Bin Lyin’s Comic Review

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Why are our news agencies broadcasting the ridiculous rantings of Osama Bin Lyin?? ………… Maybe for the comic value …… ……..

Where to begin, Osama, seems to be worried about global warming. He obviously is a fan of Gore. And why shouldn’t he be, Gore is another hypocritical wind bag. But when it comes to Bin Lyin’s hypocrisy, it’s a lot more serious than Gore’s use of electricity.

He says, we need to give up our democratic government, hahahaha. “Democrats haven’t made a move worth mentioning.” AGREED!! they are worthless to this country (the House and Senate variety, except for a few) . Obviously they are worthless to Bin Lyin, because they haven’t been able to stop the war. He must be tired of living in that cave. It should concern our democrat leaders, that it appears Bin Lyin supports them and wants Americans to vote for them.  Why do you suppose that is??  Do you think Osama is a closet liberal??  I can see him now, joining the gay pride parade in San Francisco…”we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” Oh what a sight.    More than likely, that isn’t the reason, he wants the dems in power.  But you already knew that. 

OOooooh, we “permitted” President Bush to complete his first term. What’s the matter there, Osama, didn’t expect that war on you, did you? I can understand how you would think that. Too bad your timing was off. You should have known better than to attack a country while they had a President with a backbone. I can never see that smiley enough when talking of Bin Lyin.   He made the statement that 19 men changed the direction of America.  He’s right, our bombers have a new target range, its a little out of the way, but that’s OK.  Heads up Osama, special delivery.  

This guy was all over the map with his message.  I wonder who writes his material.  And where did he get that “Just for Jihadi” he used to color his beard, maybe it is just boot polish.  It’s funny that he thinks we are losing in Iraq, especially now that the Sunni Muslims of Iraq have figured out what al Qaeda really stands for.   The Sunni of Iraq have turned against al Qaeda.  They are tired of al Qaeda killing their people.  The only lost would be if we left before the Iraqi’s can protect themselves. 

He “invites” Americans to embrace Islam. But you can be sure, it is HIS brand of Islam. The Taliban and everything that comes with it. He and the rest of his ilk, don’t consider Muslims who don’t follow his ‘Wahhabi’ brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims.

That “true” word, for a second I want to show you how bigots and radical Islamist view the world. Bin Lyin, and other Islamist don’t consider any Muslim who doesn’t follow their brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims. Bigots have told me I wasn’t a “true” Christian, because I refuse to believe that all Muslims believe the way of the terrorists. I have a friend who is an Apostate, can he be a “true” Apostate?? Read on, the following comes from his blog, and his dealings with a bigot.

A Towelian meets an Islamophobe, criticizes his/her politics or dissents with their point of view about Islam. Usually these Islamophobes are “never-been-muslims” and “never-had-muslim-friends”, yet consider themselves to be a better authority on Islam than anyone else because they’ve clicked a few buttons online to take them to anti-Islamic websites. P Some of them have even deigned to debate against Muslims on online forums and hence feel they have accurate insight into the Muslim mind.

When we criticize such folks for their often misinformed and sometimes outright bigoted and violent perspective, Islamophobes react in an unerringly inevitable and typical way: (it’s as if they are following some formula that defines their reaction and personality!)

    • Parading their extreme open mindedness and “mad” research skills, they conclude that any opposition to their politics coming from people with Arabic sounding names are Muslims. (Even though one click on our names on WordPress for example, will bring them to this blog which is clearly not pro-Islam!)
    • When they discover that the Towelian is an apostate of Islam, instead of re-thinking their perspective, they find it easier to define us in a category that best suits their currently held bigoted beliefs about Islam/Muslims. That is, just because we disagree with them, we’re called “not true apostates”…
    • The problem with these people is that their point of view of Islam is limited to its political manifestation. And so they deal with Islam purely on a political level. This is why often times you see Islamophobic blogs extensively researching political verses in the Quran or Hadith, scouring for political issues created by Islamists (not Muslims) etc. They are (most of the time, we admit) justified when they are only reporting on developments in the Islamic world that are counter-progressive. For example, the diminishing women’s rights situation etc.
    • But this is also a problem because to them, their only interaction with “Islam” becomes not the religion, but the politics of Islamists. Therefore in their perspective Islam does nothing but promote terrorism and violence. Towelians know Islam is not just about politics but that its basis is both mystical and religious. Thus the Islamic experience of the Towelians plays a key role in giving us a unique perspective into Islam.
    • Using this experience, we disagree with the political demands by certain “unfriendly critics of Islam”. Instead of dealing with our counter point of view in a proper discussion where all ideas are explored in an unbiased way, they succumb to ad hominem type judgments on our person.
    • For example, recently a commentator denied that we were “true” apostates:
  • “My points is that true apostates of Islam would see this difference about mainstream political Islam. I don’t say that there are no peaceful strands of Islam (say Sufis and Druze), but these stand out in their disengagement from the central political message of the Koran. I will support true apostates who call themselves so because of their admission of followed by a rejection of the violent strand (i.e. the worldwide political ambitions) of Islam, and not in order to gain easy entry into political circles in the West.”

    As you can see he made the link between our rejection of Islam as mutually inclusive of rejecting “mainstream political Islam”, which is in essence his own perspective of mainstream political Islam. In other words he doesn’t believe we’re “true” apostates of Islam unless we agree with him… because he’s so “right”. Pun intended. P

Did you get all that?? If everyone would just stop for one minute and realize that we all have different opinions, thoughts, acts, families, jobs, religions, and lives. Some of us search a life time looking for another person who is like us to marry. It’s OK to think differently than your neighbor. Maybe things wouldn’t be so messed up if we all understood this.

When it comes to faith, that, is all about God. It is and should be a private matter between you and God. People who are religious, normally worship out of love. If you don’t…well I would question that. The point is, it’s between you and God. It isn’t anybody else’s job to brow beat someone because they don’t believe the way you do. Here’s what happens when you do…

I go to my friends blog, I don’t agree with some of his posts, but it is not my place to criticize and tell him that he needs to change his blog so I won’t be offended. In a situation like that, if I don’t want to be offended, I should change the channel. Get what I am saying here??

The problem comes when you have a bunch of “holier than thou” people who think they know more than you, be that in religion or other wise; Who then think, it’s alright to insult or disrespect you because of it. In the case of Bin Lyin, he thinks its alright to kill you over it. That’s a bit extreme don’t you think??

This post started out to be one thing and turned into another, but I will leave it as it is. Really folks we could all stand to take a step back and open our mind. ALL OF US!! I am really sick and tired of people saying what they think someone else is thinking even though there is no evidence of it.

I print a story about Muslims who support Israel, and I get an answer that the only reason they are saying that, is because they want to “please” the “West”. God forbid, they might actually believe what they themselves say. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that every other person believes the way that you do!!

Use some common sense people.  If I have repeated myself, sorry.  It’s only because I am passionate about the topic.


12 Responses to “Bin Lyin’s Comic Review”

  1. Tim Says:


    I think I understand what you are saying. I don’t really disagree with you in a lot of it anyway. I mean, Muslims are people like anyone else. Some of them may have views that are extremely incompatible with me, but the VAST majority of Muslims are not terrorists now likely to become terrorists.

    I mean, if even 1% of Muslims were terrorists; that would be around 10,000,000 suicide bombers. I am pretty sure we would all notice THAT. I even understand your point of view that it is not necessary to agree with someone to understand them or even be their friend.

    Myself, I have several Muslim friends and neighbors. None of them has even suggested blowing me up and I am fairly certain that there is no threat from them in the immediate future. For the most part, I am a live and let live guy. I am a Christian who witnesses in action and does not try to “persuade” people to find Christ. I mean if I am not exhibiting Christ in my life, then why would anyone believe me that He is good anyway?

    Islamaphobia is a coined phrase without a real definition. This is similar to the term Racist (through racist has a definition, many people take it out of context) which can be applied to a number of different attributes. Plus, adding the suffix of ‘phobia’ to the word implies it is some form of mental illness which someone is suffering.

    People typically do not consider themselves Islamaphobes, but think of their fear as being rational and not some sort of illness. It is important to note that you also use the phrase bigot in this and include the likes of Osama bin Laden in the category. I am not sure how well this plays, because it implies that people who are critical of Islam are in the same category as the people who are blowing themselves up in suicide attacks. I am pretty sure that anyone who understands that you are comparing their views as being as extreme as the terrorists is not going to listen too much of what you have else to say on the matter.

    The problem is, that it is easy to dismiss Osama bin Laden as some crazy guy, but nobody disputes his references. He is a well read man who knows Islam well and does not misquote or take it out of context. At least I have never seen anyone dispute that what he says is not part of the Qur’an. They might say it is not Islamic, but if it is in the Qur’an and other holy books, who is to say that he is wrong? I would like your Ex-Muslim friend to look at what he says and explain specifically how what he says is not Islamic. Is that too much to ask?

    I know that there is an active movement in the Muslim community to denounce terrorists and those who support them. The group listed just below is a very positive sign that there are people among the Muslim community that are willing to open up a positive dialogue. They are in danger from extremists, which is why their numbers are small, but it is a beginning. I pray that they are abundantly blessed to continue this so we do not continue down the path of destruction.

  2. Tim Says:

    Correction in the first paragraph of the previous post:
    Original “the VAST majority of Muslims are not terrorists now likely to become terrorists. ”

    What I meant was “the VAST majority of Muslims are not terrorists not likely to become terrorists.”

  3. Eagle Says:


    I am aware of the website, I have it bookmarked. As far as Bin Lyin following the Quran…Please read “Jihadist Rule on killing women and children” It comes in three parts. They try and change the rules to get “away” with what they are doing. As you can see from the examples.

    The reason why I say that this blog is for Muslims, is because Bin Lyin and his ilk have broad examples of what is allowed and what isn’t and most of it, does not fall in the Quran. They like others “interpret” the Quran to meet their needs, and when it doesn’t they get handy fatwa’s to pick up the slack.

    Muslims are the number one target of radical Islam. If you will take the time to catch up on reading my blog, you will see that right out of the mouths of the radicals themselves. Lucky for you, I haven’t had my blog up for very long 😀

    We sound a lot alike. You should be able to tell that too by reading my blog. As I said, the bigot/Islamophobe was directed at Elric. No matter how many times he was shown that not all Muslims believe like the terrorists, he kept it up. I guess you have to give him persistence.

    He gave my website address to his buddies, and they all stayed on that same post, the very first one on the bigot series. They never read any of the posts that followed. I know because of my blog stats. On one day I got 318 hits and all but a few, stayed on the same post.

    Kind of points out their inability to broaden their minds doesn’t it. But they are convinced that I am wrong. And Elric didn’t have any problem insulting me because of it.

    When you look at the definition of a bigot…he fit it to a tee. It would be nice to see some people who had a genuine wish of learning something, but most of them have their mind made up.

    I am not saying that all those who fear Islam are Islamophobes. What I am saying is all those who are bigoted towards Islam, are Islamophobes. We see the same definition when dealing with radical Islam. They too are prejudiced against anyone who thinks differently to their narrow view.

    salahudin normally checks out the website, I’m sure he will see your question, but if not, I will ask him.

  4. salahudin Says:

    Islamophobia: if you break down the semantics of the term, then it surely doesn’t exist. In that sense the term isn’t objective.

    However, we don’t live in an objective world where everyone’s semantics are analytically correct. Languages, lingo, etc… are subjective.

    The meaning language portrays is OFTEN times not objectively verifiable, but subjectively and intuitively understandable.

    I am sure everyone who reads Islamophobes in the context of my post or in my blog, can understand what I mean by it.

    That’s what really counts, doesn’t it? Communication.

    Of course, I’ve written a few definitions down on my blog to explain what the blog contributors mean when we use certain phrases:


  5. Eagle Says:


    Tim said,
    “it is easy to dismiss Osama bin Laden as some crazy guy, but nobody disputes his references. He is a well read man who knows Islam well and does not misquote or take it out of context. At least I have never seen anyone dispute that what he says is not part of the Qur’an. They might say it is not Islamic, but if it is in the Qur’an and other holy books, who is to say that he is wrong? I would like your Ex-Muslim friend to look at what he says and explain specifically how what he says is not Islamic. Is that too much to ask?”

    As you can see above, I already pointed out many things to him, do you want to take a shot at answering his question??

  6. salahudin Says:


    well, i am unaware of him making any islamic references.

    can you show me something he said specifically?

    plus, i think moderate muslims and modern muslim scholars are better suited to counter his claims, since they are more passionate about “moderate” islam, whereas i know islam to the degree of finding it… well… as i do any other religion: not divine.

  7. salahudin Says:

    anyways, but go ahead and quote him. i’ll do my best to refute and if i can’t i’ll get someone who can.

    *grumbles about having to defend the theology of a religion he doesn’t even believe in!*

    but i’ll try.

  8. Tim Says:

    I am not asking you to defend the Religion. I think that the religion needs to be able to stand on its own. Just if you can validate to disprove his words.

    For instance, does Islamic Jihad include suicide bombing? i.e. does it include a Muslim attacking an enemy and losing his life as a means to get into paradise?

    Does the Qur’an teach that the whole world must submit to Allah and his prophet? Meaning that Muslims expect non Muslims to adhere to their laws, such as not creating likenesses of Muhammad etc.

    Finding quotes from bin Laden or other people who share his viewpoint is challenging. Here is one:

    “Acquiring weapons for the defense of Muslims is a religious duty. If I have indeed acquired these weapons, then I thank God for enabling me to do so. And if I seek to acquire these weapons, I am carrying out a duty. It would be a sin for Muslims not to try to possess the weapons that would prevent the infidels from inflicting harm on Muslims.”
    Osama bin Laden
    Asked if he was trying to acquire chemical and nuclear weapons, Time Magazine, Dec 1998

    Thanks for reading this and responding. I am curious about this because I do not dislike or look down on Muslims, but I must question Islam considering the state of the world.


  9. Eagle Says:

    Tim it’s not that difficult to find, or to see rebuttal. Have you ever been to MEMRI??

  10. salahudin Says:

    “For instance, does Islamic Jihad include suicide bombing? i.e. does it include a Muslim attacking an enemy and losing his life as a means to get into paradise?”

    There is no such supporting verse in the Quran.

    The hadith are.. well.. volumnous. To the best of my knowledge, there is no particular hadith that *I* can think of, which supports suicide attacks.

    in fact, one particular hadith that i DO remember being taught back in pakistan was that a man was critically wounded in a battlefield.. he was apparently a pious muslim, but muhammad prophesized he would go to hell.

    on the battlefield, to escape from the pain, he killed himself. so suicide is considered “damning”.

    i don’t know how this plays out as far as military strategies (like suicide bombings) are concerned though… but then again, it’s odd to look for such in a collection of questionable historical religious quotations.

    “Does the Qur’an teach that the whole world must submit to Allah and his prophet? Meaning that Muslims expect non Muslims to adhere to their laws, such as not creating likenesses of Muhammad etc.”

    There is the legal islam, which is “shariah” and that is applicable only to Muslim lands. that strictly prohibits such “art”, but again, there is nothing in the quran that supports such “laws”, it is once again in the “hadith” – which are a collection of VERBALLY transferred quotations from muhammad, compiled some 200 years after his death.

    “Acquiring weapons for the defense of Muslims is a religious duty.”

    perhaps he’s referring to some vague notion back when the newly born islamic city of medinah was threatened by the surrounding tribes. Muhammad DID raise an army for self defense, but i hardly think a rational or theological parallel can be made with obl’s situation…

  11. salahudin Says:

    oops sorry for posting twice! delete the last one! 🙂

    Tim, thanks for asking… i’d rather be a source of information on islam than islamofascists or islamophobes.

  12. Tim Says:

    So far, I have been unable to locate any Qur’an verses to endorse martyrdom in battle. The following passages are, according to my research, from the Hadith regarding the battle of Uhud:

    Muslim:B20N4678 “Before the battle of Uhud a Muslim asked, ‘Messenger, where shall I be if I am killed.’ He replied: ‘In Paradise.’ The man fought until he was killed.”

    Ishaq:380 “When the enemy hemmed him in, the Apostle said, ‘Who will sell his life for me.’ Five Ansar arose. All were killed. Abu Dujana made his body into a shield for the Apostle. Arrows were falling and sticking in his back as he leaned over him.”

    Bukhari:V4B52N70 “Some people drank alcohol in the morning of the day of the battle of Uhud and were martyred on the same day.”

    Ishaq:383 “Perhaps Allah will grant us martyrdom.’ So they took their swords and sallied out until they mingled with the [retreating] army. One was killed by the Meccans, the other by his fellow Muslims who failed to recognize him. One of the young men’s fathers confronted Muhammad and said, ‘You have robbed my son of his life by your deception and brought great sorrow to me.'”

    Also, why does the Qur’an refer to Satan as a Temporary God? In the verse this is a representative of Allah who “will spread evil therein and shed blood” while the angels sing praises to Allah.

    Satan: A Temporary “god”*
    Qur’an 2:30 Recall that your Lord said to the angels, “I am placing a representative (a temporary god) on Earth.” They said, “Will You place therein one who will spread evil therein and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?” He said, “I know what you do not know.”

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