The Coming Utopia??

The Coming Utopia magnify

I’ve pointed out some of this before, but when I found this, I just had to share it with you. I’ve said many times what would happen if Islamist/Jihadist get their way… ENJOY!!! Islamic Utopia??  

In the year 3000, we will live in the Dar-ul-Aman ruled by a pious Khalifa and surrounded by the bounty our Lord promised us:

  • All men will be freed from the curse of razor-burns that has plagued mankind for centuries.
  • The women, cloaked in tent-like burqas (veils) will be protected from the sun and their complexions will blossom without help from Este Lauder.
  • The faithful will never again have to suffer just because the singular wife has a headache – they will be able to choose from a harem of four plus forty.
  • Children will not have to struggle with thirty textbooks and useless subjects like biology and European History – all they will need to do is “memorize one book, which holds all the answers”. (Quran)
  • The state will provide free entertainment every Friday in the form of lashings, beheadings and stonings – G-rated fun for the whole family.
  • We won’t have to keep track of the Bank holidays, as all banks will be shut down once we do away with the curse of currency and go back to the blessing of barter trade.
  • Once the decadent internet is outlawed and the ISPs shut down, we will be spared the arbitrary pricing and bad service from the likes of AOL and @home.
  • Men will have more time for spiritual cleansing rites once the women are children are banished to the harem after the Majlis-I-Shoora passes the “Seldom Seen Never Heard” law.
  • Members of the Majlis will be able to consume mass quantities of halwa (fattening sweets) unfettered by the unislamic tie and belt.
  • No more traffic jams and pollution once we go back to riding camels and donkeys to uphold the Sunnah.
  • No more load-shedding once we harness the power of the jinns to produce zillions of megawatts in the Hazrat Suleiman Jinn Power Plant (HSJPP) – and to heck with the HUBCO!
  • As for the dastardly Indians, they won’t have the nerve to bother us once we have raised a few squadrons of Ababil (myth: birds who killed elephants by dropping pebbles from their beaks) and learned the art of parting the Ravi (a river in Indo Pakistan Sub Continent).
  • Once we have reached the required level of piety, we shall dine on Manna (Quail) and Salwa (another pre cooked divine food) from that big kitchen in the sky – who needs McDonalds and KFC.
  • The faithful will be spared the ignominy of buying liquor licenses from their non-Muslim “friends” because most be banished to Dar-ul-Harb for refusing to pay Jiziya.
  • We will be free from the curse of the blood-sucking lawyers once we establish the quick-and-dirty Islamic Justice system, which will be merged with the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment.
  • Government expenditure on education will be reduced by firing the likes of Dr. Hoodbhoy and merging the Quaid-i-Azam University with the one and only IU, whose Rector will also serve as the Imam (cleric) of the Faisal Masjid and head up the Institute of Research on Islamic Foods (in the pre-Salwa era.)
  • Islamic Research will finally solve the mysteries of the Composition of Milk and discover the cure for hoof-and -mouth disease (all hidden in the Quran as the faithful have claimed for centuries.
  • My brother-in-law, an under-employed physician and cricket purist, will be able to moonlight at the stadium amputating arms that chuck and beheading physicists who dare to think.
  • So, don’t let the lackeys of the West, the heretics and Hypocrites discourage you from following the True Path, the Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, which will lead to salvation and glory for the Ummah. Those who stray from this path will suffer the ignominious 62-7 fate of the Miami Dolphins.

No disrespect intended.  As most of you know, I try not to disrespect anyone’s religion, but there was too much important stuff in the above info to ignore it all together. 

I would like to ask my Muslim friends and readers if this is how you would like to live??  Because this is only a small example of how the Islamist/Jihadist want to rule the world.   

I realize that different parts of the world allow different things in regards to ‘punishment’ for ‘criminal’ acts. But to me and most Westerners this is a bit over the top. Not to mention the fact that what the Islamist considers ‘criminal’ may be far out of line to even the most devout Muslim. I’ve pointed out how it could be different here…

And I continue to point out that it would be terrible if we did that type of thing to Muslims, so Muslims should think it would be terrible if they did it to us. Do you agree?? Are you trying to do any thing about it?? Do you talk to your Muslim brothers and sisters about this subject and how it is wrong?? I am interested to see what you have to say on this subject.

P.S.  To my readers, sorry if the text cames out small.  Seems like wordpress has a mind of it’s own, everytime I preview the post, it looks different, so who knows how it will look when I post it LOL…


7 Responses to “The Coming Utopia??”

  1. Stefan Says:

    welcome to the world of saudi arabia 🙂

    first of all, i appreciate your position towards islam and would like to thank you for your effort.

    i think that religious golabalization is a dream, and the unity of thoughts is impossible even if we all shared the same religious beliefs .

    concerning ‘Islamic internationalism’ like the one above is a dream that will never come true,
    and i consider it the devil’s utopia

    i believe that its illogical to force someone to believe in what you believe and its impossible for us to believe in the same thing.

  2. Eagle Says:


    I hope you are right in regards to Islamic internationalism. Obviously people Bin Laden are working tirelessly to make it come true.

    The bottom line is, they consider anyone who doesn’t think like them to be against them, if you are a Muslim that doesn’t think the way they do, you are an Apostate and we have covered what they will do to Apostates.

    The devil’s utopia to be sure. If we all continue to work hard to inform others of this fact including Muslims, hopefully we will succeed. I appreciate your input on my blog. It is always good to hear a Muslim voice of reason. Sometimes we don’t hear enough. Some people say it is because all ‘true’ Muslims are following the way of Bin Laden because it is the way of Islam in other words only ‘true’ Muslims act like Bin Laden.

    Others say it is because most Muslims are ignorant of the true goals of people like Bin Laden. I like to think it is the latter, which is why I started writing about radical Islamist/Jihadist to begin with.

    I plan on doing some posts on Wahhabi Islam this week and the father of Islamist.

    You don’t have to thank me for my efforts, I am only pointing out the fact that hate is the same no matter who’s mouth it comes out of. Whether that be Islamists or Westerners. It does little to encourage dialog, it only breeds more hate. It’s depressing and shows lack of maturity. Most of us stopped name calling by the time we hit high school, but there will always be some that will continue to lower themselves. Please try and not take it personally. I would like to think that most Westerners don’t believe that all Muslims are responsible for bad acts of a few.

  3. Eagle Says:

    Thanks Stefan 😀

  4. Sukran Says:

    Ashhadu an la ilaha ill Allahu wa ashhadu!….
    Mash’Allah! Mash’Allah!

    You draw like an Islamic paradise in this post! Mash’Allah…

    The only thing I can say is it is supposed to be “Estée Lauder”.

    Don’t worry, just kidding. 🙂

    The utopic facts you state above are not Islam, indeed, they are mixed tribal culture and pre-Islamic traditions that even Islam could not have fixed for centuries.

    I salute you with blessings, Eagle.


  5. Eagle Says:


    Agreed 😀 And blessings to you as well 😀

  6. Eagle Says:

    Shiva’s comment…”Check out this pack of muzi liars”

    But your not prejudiced against any thing Muslim.

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