Islamist Principle of Repayment In Kind


Islamist Principle of Repayment In Kind magnify


I am really trying not to be too sarcastic.  I don’t want to offend our Muslim friends, but some of this stuff really gets too me.  Not to mention the fact that I don’t see a lot of Muslims, trying to not offend Christians.

Take for example, the line about idolaters…can you please tell me what idol we are worshiping??  I could say more here, but I’m not going too.

A. Jihad Against the Jews and the Crusaders

One example of this is Bin Laden’s declaration of Jihad against the Jews and Crusaders. On February 23, 1998 the London Arabic-language daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi published bin Laden’s declaration of Jihad which said that killing the Americans and their allies is a commandment for every individual Muslim. The following are excerpts of this declaration:

“Praise be to God, who brought down the Book, drives the clouds, defeats the factions, and says in His Book: When the sacred months are over, kill the idolaters wherever you find them, take them captive, lay siege to them and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush [Qur’an 5:9]… Prayers and blessings of peace upon our Prophet Muhammad, who said: I was sent with a sword in preparation for the Day of Judgment when God alone will be worshipped with none beside him. He assigned me a livelihood under the shadow of my spear and he assigned humiliation and lowliness to those who disobey my command…

Isn’t this nice.  Maybe its just me, but where I go to church, I never hear anything about killing people where ever I find them.  Under ANY circumstances.  Not to mention the fact that my God does not require me to do anything, to advance His appearance.  Unlike Islam, which thinks it needs to “help” Imam Mahdi, by killing the Jews. Yeah.  More on that later.

“Killing the Americans and their allies – both civilians and military personnel – is a commandment for every individual Muslim who can do this, in any country in which he can do this, in order to free the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Al-Haram Mosque from their grasp, and so that their armies will leave all the lands of Islam defeated and no longer a threat to any Muslim. This is in compliance with the words of Allah: ‘Fight the polytheists all together, as they fight you all together [Qur’an 9:36]’ and ‘Fight them until civil strife ceases altogether’ [Qur’an 8:39].


Idiot, just what “threat” were we to Muslims, before this moron decided to attack us.  If I was a Muslim, I would be pretty pissed off at mr. bin lyin, for the wrath he brought down on a lot of people.  And for the record, we are not polytheists.  As a matter of fact, since we aren’t polytheist, that kind of does away with the above listed order, doesn’t it??


The Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, explained the principle of repayment in kind during a speech at an October 1999 conference of nuclear scientists from Arab countries on the future of nuclear strategy at the University of Asyut, Egypt. While stating that the Arabs should have nuclear energy but should use it only for peaceful purposes, he also quoted from the will of Caliph Abu Bakr.

Sheikh Tantawi said that the Caliph had instructed the Muslim commander Khaled ibn Al-Walid to fight the enemy with the sword if the enemy fought him with the sword and to use the spear if the enemy fought him with the spear. Sheikh Tantawi explained:

“Had Abu Bakr lived today he would have said to Khaled ibn Al-Walid: ‘If they fight you with a nuclear bomb, fight them with a nuclear bomb.’ Strength is [one] of the traits of good and wise people who know their obligation towards their God and towards their homeland, and they use this strength in order to defend their faith and their homeland. This is the Sunna that was known to the forefathers of all times, and is known to us as well.

“… Our demand that Israel join the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty does not prevent us from learning and advancing in science until we surpass it and until we act in accordance with Abu Bakr’s words to Khaled ibn Al-Walid: ‘Fight them with that with which they fight you.’ Islam welcomes any force that serves truth and religious precepts and defends the honor of men. Islamic religious law states that every despotic and aggressive power must be eradicated. It should be fought, whatever its strength, and life is decreed by Allah. If Israel has nuclear weapons, then it is the first to be doomed, because it lives in a world that does not fear death. Israel’s nuclear weapons do not frighten us; what does frighten us is [the possibility] that we will not wake up and [will] not advance. [Muslims must] welcome the use of nuclear energy for purposes of peace!” (Right, I buy that one)


 Another contradiction here, he states that, if Israel has nuclear weapons, then it is the first to be doomed, because they do not fear death.  In other words, tell Israel, we don’t care about collateral damage to the Palestinians, when we use our nuclear weapons, because we don’t fear death.  Then in the same sentence, says they only want nuclear energy for “peaceful” purposes.  Look guys, if you want people to believe you, your going to have to do better than that.


In addition, lets look at the statement he made saying,…”Islamic religious law states that every despotic and aggressive power must be eradicated.”  GREAT, I am really happy to see that.  


I say for the next year or so, we follow the rule of Islam in how we go to war and how we fight!!  What do you think??  I don’t know about you but I consider Ahmadnutjob, aggressive and despotic.  Syria likes to stick its nose in Lebanon’s business too, and not in a diplomatic way.  There’s Hezbollah, and hammas, in the area that are pretty aggressive too.  These are some starting points anyway.


Now, since Islam rules under a tit for tat system, (they obviously never heard of the golden rule) and we are going to operate under their rules, at least in some areas, we should be able to do the same thing to them.  Right??  Since their goal is to conquer the earth and declare it for Allah, close down churches, have non-Muslims, wear a sort of yellow star, with a shaved spot on the front of their hair.  Charge them a jizya tax, which some claim is for the kufar’s “protection”.  No weapons, no horses, no religious jewelry, etc.


They should readily go along with us doing the same to them, right??  That means they should have no problem if mosques get bombed.  Or Muslims are robbed.  Or, say, have to wear a yellow moon crescent, so we know who they are. No foot washing stations.  No hijabs, or head coverings of any kind, no beards for men.


Any questions, comments…Seriously All those who believe that it is your duty, to perform jihad, to spread Islam worldwide and with it sharia law.  Lets hear from you.  How does my idea grab you??  Come on there has got to be at least somebody who believes in this stuff with the guts to comment on this.


Can we at least get some Muslims to comment, that they think the idea of doing unto others, what they don’t want done, is wrong??  The idea of jihad to further Islam, by force, is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Come on, let me hear you say it.


17 Responses to “Islamist Principle of Repayment In Kind”

  1. salahudin Says:

    “Maybe its just me, but where I go to church, I never hear anything about killing people where ever I find them. Under ANY circumstances. ”

    well said! of course… i’ve been to mosques and hindu temples and they don’t seem to say that either.

    the terrorist isn’t representative of muslims, of course.

  2. Proud Muslim Says:

    What do you want? Destroy Islam? Kill 1-2 Billion people? Try to convert them all? Invade all their countries like Iraq???

    And besides: Lyndie England & Charles Graner are Christians. So maybe you shouldn’t be so narrow-minded.

  3. Eagle Says:

    The point of the entry, is to show that no matter who does it, trying to turn a nation. into an Islamic state…that doesn’t want it, IS WRONG.

    No difference than if we did it to you. Please try and be opened minded when reading entries. For those who don’t know, the point of this blog is….

    Do you consider that this post is offensive to Muslims?? It was merely pointing out some facts, and asking some questions.

    Do you believe that it is wrong to force Sharia Law on people who do not want it is wrong??

    Can you show me anywhere, in my posts or comments where I stated that I thought that all Muslims were terrorist, or supported terrorism??

    This blog is about radical Islam. It is to advise the unaware, the threat we face. It is to advise Muslims, the threat THEY face, from radical Islam. It is to point out, using their own words, what radical Islam wants. It is to generate communication. It is to generate thought. So far, with only 4 posts, it has generated communication and thought. I am very happy about that.

    You will notice that I have invited Muslims to be my friend and to comment on this blog. I plan to search out more Muslims, willing to call me friend and read and comment on my blog. This blog is open to ALL. And all can comment here without their post being erased, unlike some jihadist websites. I will be posting about that this week.

    My reasons are honorable, as I have already stated. I also told somebody else how, I owe some radical Muslims, a debt of gratitude, for making me a better Christian. My first response when dealing with radicals on their websites, was anger. My second response, was this blog, and speaking the truth in love.

    It is my goal to speak the truth with love. Remember, communication, is the key, to unlocking misunderstanding. :oD

    It is NOT intended to denigrate ANYONES religion. It is about radical Islam.

    May peace be upon everyone. And thank you again for reading and commenting on my blog. 😀

  4. Abdullah Says:

    our god doesn’t tell you to kill people BUT YOUR PRESIDENT DOES. And this is the case with every disbelieving nation.

    When George Bush comes on TV and says kill them and fight them wherever you find them YOU OBEY, You bomb kill and massacre.

    As a Christian is it PERMISSIBLE and GOOD when George Bush commands you to go out bomb and kill but EVIL when the laws of God command the believers to fight.

    Its narrated the prophet Sameul PBUH KILLED ONE THOUSAND MEN with the jaw of a donkey.

    And its narrated God commanded Moses to slaughter the Midianites.

    In Numbers 31

    31:7 And they warred against the Midianites, as the LORD commanded Moses; (GOD COMMANDED HIM TO KILL) and they slew all the males.

    31:9 And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods.

    31:12 And they brought the captives, and the prey, and the spoil, unto Moses…….

    31:15 And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

    31:16 Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD ……

    31:17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    31:18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    And if we look in the scriptures we find many other examples where God commanded his prophets and the believers to fight and kill.

    The difference between is that we live under the command of God while you live under the command of men.

    We fight defending the laws of God while you die defending the lordship of George Bush.

  5. Eagle Says:


    Your post doesn’t make sense to me. I am not sure what you think I am saying. Or what point you are trying to make. Please read my comment above. It will give you a better idea what this blog is about.

    Please try and remember that the United States was not at war with ANYONE prior to 9/11. Had 9/11 not occured. We would not be at war with anyone.

    This post is pointing out the fact that forcing your religion on anyone who doesn’t want it, is wrong. Whether that be Islam or Christianity.

    Jesus was a man of peace, he lived peace and he preached peace. That is the example I follow. That is the example Christians follow.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.

  6. salahudin Says:

    abdullah: talk about shooting yourself in the foot man! bad pr work.. lol

  7. Shaun Josef Says:

    The point of the entry, is to show that no matter who does it, trying to turn a nation. into an Islamic state…that doesn’t want it, IS WRONG.

    Difference of time Eagle. Right now Muslims are less than 20% of France. By 2050 that may not be true due to the intense breeding program underway in Europe. And at that point, according to democracy, they can form Islamic political parties, run for office, change the French constitution, and voila, France is in Islamic state.

    Now is this wrong under your beliefs Eagle?
    If Muslims form a majority, they can tell the newly formed minority (who used to be a clueless majority) what to do.
    It is after all democracy.

    Demographics, key to everything.

  8. Eagle Says:

    Brillant, so what do you suggest we do?? Kill them all, convert them to Christianity??

    In regards to the U.S. we have a Consitution, you would have a hard time changing that the Dems have tried for years. They think the Republicans have tried the same thing. Regardless of what you think, it cannot be changed that easily.

    You would think that if a Country is concerned about the kind of thing you mentioned that laws would be enacted to keep it from happening.

    There should also be education on different issues such as why radical Islamist are wrong. You may not be able to do anything about the world as a whole, but to ignore your own population, is not only wrong but stupid.

    We should be doing the same thing in the U.S. We should be educating people on the likes of Amin Al-Husseini and how he perverted Islam. THAT is the key to this, EDUCATION. At least in my humble opinion.

  9. Shaun Josef Says:

    …convert them to Christianity??

    I dont think that works. Conversion does not mean a thing.
    You either believe something, you are agnostic, or you are convinced it is not true. Sure you can change your mind. But it is an internal thing not at the point of a Sword.

    In terms of what we should do, in the long term – I do not know. But in the short term – we should educate non-Muslims about Islam.

    In regards to the U.S. we have a Consitution…

    I am not sure what you are stating here. I think you are saying that Muslims could not change the Constitution.
    Well I think they could. But in the USA, it would be an exceptionally long way off (several 100 years), possibly never. The demographics of the USA are likely to change in the Hispanics favour. Then again HIV/AIDS and other blood bourne diseases might change this picture (I keep close track of what goes on in the HIV/AIDS world in every country, I have read all the UN reports since 1999. Am HIV negative). So I would tend to agree with you. But it is not a certain thing. If the percentage of Muslims in the USA ever becomes 75% or greater then you can take it granted that the Constitution is doomed. Republican and Democratic parties would; be minorities.

    But you could be saying that the Constitution is unlikely to be changed to outlaw Islam. In that case I would say no alteration is necessary. You would reclassify Islam as a political movement (which it is, it is more than that, but it political. Islam boasts that unlike Christianity, there is no division between Church and State, it is seemless).

    There should also be education… is not only wrong but stupid.

    Dont disagree. That is a first Eagle.

    Where I do disagree is I am not convinced that Islam has ever been perverted. There are plenty of Sunni Muslims who have 100% faith in the Hadith & Sira. And there is also the weight of history that backs up the Hadith & Sira.
    And AFAICT, Amin Al-Husseini and Qutb are 100% in agreement with this. You have to accept Eagle that the root problem is all the Islamic holy documents. Otherwise I have to ask you, “How is it that so many Muslims become easily convinced that the ‘perverted’ form of Islam is the right one?”. You see I would answer this by saying the evidence in the Islamic holy documents is fairly strong that Amin Al-Husseini and Qutb are following Muhammad’s example.
    It is the peaceful Muslims that are out-of-line with respect to their own religion. In short Muhammad and the next 4 Caliphs were Wahabbists/Salafists.

  10. Eagle Says:

    I doubt that entirely, that peaceful Muslims are out of line with their religion. I also think that it is strange when I see non-Muslims arguing with Muslims that they aren’t ‘true’ Muslims unless they are out there killing people. It makes no sense and only adds to the problem.

  11. salahudin Says:

    “I also think that it is strange when I see non-Muslims arguing with Muslims that they aren’t ‘true’ Muslims unless they are out there killing people. It makes no sense and only adds to the problem.”


    pwnage. GOOD STUFF!

  12. Eagle Says:

    Thanks salahudin 😀

  13. cerebate Says:

    We fight defending the laws of God while you die defending the lordship of George Bush.”
    I can join you in condemnation of George Bush (snr and jnr) .
    However your belief that you’ll fight to defend the laws of God is among one of the major problems that you’ll face. Do you really believe the God you believe in wants you to attack people who dont believe the same things?. You use the word ‘defense’ and there are numerous examples that sometimes it is ‘offense’.

  14. cerebate Says:

    Shaun Josef
    “they can form Islamic political parties, run for office, change the French constitution, and voila, France is in Islamic state”

    Heh , you have arrived at the problem’s that democracy faces. When does the majority become wrong? For most people it is when they disagree with the views of the majority :).

    A trivial example. is monogamy right(whatever definition of right you want)? But monogamy is a christian concept. Neither Islam nor Hinduism has it. But monogamy is the law in America is it not? good or bad? Why is stem cell research so heavily controversial if not because it violates some christian beliefs? gay marriages? You dont have a problem with the USA that says separation of church and state but still follows a lot of church beliefs.

  15. cerebate Says:

    “Islam boasts that unlike Christianity, there is no division between Church and State”
    As far as I know , christianity make’s no such claims and you can find numerous historical examples

    “You have to accept Eagle that the root problem is all the Islamic holy documents”
    If someone reads a document that causes him to go out and blow up people , is the root cause the document or the person, himself?

  16. Eagle Says:

    You make great arguments cerebate, I always enjoy seeing you and salahudin comment on this blog. And you are also right about the church and state thing.

    Christians feel that the problems with our nation began when we took the church out of the nation, like out of schools. It is never normally Christians that want seperation of church and state although there are a few.

    Most Christians would like to see a little more when it comes to Christianity and our government. That was one of the things that made Jerry Falwell famous. He galvanized Christian voters to vote their faith.

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