Islamist Idea of Freedom

“In Islam, however, freedom is to be able to practice your Religion as much as possible, which includes establishing the Shari’ah (sharia law) and waging Jihad for the cause of Allah.

Freedom is to be able to stand up to the tyrants and tell them, ““Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah.” Free from your wretched laws, methodologies, constitutions and values… free from your repugnant governments, courts, distinguishing characteristics and media…

“We have rejected you, and there has become apparent between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah ALONE.” THEREFORE, WE WILL CONTINUE TO SHOW HOSTILITY AND HATRED TOWARDS YOU FOREVER UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IN ALLAH ALONE…and freely”…..

Their idea of freedom, it the TALIBAN, pure and simple and they won’t rest until they achieve that goal. They make it pretty clear. They also speak in oxymoron’s and contradictions and don’t even realize it. The quotes here are all copy and paste, they are NOT my words, but theirs.


It is important for all of us to pay attention to the signs of the times. Far too often we busy ourselves with the mundane day to day tasks. How many “man on the street” episodes, have you seen, where the person being questioned, has no clue who the people, in the highest level of government are??


If we cannot be bothered to know who is running our country, then how do we expect to win a war of ideology??


Here is another Muslim opinion on democracy:

All Who Believe in Democracy, The Religion of Godlessness, Are Infidels

by Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, a pseudonym for Asem Al-Burqawi


“[Democracy is] denying Allah the Almighty, associating [other deities] with [Allah,] the Sovereign of heaven and earth, and is contrary to the religion of unity [i.e. Islam] and the religion of the prophets, for many reasons, among them:


First, [democracy] is legislated by the masses or the regime of tyrants, and it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted. Allah commanded his Prophet to act according to the law that Allah sent down to him, and forbade him from following the desires of the nation or the masses and warned him that they would divert him from part of the [precepts] sent down by Allah: ‘Judge between them by that which Allah has sent down, and do not follow their wishes to deviate from it’ [Qur’an 5:49]. This [appears] in the religion of unity and of Islam.


“With regard to the religion of democracy and association [of other deities with Allah, i.e. polytheism], those who worship it say ‘Judge between them by that which the people wish; be wary of deviating from what they want, desire, and legislate’… This is what they say, and thus it is determined that democracy is unbelief and association [of other deities with Allah] if it is implemented…


Second, the rule of the masses or the tyrants is in accordance with the constitution, and not in accordance with the law of Allah, and thus say their constitutions and their books, which they sanctify over the Qur’an. Evidence of this is that the law [of the constitutions and books] is preferred to the law [of the Qur’an], and the law [of the constitutions and books] is higher [to them] than [the Qur’an‘s] laws… According to the religion of democracy, the masses do not accept the judgments and laws … unless they are based on the precepts and articles of the constitution, because they see it as the father of the laws and the holy book. In the religion of democracy, there is no consideration of the Qur’an verses or the Hadiths [prophetic tradition] of the Prophet, and laws cannot be legislated in accordance with them unless they are compatible with the precepts of their holy book, the constitution…


“Third, democracy is the vile fruit and illegitimate daughter of secularism, because secularism is a heretical school of thought that aspires to isolate religion from life or separate religion from state … and democracy is the rule of the people or the rule of the tyrants. But in any event, it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted, and it does not take the unswerving legislation of Allah into account at all unless it is first compatible with all the articles of the constitution, and then with the desires of the people, and even before that with the desires of the tyrants or the masses…

“Secularism”…do you think that if our democracy, changed to one that was based on Christianity, in the way the above author, views the rule of law under Islam. That his perception of that nation would change??? Absolutely NOT. It is not the “secularism” that he opposes, it is anything that doesn’t rule under sharia law.


So, the people that we are fighting, desire to do away with the rule of law, (at least as we know it). They feel that giving people the right to vote and choose their leaders, who make laws to protect and benefit their constituents, is wrong. Unless it is all done, in Allah’s name and in accordance to the Quran. This is why they have no problem with beheading people, or stoning them, or cutting off hands and feet.


There is no consideration for current times and beliefs. There is no consideration for what the people think. This is NOT, a isolated way of thinking. Muslims have no loyalty to the country in which they live. There are films of Muslims in downtown New York city, standing on the American flag. Yelling that want the world to know that their only allegiance, is to Allah.


As a Christian, I try to follow Gods words, and if I HAD to choose between, that and anything else, my loyalty would be to God. But make no mistake, it is not the same way of thinking in Islam. There are tons of things, I as a Christian do not like, that are permitted under U.S. law, such as abortion. But I don’t try and overthrow the government because of it. I don’t kill the people that are doing it. I don’t try and force my beliefs on others. I don’t violate the law in an attempt to stop that barbaric practise. I do try and get laws changed by voting for people who share my views. THAT, is democracy.


The threat is not only to our country, the threat is towards ALL countries. Including Muslim nations that don’t rule under strict sharia law.


I would ask the “moderate” Muslim, if this is acceptable to them. Do you really have a complete knowledge of what that would entail?? Are you OK with the idea of storming other nations, overthrowing them, and installing sharia law??


Are there Muslims out here that would care to read my blog and answer my questions?? Because I have a lot and will be posting them on a regular basis. My goal is not to insult you, but to inform, myself, non-Muslims, and Muslims alike. I can only do that with your help.


Other websites, (jihadist) when they don’t like my comments, or can’t answer them, they erase them.


If you are righteous in your thoughts and writings then you should not fear what the kufar has to say. If a person is not using foul language, then why would you erase what they had to say?? Are you afraid that they might influence a Muslim coming to your website?? Surely you don’t think that your opinion is so weak that it cannot stand up to remarks by someone with a differing view.

My response to those who erase comments:


“Since you keep erasing my comments, I am left with only one thought. You are afraid of others seeing my response. You are afraid that my words might influence another Muslim. You are not as righteous as you would have others believe. Your words are false. You lie not only to yourself but to others. If this was not true, you wouldn’t be afraid of my comments.”



Please visit this website and view the picture of the Statue of Liberty. This is what you see right off the top.:


Muslims get all worked up over the thought that the United States is trying to invade, conquer, and convert Muslim nations, which I might add is UNTRUE. How is it, that doing the same to us, is OK??


13 Responses to “Islamist Idea of Freedom”

  1. Eagle Says:

    And just for the record, Christians are NOT, NOT, NOT, POLYTHEIST!!!

  2. Saeed Tiwana Says:

    America was build around a word FREEDOM. Islam is built around another word JUSTICE.
    Thats the difference.
    Weve seen COMMUNISM & CAPITALISM; both built for the rich to get richer and the poor to become the poorer.
    When the USSR broke up , it had a mafia owning billions.If USA breaks up, you’d see more people poor than Soviet Union.
    By banning INTEREST & NO TAXATION except on the rich ( Who pay Zakat) and non-muslims who pay a tax for PROTECTION in an Islamic state, all enterprise is profit-sharing. INTEREST is not exorbitant;thats why entrepreneurs borrow money at flimsy interest rates ans amass wealth -that belonged to other. Islam envisages only SAFE DEPOSITRIES (Not Banks)/ Food For Thought.

  3. salahudin Says:

    “When trying to understand the Muslim mind” it helps going to the RIGHT source instead of going to a right wing anti-islamic blog

  4. Eagle Says:

    I only post what they say using copy/paste. I don’t put words in any mouth. It came from a Muslim blog, are you saying you don’t agree with the quotes??

  5. Eagle Says:


    I don’t even know where to begin with your comment. Lets start with the differents between America and the Soviet Union. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you should know about the gulag’s in communist Soviet Union, where people would disappear to for all time. The main reason most of the people were sent there, was politics. Whether real or imagined. Stalin was famous for this.

    There was no freedom of speech, and Putin is doing his best to bring that back. There was not even freedom to choose where to live or what job to go into. Communism only thrives through an iron fist, at least that kind of communism. There is a difference between communism and socialism.

    America is based on freedom. Freedom of the press, so they can report stories without fear of reprisal, from “authorities”, even if the story shows a politician in an unfavorable light. We also have freedom of religion, that means that everyone has the freedom, to worship who they want, when they want, or not at all, if that is their wish. We have the right to vote and decide who will run the country and represent us in the government. And if we don’t think they are doing the job, they come up for re-election every 4 years, so they can be voted OUT of office. Our elections are 100 percent free, without government interference, deciding, who the candidate will be. Anyone can run for public office, and if people think they are qualified, and will do a good job, we vote them in.

    Capitalism, means, free market. It means that you can be whoever you want to be. You can start your own business. You can go to school and educate yourself, and because we have a capitalist society, you can become wealthy if you work hard.

    I am not wealthy, but even if I was dirt poor, it would be wrong to make somebody else pay more than their fair share, for me. As it is the wealthy in this nation pay way more than anyone else. That is not to say that if a person is in need that the state leaves them hanging out to dry. We have our own social programs, that help with food, money, and health care.

    As far as your comment about the non-Muslim, jizyah tax. What you say about “protection” didn’t have the ring of truth to it then, and doesn’t have it now. The following is a little Q&A I had with a Muslim, on a Muslim blog:

    . eagle – July 7, 2007
    What if they don’t have Jizyah? And is it your desire to make the whole earth a Islamic State?

    Muslim – July 7, 2007
    If they don’t pay the Jizyah willingly, then they are killed.
    If America left all the Muslim lands, and they were to do as is demanded by the Mujaahideen, then the conflict would soften up against them since our focus would be re-establishing the Islamic State in our Countries. However, our plan is also to establish Islam in every Country of the world, so yes, America will have to accept the Shari’ah.

    So, kill the people who don’t pay the tax… As a kufar, we are considered no more than cattle, (according to some Imam’s) and can be compelled to do whatever a Muslim commanded. Not to mention having to shave our heads in front so we will be recognizable to Muslims, (how is that any different, then the yellow star ordered to be worn by Jews, by Nazi’s??) After hearing and, reading about how Muslims feel about the kufar…it seems the main thing we would need to be “protected” from, would be the Muslims.

    So tell me why is it alright for you/Islam to force themselves on other religions?? It would be just as wrong if Christians did that to you. Muslims are allowed to worship freely, but if some Muslims got their way, my ability to worship my Lord would be sharply curtailed. I am a Christian, and I love my Lord and my faith, as much as you love yours. You would have to kill me before I would change my faith.

    The demands of Islam, on non-Muslims, in Islamic states, are no different than what the Nazi’s did. How can you justify that?? Why should I have to pay a tax for not being Muslim, or shave my hair in the front so to be recognized?? How is that any different than wearing a yellow star??

    I will be posting new threads on some of the things you are talking about. Things like what Muslim leaders and Imam’s are saying about the Jizya and the treatment of “people of the book. So food for thought for you as well.

    By the way, in many of the Muslim blogs I visit, I have found that they erase my comments on a regular basis.

    If they are righteous in thoughts and writings then they should not fear what the kufar has to say. If a person is not using foul language, or being disrespectful, then why would you erase what they had to say?? Are they afraid that I might influence a Muslim coming to their website?? Surely they don’t think that their opinion is so weak that it cannot stand up to remarks by someone with a differing view.

    My response to them (which is always erased), is not only the previous paragraph but,:

    Since you keep erasing my comments, I am left with only one thought. You are afraid of others seeing my response. You are afraid that my words might influence another Muslim. You are not as righteous as you would have others believe. Your words are false. You lie not only to yourself but to others. If this was not true, you wouldn’t be afraid of my comments.

    Now THAT, is real food for thought.

  6. Eagle Says:

    Sorry for that long drawn out comment, I didn’t know how to shorten it and still make my point. However, as I said, I will be posting new threads about some of the things we talked about here. So if you are interested please come back and read them and give me your feedback.

    I am a perpetual student. I am here to learn, and to teach.

    Aren’t we all??

  7. salahudin Says:

    of course i disagree with it. the kid doesn’t know what he/she is talking about

  8. Eagle Says:

    I am pleased to hear that. I don’t believe that all Muslims think like these people. My concern is that there are a lot that do. And with all the riots over some stupid cartoon, we hear nothing from Muslims about people like this.

    It would be wrong to force my views on you, it is just as wrong for them to force theirs on me.

  9. salahudin Says:

    Good to hear your point of view. As for diet muslims’ silence, you haven’t heard the news about their protests and arguments against extremists because good news simply doesn’t sell as well as the horrifying kind, unfortunately…

    i’ll give you a few links to actual moderate muslims who are actively doing omething about exteemism within islam. as soon as i can get on a pc… macs suck.

  10. Eagle Says:

    Thanks, I have some links that I am going to put on my blogroll, the more the merrier. As I have said, my goal is two fold, one , to learn; the other is to teach.

  11. Saeed Tiwana Says:

    Eagle has a very balanced judgement. Islam’s highest value is good judgement & sincerity. Jizya tax was returned to non-muslims when the Muslim society feared it wouldn’t be able to protect them. No killing if Jizya not paid. The contract of protection wouldn’t be there. That’s all.
    There is no compulsion in Islam. All faiths strive towards goodness. All faiths are under the protection and care of God. A muslim can marry a jewish girl or a christian girl. They are recognized faiths. Muslims are basically traders, and the whole world, all kind of environments are his to live in. You can pray in a mosque as we can in a church. When one boy gets rich, you know what others do to him! Muslims, by accident, have the largest natural resources in the world. Hence the hate. Most of my friends are Catholics and from other faith. I have been eating with them, laughing with them, calling on them. WE ARE INTERDEPENDENT (HUMAN RACE)

  12. Eagle Says:


    Thank you and, that is great, and I have no doubt you have. My mother was married to a non-practising Muslim. He is a great guy too. The problem is those who fight. Some are pawns, tricked into fighting by those who would convince them that the fight is to “save” the faith. Others know exactly what they fight for. Please read…posts of 6th, 7th and 9th. There you will see direct communication with the people that we fight, and what they want.

    We have never had, nor do we have, a problem with Islam or Muslims. We hate no one, we may hate the actions of a few, but who doesn’t. Most Americans, if concerning themselves in politics, are concerned with local politics, and then few and far between. That is why I started this blog. To raise awareness, but not just for non-Muslims.

    I have another blog set up with the same posts, but there I have met lots of Muslims with a wide varity of beliefs as to what is ok for them to do. All that they find enjoyable would be taken away. And what of the Shiite’s, that is a question to be sure.

    Can a Muslim woman marry a non-Muslim man?? We don’t care where Muslims live worldwide as long as it is lawful. We only care when they seek to establish a Caliphate for world dominion. We believe in freedom of religion for all. I don’t want to live under a Caliphate.

    I think that if these people reach their goal of the Taliban, worldwide, most Muslims won’t want it either. My question is, do they understand that, THAT, is the fight we are in.

    I know that there is to be no compulsion in Islam, but that doesn’t stop some people from not only attempting forced conversion, but doing so in the most vile of manners. And lets not forget all those being be-headed in the name of Islam. How in the world can anyone think that their God calls on them to behead people, especially people of other faiths.

  13. Eagle Says:

    Also, I don’t know if I made mention of the fact, anywhere on this blog yet, but my mother was married to a wonderful Muslim man from Iran. He is a great guy who would do anything for you. 🙂 But according to the radicals that we fight, he would be considered an apostate, because he does not actively worship like he used to. And for that, they would kill him. 😦 That is just not right.

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