Arrgh!!! magnify

OK, for some reason, someone does not want me to do this series.  Most of you know who that is .  But I will not be stopped!! 

On Saturday I lost my stuff twice, so I shut down my computer and decided to work on it on Sunday.  I lost it again, but only a little bit, as I had not been working on it that long.  Then after completeing almost the entire first bit that was going up on Monday, my page shut without warning.  I composed my entry on a different blog site that doesn’t have a way to save your stuff, so I lost it. 

I had hoped that by now I would have enough done for at least 2-3 posts.  I write them on my other blog site because it has the font I like, then I save them here.  I have found that if I write them on here first, I have to rewrite them on there, in order to get them the look I want.

So this is it for now, hopefully I will get things together tomorrow and will get a post up before the end of the day.  I know some of you are waiting for this series to start, and I promise I will work on nothing else until it is done.  I just wanted you to understand why, my first post is not up yet.  Bare with me and I will get it up, even if I pull all my hair out in the process.

I hate it when my computer messes up.  Some of you know that I have that problem with IM.  I normally don’t have the same problem when I log in under Internet Explorer, so I was really surprised over the last couple of days when my stuff just shut down w/o notice.  Obviously I need to take the time to get a hold of Yahell and find out what the problem is.  In the mean time, those of you who are believers in God…you know what to do .

Many thanks for your patience and God Bless you and yours.


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