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Ok, I again am going to stray off of the current series for at least this one post.

 I just saw on TV, another commercial against Rush Limbaugh over his “phony soldier” comment. I don’t listen to Rush all the time, but I do know who he was talking about when he made that comment. A boot-camp WASHOUT, who claimed he had served in Iraq, and observed all kinds of ‘atrocities’ (must be a friend of John Kerry). Obviously the left would like nothing better than to silence conservative radio. They want to bring back the unfairness doctrine which is nothing more than denying free speech.

Nobody listens to liberal radio, that is why Air America went bust. The Dem’s found out during the controversy over illegal immigration, just how much pull conservative radio had. It was conservative radio who mobilized the American people, into contacting their elected representatives and express their opinion on the matter. It was one of the times when the nation as a whole agreed on the issue. Especially after they tried to give amnesty in secret.

Those elected leaders knew that the American people wouldn’t go for an amnesty. That is the only reason they tried to ‘back door’ the issue. They forgot themselves yet again, in the fact of WHO they work FOR. That’s another reason why we need term limits for the House and Senate. Too many of us don’t pay enough attention to politics. The politicians are so beholden to lobby money, and their own ego, that they throw our opinion right out the window.

In my humble opinion, the Democrats are the worse. They seem to think that we are too stupid to control our own money, so they want to decide for us, on how much of it we get to keep. They want all kinds of big government, and in so doing, it points out clearly that they don’t have our best interest in mind. Have any of you seen how many buildings Robert Byrd (D) has his name on in his state?? Trust me, its plenty, and they are all being paid for with our tax dollars. And what about that road to no where in Alaska. It’s OUR money, not yours, so stop spending it willy nilly, I don’t care what party you claim, its still our money.

They have given so many entitlements, that the middle class is tax poor. Why should people have incentive to get out there and work, if they can sit on their butt and get money to do so?? We would do better to offer free college tuition and do away with Welfare except for the most extreme cases. At least that way, people will have incentive to do the right thing. And I bet we would save money in the long run.

There was a time in my life that I worked 3 jobs, just to make ends meet. Then my son got sick, back then there was no insurance for kids whose parents couldn’t afford it. I was a single parent, I went to the State to get help. All I wanted was a medical card so I could get my kid his asthma inhalers, I mean this was life or death in his case. He could have an attack and without those inhalers, he could die. I was told that because I worked 3 jobs, I was border line destitute, and would have been better off destitute. In other words, I made too much money to qualify for a medical card. But they said, I could quit my jobs and stay at home till he reached 5 years old, and collect all benefits. Didn’t even have to look for work. At that time, no one was required to look for work, if a kid was under 5 years old . I know what your all thinking, what did I do…

I walked out of the welfare office, and I called my job, and I told them…I’d be in the next morning. I continued to work those 3 jobs, until I got one job that paid well enough that I could afford to pay for insurance. I made payments to the pharmacy, and no matter how much I owed, they still filled my son’s prescription. I did that, because it was the right thing to do. It isn’t my neighbors job to take care of me. It was my job to take care of and raise my child with the best of my knowledge and ability. Doing otherwise would only teach him to look for the hand out, instead of getting out there and doing it for himself.

It is our job as parents to teach our children that simple fact, and we should be doing it by example. I never regretted my decision to keep working. I wasn’t even tempted to take that hand out. I had been disgusted to see some of the big strong men that came into that office while I was there, wanting to know where their ‘check’ was. They should have said, “don’t know, better ask your employer”.

My property taxes are pretty high, my state has one of the highest property tax in the nation…but Shrillary Clinton would like for them to be higher with her free health care program. Even though nations who have socialized medicine are failing their own population. It is a known fact that people from those nations will come here to get medical treatment because they have to wait so long to get treatment in their own country. Should we help kids of parents who need the help?? Yes, and we already are, but it is getting beyond making sense to me anyway, on how they think we as a nation can afford all that they want to do. Heck, we can’t even fix/pay for, SSI, but you want socialized medicine.

The left is beholden to Move On and George Soro’s, who has used his millions to buy himself a President, and so far it seems to be working. Heck Shrillary even made the comment that she helped start Move On. All the democrap’s contenders, running for President, are too afraid of pissing off Soro’s and his ilk, that they won’t even debate on Fox news. If you are that weak, how does that make you a decent candidate for President of this nation?? How can ANYBODY, vote for a President, that is afraid of Fox News?? You want to be President of the United States, while we are at war, and yet your afraid of Fox News?? Please somebody tell me how that makes ANY sense to ANYBODY. On second thought, don’t, it will just raise my blood pressure.

I am sick and tired of how the Democrats on the hill have wasted so much time, not only condemning Rush Limbaugh, but lying about it. They know darn good and well what he said and what he was referring too. None of them had a problem with the ‘Betray us’ ad. And to top it, they didn’t condemn it until they were forced to. So they can save their sanctimonious garbage for someone who is too stupid to know what they are doing and why. I for one, will listen to Rush, MORE because of their trash talk and lies, not less.

Now that I’ve vented for the second time since this series started , there will be a new post on the series tomorrow, and on Monday we will start on some of the bigger topics of the series. In the mean time, enjoy your day, and your weekend. And thanks for your continued support for my rants and musings.   


15 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh”

  1. mklasing Says:

    You are exactly right! Clear Channel’s letter response is awesome to Senator Reid by the way. If you want to see it the link is:

    -Good job-excellent takes!


  2. Eagle Says:

    Thanks mk,

    I just get so irritated with the same old crap coming out of D.C.

  3. Eagle Says:

    Thanks again for the link. I just read it, and I am sickened by the fact that our elected ”leaders”, have stooped so low as to trying to cause Clear Channel to fire Rush Limbaugh. They want him off the radio because of his influence and nothing else.

    I have no doubt that we will see more of this from the left. I also have no doubt that there is an army of people sitting around with pen and paper ready to write down any supposed offense in order to lambaste and condemn conservative radio.

  4. Eagle Says:

    OH and Barack Obama, has decided that he would take off the American flag lapel pin, from his suits. Terrific, and typical. Yet another so called American, who feels he is too American to where the flag lapel pin. He made the statement that he is taking the pin off to make a statement…

    Good for you, I got the message…your a typical democrap.

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Way to get on a roll. Politics as usual just make me want to throw the system out and start fresh. It would be nice if the people had more say in the politics and the money had less say in the people – if that makes sense.

    Congrats on standing up on your own two feet. I’m a stay at home mom and my husband is a public school teacher so we understand the belt tightening. We could easily go on government programs if we wanted, we just never felt the necessity.

  6. awake Says:

    Great post Eagle.

  7. Eagle Says:

    Thanks awake,

    I am just really fed up with the garbage coming out of Washington. It’s as if, the Dem’s think we are all stupid!! They lie and carry on, like they think we don’t know the difference, and as for me…I’m pissed!! I never could stand for people who do things because they thing you are too stupid to catch on, I find it extremely insulting and would think that others do to.

  8. cerebate Says:

    Hats of to you (related to the 3 jobs and your child)

    I do believe that children and their welfare are also the responsibility of society. And i have seen what happens when society doesnt take this responsibility. Adults now well that’s a different ballgame.
    While i hear many people complaining about how the dem’s want people to pay for the unemployed etc, how come noone complains about the money spent on weapons research (thats your money as well) and needless wars. At last count America had enough nuclear weapons to destroy planet earth over 500 times, what are they going to do with more?

  9. Eagle Says:

    Thanks cerebate,

    The point was, that it was ok with the welfare office for me to sit on my ass and collect all benefits until my son turned 5 years old.

    They should have helped him with a medical card, that was all I wanted. I could have gotten one had I gone on the dole, but that was not responsible as far as I was concerned. Now the system provides insurance for kids who’s parents can’t afford it. But telling people to quit working and go on welfare, is pretty stupid.

    As far as weapon development, I don’t have any problem with it. Our weapon development has actually saved lives. During WW2, whole cities were razed to the ground in bombing runs, now we have smart bombs that can be pin pointed. I don’t think we are still developing nuclear weapons, but the weapons we do have actually kept the Soviet Union in check with mutually assured distruction. Speaking of which, Russia claims to have set off the worlds biggest nuclear weapon, but the films don’t look right, so its doubtful.

    We have weapons and weapons research for a reason, the same way that every nation has it. We could stick with rocks, but they wouldn’t do much good against guns would they. 😀

  10. cerebate Says:

    “The point was, that it was ok with the welfare office for me to sit on my ass and collect all benefit”
    Yep got that. Just pointing out that they shouldve been able to cover your child if you were hard pressed for money.

    “We have weapons and weapons research for a reason, the same way that every nation has it. ”
    Oh i dont have a problem with that.
    Its at what point do we say too much, and that we are spending way too much money when we already have weapons that can destroy the earth? At what point do you say Id rather have the scientists work towards discovering a cure for cancer instead of the latest biological weapon.

  11. Eagle Says:

    Agreed, during the cold war, it was a bit ridiculous. They should be doing away with all those old nukes, but you have to count on Putin doing the same, and if you pay any attention to the news…he is ramping up tensions, not down. Which plays directly into my new series. Which I will be getting to.

  12. cerebate Says:

    Yep , putin’s a nut too.
    In case of Rush , I did read and Id say it wasnt easily apparent whether he meant the phony soldier or any soldier who opposed the war. In any case i believe he clarified saying he meant the phony soldier(singular) where the matter should have ended , but it looks like the politicians dont have any real issues left to talk about.

  13. Eagle Says:

    The point is they want to silence him because of his inflluence as well as others on conservative talk radio. It is pure censorship, in a land of free speech. When they have no problem calling a General a liar, with no proof, but they fabricate crap to try and take out a private citizen…something is seriously wrong.

  14. Eagle Says:

    Addition to this post:

    Henry Waxman (D, United States House of Representative, 30th District) is now using US government money to investigate Conservative Talk Radio Host, Rush Limbaugh. The only reason is because of their influence on the American people. It is election season, they want to keep conservative radio hosts “off guard”. How is that America?? How is that liberal?? I hear a lot of stuff about how the Republicans are doing away with civil liberties….but I am seeing more of that from the Dem’s than the right. What is up with politicians in at least 2 California cities telling people that they can’t smoke in their own apartment?? Liberals are good for telling the right to stay out of their ovaries, how about you stay out of my home. How about you stay out of what I may choose to listen to on my radio. How about it…

    “If we can’t silence him, we should at least make some money to make his life more miserable in a Democratic-controlled Washington in 2008,” says a Senate Democrat leadership aide.

    Others on the Democrat side are pushing ahead with other plans. Rep. Henry Waxman has asked his investigative staff to begin compiling reports on Limbaugh, and fellow radio hosts Sean Hannity and Mark Levin based on transcripts from their shows, and to call in Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin to discuss the so-called “Fairness Doctrine.”

    “Limbaugh isn’t the only one who needs to be made uncomfortable about what he says on the radio,” says a House leadership source. “We don’t have as big a megaphone as these guys, but this all political, and we’ll do what we can to gain the advantage. If we can take them off their game for a while, it will help our folks out there on the campaign trail.”

    Dan Riehl reports:

    Whether you enjoy and, or appreciate talk radio shouldn’t matter as regards this bit below. That our government is looking to launch investigations into private citizens not suspected or accused of any crime should. In one sense, this is precisely the type of thing the framers were most concerned with when it came to government over-reaching. In another sense, I might expect something like this from Putin’s Russia, but not the United States Congress. What’s next, a black list, perhaps?

    So what are our liberal friends going to do about it, are you going to contact your representatives and tell them you are against this?? Are you going to tell them that they are wrong?? That this is America and we don’t censure people because we don’t agree with them?? This should cross party lines, this is an attack on the American way. This is an attack on free speech!!

    The report avoids directly calling for a renewal of the constitutionally dubious Fairness Doctrine that mandated equal time for conservative and liberal opinions, although some Democratic lawmakers aren’t so circumspect. After five years of opposing most assertions of government power to fight terrorism, these liberals are ready to wield it to fight conservative talk radio. After maintaining that the First Amendment protects nude dancing, they are ready to argue that it doesn’t quite apply to people broadcasting conservative views over the airwaves.

    Tell me, what are YOU going to do???

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