottoman empire, how was that part of America?? Talk about “loose” comments.

    You may not care for who the U.S. government allies itself with, We can say the same for some Muslim countries. But the bottom line is, it is not your place to dictate who we are allied with. If you don’t like it, don’t do business with us. That is what we do. But to declare war, because you don’t like it, or the country’s politics allied with us, is stupid.

    Tell me what Muslim country we are allied with that you consider autocratic?? How are they autocratic?? What would you have us do?? When you make a statement of accusation, spell out the accusation.

    I am assuming that you are “come2Jihad2save_Islam” The purpose of putting you in this post was to show how, some, make false claims that the war is all about Christians trying to assault the Muslim faith. When in fact it has nothing to do with that what so ever. Your user ID, was the main thing I was pointing out.

    My problem with these things is that anyone who believes that Jews drink the blood of Palestinian babies for some religious holiday, (or any time for that matter), Will believe anything. It is the people who propagate this garbage, that are too blame.

    Do you think that Allah, will bless the people that misinform, people and cause them to kill themself and/or others?? My God wouldn’t.

  4. awake Says:


    What happened to the guy who wrote this open letter?

    “You can cherry pick verses that are against these things, but if you look at it in context or as a whole, the Quran is all about death.”

    Wow, that is even way harsher than I have ever said. Thatb nonsense out of the mouth of rasel darw, was just that, that the West, especially America asked for 9/11. It was our fault.

    See, she typically accepts ZERO blame for the actions of the kihadists other than we in the West “provoked” them.

    What happened?

  5. Eagle Says:

    What happened, in the process of writing this blog and meeting people I learned that not ALL Muslims are evil. I tryed to show some of what I learned. But like I said it’s not enough for some.

    I have some very dear friends who are Muslim, we don’t agree on a lot of things, just like salahudin and I don’t agree on ANYTHING, regarding religion as a whole, but he is good people. He is a friend I count myself lucky to have. I would stand and fight beside him if needed.

    It is only narrow minded people who don’t have the ability to grow and learn. We can see MY growth in my blog, but we can see others lack thereof.

  6. Eagle Says:

    Another thing, I am in no way saying that I have all the answers, but some of the people on this blog, think that they do.

    You came to my blog after elric decided that I should be insulted because he was kicked off my other blog. That was the ONLY reason my blog address was put up on dhimmiWatch and JihadWatch and Weaselzippers. It wasn’t done to say, this is a good blog with some different stuff. It was done out of hate, pure and simple. Even you should be able to see that.

  7. Shaun Josef Says:

    What happened, in the process of writing this blog and meeting people I learned that not ALL Muslims are evil.

    But what relevance does that have? And is that not obvious? I could probably find members of the Nazi party that were not evil (by whatever definition of evil you use).

    What matters is the Quran, the Hadith and the Sira and what they contain. I have not seen any writings of yours, so far, where you discuss the influence of these writings on Muslims.

  8. Eagle Says:

    Here is what I’ve seen just today. I have 32 posts, today, 6 posts were looked at. Out of 282 ‘views’ 198 were on the page that elric sent them too.

    How’s that for being open minded and really interested in what I have to say.

  9. Eagle Says:

    One more thing, when I first wrote the above letter, I was getting all my information from JihadWatch. Or other such websites.

    I started out posting it on radical websites, then I decided that I needed to start my own blog because it appeared that no one was saying what the radicals were saying. In doing my research, I found that I was wrong in my initial beliefs. Which is what you get from listening to nothing but negative all the time.

    So yes I have grown and learned. I intend to get back to what I was doing in the first place, but in the mean time, I thought that maybe I could convince others that maybe, just maybe, they were wrong too. Pretty foolish it seems. Do you think that all of elric’s friends will still come to this website once I go back to bloging about radical Islam??

    Some how I doubt it, unless I say what they want me to say. Which isn’t happening. If you want to come here and see something different, fine, if not, that’s ok too. I have 4 blogs on the same topic because I think it is that important. BUT I don’t think that, that is all that Islam is about. I have seen too many blogs by Muslims to know that it isn’t all about Jihadist.

    It seems like I have spent the last month defending my beliefs instead of doing what I set out to do. Some people have shown that there is no point in talking too. There is no way they will change their views. And they don’t have a problem with insulting me because of mine.

    You want to name call, go back to grade school. I won’t stand for it here. I may not have control over much, but I do have control over that.

  10. awake Says:


    You are giving more power to elric than is warranted. It is the most simple of questions that I pose to you:

    Has elric EVER said that all Muslims are evil or terrorists?

    My initial question on this thread to you was simply:

    What happened in the last two months that radically changed your opinion on Islam, comparing your initial archived post and your latest offering?

    I am confused. Please help me understand. It is not a difficult question. Your thoughts are obviously revealed on YOUR blog.

  11. awake Says:


    The question posed to you still stands.

    wtf, bro?

  12. Eagle Says:


    YES he has.

    And as far as what he has done. I have the blog stats I know what he has done and tried to do. I also know the comments he made on the other websites about me. I have also dealt with him for 2 months. On my other blog.

  13. Eagle Says:

    I already answered that, look up and you have your answer on what changed my mind also I will be adding it to my post for tomorrow.

  14. awake Says:


    I cannot agree at this point about elric. PLEASE simply provide the link, or at this point since his comments are moderated, provide the posting.

    I don’t even know the address of your other blog. I am trying to understand. Please help me out.

  15. awake Says:

    In all honesty, you defamed Islam and the Qur’an in totality in your initial posting. That was about two months ago. What did you learn in that time that COMPLETELY changed your mind?

  16. awake Says:

    Who convinced you that the articles that Robert puts forth on Jihad Watch, which are merely REAL news articles with some substantiated op-ed, was false?

    Was it the sheer negativity that drove you away? “Radical” Islam is not a pretty subject, as you know. It is an unfortunate reality that we in the West must now deal with. It sucks for me and it sucks for you. But to deny that reality is merely, escapism.

  17. Eagle Says:


    Since you can’t wait till tomorrow for my blog, here is the short version on your question;

    When I started this endeavor 2 months ago I was pretty closed minded. I got my information from some of those, ‘all Muslims bad, all day long blogs’, when I decided to start writing myself I did so because of what I had seen.

    I have 4 blogs (only 2 are up to date) that all say the same thing, why, because it is that important. But in the process of researching for my blogs, I found out that I was WRONG. All Muslims are not terrorists or believe in the terrorist ideology.

    Since I started this, I have made many friends from every religion and no religion including Muslims from numerous sects. I have found that they are as diverse as Christians. I have talked to Muslim personally and read blogs all over the place. I also have a dozen or more books that I am working on as I speak.

    Muslims are Muslim for the same reason I am a Christian or a Jew is a Jew, to worship God. It’s real simple. Some Muslims have a twisted view of what they are on this earth to do, the same can be said about anyone for any given thing. It doesn’t mean that everyone is that way.

  18. Eagle Says:

    It wasn’t merely the negativity, it was the people who commented on the blog. It was and is the orgy of hate towards people for no other reason than because they are Muslim.

  19. awake Says:


    Once again, I have NEVER said that that all Muslims are bad, evil, corrupt or whatever. my initial posting was, the individual Muslim is irrelevant compared to the ideology of Islam.

    I will not keep you up all night, but rather look forward to your new posting tomorrow.

    Good night, Sir.

  20. Eagle Says:

    I understand we have to deal with radical Islam, and I agree. But it can be done with out condemning an entire people. I have found that by allowing those kind of comments you drive away any and all moderate Muslims. I know from experience that when you allow that kind of stuff the people reading it think that you agree with it because it was left up. You have no idea how many emails I got in regards to elric on my other blog.

    How do you expect to reach a moderate leaning radical if they are not reading your website??

    Dialog is what is needed not hate. I have commented on plenty of regular Muslim blogs, I never have a problem we agree on a lot of the same things. We even talk about religion. You don’t have that when there is a orgy of hate over something as stupid as a foot washing station.

  21. awake Says:

    Eagle, I hear ya. Your beef with elric is personal. I reiterate, I am not condemning an entire people.

    I am relatively young, I expect to be around tomorrow. We will talk then. I am going to bed, bro.


  22. Eagle Says:

    Nite 😀

  23. salahudin Says:

    hey eagle. thanks for the well wishes etc, i’ve recovered from the flu but i still have the sniffles for some reason… heh. it’s going away slowwwwly. hopefully i’ll be perfectly fine by monday-ish.

    i haven’t been online much, life’s getting busy with work AND my mid terms are coming up… so i probably won’t be online as much as before.

    hope to see you around still… meanwhile other towelians will be taking care of the blog till then.

    see you around!

  24. Eagle Says:

    I hear you, you know where to find me when your around. Luck with your mid terms.

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