What Will You Do part 2 or… I Just Have To Say This!!!

What Will You Do, or, I Just Have To Say This!!! magnify


I have been far and wide on the Internet. I have talked to a multitude of people, or read, their writing and/or comments. Muslims with a multitude of idea’s on religion, Christians as well. Hindu’s, Buddhist, Atheist, and on and on it goes.

I’m right, your wrong. Your not “true”, I am. I know everything, you know nothing. You interpreted this wrong, or that wrong. Your going to hell, I’m going to heaven….

I am a Christian so I follow what Jesus taught, which is peace and love. We will know soon enough what is right. But in the mean time, let me tell you what I think. I would NEVER, EVER, pretend to know all the answers, anyone who thinks they do…should re-evaluate. Because there is NO WAY that you do.  We can only do what is in our heart to do.  But to think that you ‘know’, that your right and everyone else is wrong, seems a bit arrogant.

I think that God created us to commune with Him. Which sect of which religion is right; I don’t know and I DON’T CARE. If we would all just behave the way we SHOULD, then life could/would be much better. Does anyone really believe that God wants us fighting over who is right?? Do you think God wants us fighting at all???

Should we fight in His name… “I kill you in the name of the Father”, or how about,  “I hate you in the name of the Father” …how stupid is that???

Bravo!! Way to go!! Just who do you think you serve with that kind of behavior??

For the benefit of those on my other blog, I have a friend, his name is salahudin. He is a Muslim turned Atheist. I don’t agree with everything in his blog, because he makes fun of religion in general. But he does have the right idea in this area.

Thank you Nanyaar. I am not surprised that the land of Gandhi has sons like you.

Violent minded people urge us all to “defend ourselves with arms against Islam”, but conversely the enlightened individual who embraces diversity and shuns xenophobia, only calls for peace and love.

The violent minded individual scorns the peace loving. They say “but they will destroy you! You’re making a grave error!”

I would rather err on the side of love, any day.

How about you?

Just for one second, consider what he has said about living in peace and love, in doing the right thing. If he is right and we are all wrong, why waste the few years we have arguing, killing and hating in the name of God?? I believe in God, but what he said was right on. We should err on the side of love. The link to the above article is below.

COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!! I wish I could stand on a mountain top and yell that so all the world could hear me.

Does what I said make sense to you?? Do you agree with it??   Regardless of what religion you follow, it’s not our place to judge someone else.  I don’t know what the Quran says about it, but I do know what the Christian Bible says, and it is as I just said.  It’s not our place to judge.  Religion is suppose to be a personal journey, between you and God.  

Can we be like these people??  Can you??  Can you try??


There is my rant for the day. I hope you will consider what I said. May God Bless You and Yours. I count myself blessed, to have friends from every religion and non-religion. I count myself blessed, to have common sense. We will know soon enough who is right, in the mean time…




39 Responses to “What Will You Do part 2 or… I Just Have To Say This!!!”

  1. salahudin Says:

    aww… thank you… lol. i’m a bit taken aback you posted my comment here.

    i wish i could live up to my own ideals a bit more… but at least i try.

  2. Eagle Says:

    Not that you can understand English, but my views on the subject are really pretty plain to see. So instead of asking the same question over and over again, maybe you should re-read the post. Or at the very least, get someone to explain it to you!!

  3. Eagle Says:


    It is I who should thank you. You have given plenty of examples on life in general. You are wise beyond what you give yourself credit for. I have linked to your stuff over and over. I do count myself blessed to have you for a friend. 😀

  4. Eagle Says:

    Elric says Islam means submission….

    Your right elric, it means submission to God.

    OH NOES, God forbid anyone should be in submission to Him. 😐

    The Bible calls for submission to God as well.

    You really do need to get a life. Or better yet, submit yourself to God. 😀

  5. salahudin Says:

    what’s elric’s point? that people should have freedom of religious belief? if so, then he must be against the french banning the islamic scarf…

    but he’s not. he’s a bigot.

    hmm… this has been made all too clear, so i guess it’s redundant to state the obvious now.

    @ eagle:

    i’m just a rational empiricist, following a very simple system: no philosophy guarantees an absolute pursuit of virtue because everyone philosophy has its faults. That is, all ideologies err… the best we can do until an absolutely perfect ideology is discovered or constructed, is to make sure our errors make ourselves the sole victim instead of others… that is, to err on the side of love.

    You’re right it’s common sense… I wish people would trust themselves enough to act on their own good will…

    in that sense i think haters and bigots are being untrue & unfair to themselves more than they are to others… for no one can say gandhi’s ideology of love was bad, no one can say jesus’ ideology of turning the other cheek was horrible, no one can say muhammad’s teachings of loving the one who oppresses you was malicious… so how do they justify not living up to the ideals they admire…?????

  6. salahudin Says:

    in that way and in many other ways eagle, i’m glad i met you and have you as a friend.

  7. Eagle Says:

    Elric, great new name elric666, fits you pretty good

  8. shiva Says:


    Elric, great new name elric666, fits you pretty good

    That one was to obvious,

    You only get a tin star

  9. salahudin Says:

    yeah shiva is a fitting name too… goddess of destruction?

  10. Sir Henry Morgan Says:

    “Does what I said make sense to you?? Do you agree with it??”

    No and no.

    And Ghandi was just lucky he was disputing with a civilised power. Had he tried those games with a Muslim regime he would have lost his head in no time at all (well, a bit of time – the time it would have taken to torture him so medievally that by the time the neck-chopping came around he would have welcomed it. Just look at what happened to the various Sikh gurus who opposed Islam).

    I’m sure that when they come to you and give you the choice of a/ conversion for you and your family or b/ lose your head and have your family taken into slavery, you’ll be grateful enough to have we men of violence around (more than 20 years military service, public and private) – IF we are around and haven’t been betrayed by people with your sorts of views, that is.

    To paraphrase that great philosopher John Stuart Mill, gentle peaceful people only sleep peacefully in their beds because there are rough people able and willing to do their fighting for them. That is and always has been a fact of life.

    And membership of Islam is a one-way street.

  11. Eagle Says:

    Nice to see you totally missed the point.

  12. shiva Says:

    And Ghandi was just lucky he was disputing with a civilised power. Had he tried those games with a Muslim regime he would have lost his head in no time at all (well, a bit of time – the time it would have taken to torture him so medievally that by the time the neck-chopping came around he would have welcomed it. Just look at what happened to the various Sikh gurus who opposed Islam).

    Just to show what Sir Henry Morgan as referring to


  13. Eagle Says:

    Again, try really hard to get the point!!! I know it goes against you, but please read it again.

  14. Thorn Says:

    Wow, what a concentrated heckling. It’s fun to read up to a point, but the hecklers are a bit too boring and circular.

  15. cerebate Says:

    Henry Morgan
    “Ghandi was just lucky he was disputing with a civilised power”
    “Gandhi”, and Im an Indian so perhaps you have heard of the Jalianwala bagh massacre? Civilised power indeed!

    I remember an article by a comic book writer who wrote a book where his character meets god , and he tried to conclude in the book, that everyone’s definition s valid for them. i.e. A muslim gets his Allah, A christian his christ, An atheist gets no god.. and so on.
    He believed he would keep everyone happy with this approach after all everyone’s right. He was however surprised to get a lot of hate mail. The reason? It wasnt sufficient for the people writing the hate mail to be right. The other’s had to be wrong as well.

  16. Eagle Says:


    Thanks, actually shiva made some comment about me stopping writing once the novalty wears off.

    The fact of the matter is, the constant crap would make me stop first. I don’t know how I can make myself any more clear. I don’t want to have to ban people, I don’t want to have to censure people. But I am getting a little sick of people who think it is alright to bash someone because they think differently.

    This isn’t about debate, salahudin and you have answered some of these questions over and over again. As a matter of fact, the last few comments under “What is a bigot prt 1” shows plainly what the problem is.

    So what am I doing wrong here, should I not try and take a personal effort on my own blog?? Should I just set it up to only registered people to be able to comment?? Should I allow all manner of hate speech to drive away any Muslim who may want to come here??

    Elric gave my blog address out in hopes of his “friends” coming here and doing what he was banned from doing on my other blog, it wasn’t because he ‘liked’ what I had to say. It wasn’t , “hey, come check out this blog, its great.” No, he did it so others could come and ridicule me, just like he has over and over again. As a matter of fact Elric still ridicules me on his favorite blogs regularly. I bet he was either a bully in school, or a wimp. I doubt he would make some of his remarks to someone’s face. It’s easy to hide behind a user ID.

    People like you and salahudin, and those on my other blog, keep me going. Today just seemed like it all caught up with me. I know that what I talk about is controversial things and it brings a strong reaction from people of all walks of life. But hate and ridicule really bother me. There was a time when I could give back, as good as I got, and sometimes I am still tempted. But it does nothing for dialog.

    The bottom line is, I am about done with explaining myself. If you can’t understand English, have someone explain it to you. My writing is about as plain as it can be. I am not a sophisticated person, I think I speak pretty plainly. If some don’t get it, it’s their problem. I know I have had people who, English isn’t their first language, who understand what I am saying.

    The funniest thing is, I posted a comment on a Muslim blog, which is basically the above post. They, those “evil, plotting, terrorist, Muslims” agreed with me. I know Muslims who use some of my stuff on their blog. The same for Christians. The same for Atheists. All those people, but Elric and so far Shiva, don’t have a clue.

    Anyway, that has been on my mind for several days now. I just had to get it out. Hopefully now that I’ve done that, I can get back to doing what I need to do. I spend all day everyday, reading and researching for each and every blog entry. I’m not as astute as some, you and salahudin seem to be pretty smart guys. The joys of youth. 😀 (don’t ruin it by telling me your not young LOL, my psyche can’t take it) 😀

    Thanks again.

    Actually, I debated whether to even post this comment, but I needed to say it and some people need to see it.

  17. cerebate Says:

    ha ha, Whether Im young or old depend on whose company I am in (and i have been called both).
    I’d say write for yourself first and foremost. That way atleast one person will guaranteed be happy. And its what most good authors say as well. They write things that they would like reading.
    People like elric and shiva serve a purpose too, you can look at them and say “I never want to be like that!”

  18. cerebate Says:

    “Had he tried those games with a Muslim regime he would have lost his head in no time at all ”
    Oh ye of little knowledge. You seem to forget a certain Jinnah and the muslim league and the various Hindu Muslim riots. Also that Gandhi was assassinated by a fundamentalist Hindu.

  19. Eagle Says:


    True enough, thanks for your support and encouragment. I’m working on some great posts for the next few days. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get it all done. I have GOT to get back to my normal stuff. It is after all why I started writing.

  20. shiva Says:


    Many saw Ghandi quite rightly as a traitor.

    As A Hindu Ghandi was a disgrace to his anscestors, like wise all Moslem Indians

    All Standard reference books agree that the name ‘Hindu Kush’ of the mountain range in Eastern Afganistan means ‘Hindu Slaughter’ or ‘Hindu Killer’.

    History also reveals that until 1000 A.D. the area of Hindu Kush was a full part of Hindu cradle. The mountain range was deliberately named as ‘Hindu Slaughter’ by the Moslem conquerors, as a lesson to the future generations of Indians.

    However Indians in general, and Hindus in particular are completely oblivious to this tragic genocide.

    During India’s independence period there were organizations in India who wanted to establish on the whole of British India a Hindu state.

    These organizations opposed to the partition of British India into India and Pakistan. After the partition of India these organizations blamed the Indian National Congress and especially its spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi as responsible for the partition.

    They saw in Gandhi a traitor. Mahatma Gandhi also took some steps that made him in the minds of Hindu nationalists, pro-Muslim and Pakistan.

    Because of these reasons a group of Hindu nationalist assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

    Ghandhi caved in to the threat of Islamic violence and gave the Moslems what they demanded, but they still want more.

    So much for Ghandi,s non violence, the violence continues today.

  21. salahudin Says:

    “Many saw Ghandi quite rightly as a traitor.

    As A Hindu Ghandi was a disgrace to his anscestors”

    talk about hindu fascism.

    this guy’s supportive of the man who killed gandhi!!!

    oh no! all hindus are terrorist! we must eject all hindus from the US and Europe no matter if they were born here!

    i will now go read a few selective passages from bhagvad-gita… and report back on blogs ALL ACROSS THE INTERNET, telling everyone that the hindu’s Lord Krishna told Arjun to SLAUGHTER his family! They follow an EVIL god!


    PS: those who know the story in CONTEXT…. will know why Krishna told Arjun to do that… and it’s a GREY area… not black and white, the way it looks out of context.

    and if shiva were to try to explain why… i shall accuse him of doing a “stinky hindu trick!” LOL!!!

  22. shiva Says:

    Oh ye of little knowledge. You seem to forget a certain Jinnah and the muslim league and the various Hindu Muslim riots.

    Thanx for reminding me about Maulana Hussein Umarji and Godhra


    Thanx for reminding me of the 60.000,000 hindus that have been slaughtered….

    Oh yes, we hear so much about how Christians in early America, yet total silence about the genocides in India

    With-out the Hindu fundamentalists, I doubt there would be any Hindus alive today, Hinduism would be one more culture lost to Monotheism,( Christianity/Islam)

  23. shiva Says:


    this guy’s supportive of the man who killed gandhi!!!

    where I am supportive of Ghandi,s killer

    talk about hindu fascism.

    So to opppose Islam and Christianity is fascism.

    Indian and the Hindu,s where doing okay until Islam and Christianity reared their ugly heads.

  24. shiva Says:

    No need to reply just yet, as for the rest of the day in will be in an ara hat was hit by an earth quake of few days ago
    (Situbondo) and the Internet connection is down

    Behave while I am gone.

  25. in2thefray Says:

    Eagle: I would just like to echo Cerebates comment. It is your blog. The fact that you choose what bits of you to share is to be commended not condemned and attacked. The points of your posts have always been pretty clear to me. Let there be dialog on the points.
    Whether any blogger, speaker, or person actually changes or improves “life” isn’t the point of humanity. It’s the trying.

  26. Eagle Says:


    Thanks very much. 😀

  27. Eagle Says:

    Got an email showing me a story about a dentist refusing service to those who do not wear headscarfs…

    How about those pharmacist who refuse to fill those day after abortion pills based on their Christian values??

    How about those, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”??

    The bottom line is this, you can choose who you want to do business with, regardless of who you are. If the dentist was the only one around, I could understand the complaint. Surely those who have their own business and those consumers have the right to choose what, where and how.

  28. Eagle Says:

    We should always be willing to support the rights of all consumers and business owners.

  29. salahudin Says:

    no one is guaranteed the right of use of someone else’s skill…


  30. Eagle Says:


    Correct to a degree, if your talking about a hospital emergency room, it doesn’t apply.

  31. salahudin Says:

    Eagle, I would insist that in an emergency room it is incumbent on the doctor to help… but only internally.

    You can’t force the doctor to do it. It is morally required of him/her to operate or do whatever is necessary to save someone from harm or death… but then again, morality is an internal system and cannot be legislated.

    I would oppose a law MAKING doctors (or anyone else!) do something. I would endorse social and educational instruction on individual ethical requirements and duties towards fellow man…

    But i’m open to a counter argument from you on that. I’m obviously a Ron Paul libertarian here… heh. But i understand this is controversial and i suppose my mind can be changed if there is a good argument.

  32. Eagle Says:

    Basically I’m talking about American law, which says that patients can’t be turned away from a emergency room for their inablility to pay.

    It should be said that if a Physician has a problem in treating the different types of individuals that may come to the emergency room, he shouldn’t work there. It is after all, an “Emergency” room.

    Over all I agree that all consumers and business owners should have the right to decide who they want to do business with. I mean that is the basis for freedom in the first place.

    No one complains when a business has a sign up that says “no shirt, no shoes, no service,” So I’m not sure what the issue is when it happens to be a Muslim dentist who wants women patients to wear a head scarf. If the woman disagree’s she can go to a different dentist.

    There are many skilled positions that have different rules for what they will and will not do. I think the only reason this is being made an issue is because the dentist was Muslim.

    The same goes for the taxi issues about seeing eye dogs and alcohol. I don’t agree with it, especially the seeing eye dogs, but are they the only taxi in town?? If so, then it seems like a great chance for some enterprising individual, to start his own taxi company. 😀

  33. in2thefray Says:

    Can I get in on a sane thread ??? MDs and facilities per license in certain settings have legal obligations. Physicians also have the hippocratic oath thing going. A dentist given the setting is wide open to seeing the patients they want. I wonder in this case if the DDS is trying to stay specialized within his community ? Taxis are a form of public conveyance. One thing that everyone seemed to rush through on the infamous cab stories is there was a policy to stay w/fare until serviced by another cab.

  34. Eagle Says:


    Thanks for the input, I didn’t know some of that.
    I don’t doubt the DDS wanting to service his own community.

    elric, how many email accounts are you going to open?? Don’t you know that all comments from someone who is new goes thru moderation?? Give it a rest. 😀 Just what are you going to do with all those email accounts?? They aren’t even cleaver enough to not give you away. Besides if you did sneak in, that can easily be rectified.

  35. Eagle Says:


    The cab thing, is that US law?? If so, it seems they are shooting themselves in the foot. They can’t get another fare until the current fare is picked up by a different cab. I didn’t know that.

  36. in2thefray Says:

    That was / is company policy for the company involved.That part of the story got blown through secondary instant rage. I looked upon the latest ordeal negatively I admit. Public conveyance + blind person + dog. My ” research” re” Muslims and dogs seemed to be the saliva issue was the crux. I would of thought helping out a blind person wouldn’t need a fatwa.

  37. in2thefray Says:

    BTW no fare. exactly whether thats blackmail to the drivers as an incentive to pick up everyone whenever ya get a chance…In my state cabbies are essentially independent contractors that work “under” the extremely expensive/lucrative hackney license.

  38. Eagle Says:

    Guess they could get around it by not stopping, I mean how is a blind person going to know a empty cab drove by them, unless they were at home, or at a designated cab stand.

    Your right, it seems to me that if you want to claim being pious, as so many do, then they should not only pick up the blind person and his dog, but take them for free. That’s what I would do.

  39. cerebate Says:

    “As A Hindu Ghandi was a disgrace to his anscestors”
    I cant decide whether your malicious or incompetent. i suppose I’ll have to be charitable and settle for incompetent. The only people who think Gandhi was a disgrace are either Hindu or Muslim fundamentalists. Oh yes Hindu’s have been killed by Muslim’s and Christians in the years gone by. Do you know they have been killed by other Hindu’s too?
    Most of us Indian’s blame the British for the divide and rule policy, and the stupid Indians for falling for it.
    Ah yes Godhra. Read the whole story for Gujarat. I have friends whose family stayed in gujarat(Hindus) and there are horror stories on both sides. There is a difference between reading news articles from the Internet and talking to people who actualled lived through the riots.
    “With-out the Hindu fundamentalists, I doubt there would be any Hindus alive today”
    You should be aware that the Hindu Fundamentalists in Mumbai targetted South Indian Hindu’s in the 80’s(who took away their jobs in the restaurant business). Then with kashmir they targetted the Muslims. After that the bangladeshi’s who illegally settle in mumbai (read any dark skinned muslim would do)
    In the late 90’s , everyone tired of this, so they targetted the missionary Christians. And now they target the North Indian hindus (who take away their jobs in driving autorickshaw’s etc)
    No i think we’d do just fine without the Hindu/muslim fundamentalists(whose aim in India is primarily political and power rather than any religious belief)

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