Peace Be Upon…Who??

God is watchingGod is watchingGods hands 

Since I am going in for surgery on Friday, I am going to be real busy for the next week. I will throw up, some blog entries, that are copy/paste, from my time in jihadist websites. So you won’t miss me while I am gone. LOL


Actually, the copy/paste entries, are ones I was planning to post, and they are ones that I can put together the fastest, so this week is the perfect time to do it.


At least one of them will be kind of long, and I thought about putting it in two installments, but that would take away from it. So when it comes up…be sure to read it all. It is very enlightening. Thank goodness for the draft option in email. It makes it really easy to save things, especially when some people erase, everything I post on their site.


The following comes from a jihadist website, it is a comment posted by “Jeff”, and the answer he received.


Jeff in USA –
I wish I could call you my Muslim friend, My Muslim brother, but sadly I cannot. Like so many humans, you have a strong faith that empowers you, but have you examined your faith? Are you humble before the creator, the one you call Allah (PBUH)?
Take a look around the world. Take a look through history. There were many (are many) people that believe they have THE answer to this mystery called life. Look at how Christians have killed Muslims, look at how they have killed Jews. Look at how Muslims have killed Jews and Christians. Look at how Jews have killed Muslims and Christians. And why? Much of it is traced back to the fervent belief that each group thinks it is the practitioner of the one true faith.
I will not change your mind. I cannot change your mind. For I have not come to know the being that you call Allah. For that “sin” it appears from your belief system that I am less, that I can and should be killed. It was sad when the Christians were killing Muslims and Jews for their Christian God. It is just as sad that Muslims are killing each other and members of other belief systems in the name of Allah (PBUH)..

Your fellow man, be it a Jew or a Christian, or even a person that knows not what to believe, is not your enemy. Your enemy is within yourself. Allow yourself to re-learn peace. Allow yourself to re-learn love. Allow yourself to examine why you believe the creator wishes us to kill our fellow man if they do not believe exactly as you believe.
.You will find that the creator is glorified through helping your fellow man come to the truth instead of killing him for not sharing your belief.


Response to Jeff from Muslim:.

To Jeff, you approached Mujahid very plainly and humbly and not with violence or threats like what my buddy used to receive from an American soldier that read his blog. If that is the case, you aren’t the one we’re fighting. .

Our mission is to bring Islam to the world by both preaching and by force. Now, on a personal level, Islam only spreads by preaching and acceptance. We’re not out to kill people of other religions for having another belief, otherwise their conversions wouldn’t be valid because of the coercion. But the government of Islam, the Shariah, (Sharia Law) that is what we spread by force except for cases where a people en masse, or a leader accepts Islam of their own will. The Shariah rule is what we spread by force when a people resist, because the Shariah is just for ALL people of all religions..

We’re not out to harm you personally, especially if you’re not out after us. But we are convinced of the truth of our religion and we’re not allowed to accept non-Islamic rule over ourselves or call other religions valid..

end comments.

It should be noted here that these people DO NOT consider Iran a Islamic state. So what do they consider an Islamic state?? And how would it affect Muslims world wide?? I think it is something Muslims should ask themselves..

Please, anyone who visits “jihadist” websites, should be respectful. There is no need to act like your mother never taught you any manners. No one can change peoples minds by acting like that. Those kind of comments are the main ones that the jihadist, DON’T erase. They are used as an example of how it is “OK” to attack and kill non-Muslims. .

There is a rule that we should all follow. It is….”Do unto others that which you would have done unto your self.” If you, would not want Christianity forced upon you, then you should not want Islam forced upon someone else. That should be a principle shouted from the rooftops..

Forcing Sharia on anybody, falls under the same category. .

Peace be upon you, is a common greeting in the Muslim world. I agree, may peace be upon us all. The jihadist could learn from that short greeting that they use many times a day. So many times in fact, that I don’t think that they even consider the words they are speaking. For them, it is more of a….peace be upon everyone except…you, you, and anyone else who doesn’t think like I do. .

Peace be upon you. And remember, God is watching.

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