Women with Mustache 2

I wasn’t going to do this, but I changed my mind. As a continuation from yesterday’s post, as I said, there was some talk about the Sunni’s and their traditions and beliefs about Imam Mahdi. We have already gone over a great deal of signs that is supposed to herald the day. Most of which, I believe were Shiite beliefs. Well the people on that thread got into talking about the Sunni beliefs….So I am going to post what they said.  They posted an article by `Isa Adam Naziri, which is below.

Contributed by `Isa Adam Naziri“At length, when the sight is dazed, and the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined together – the Day of That will Man say: ‘Where is the refuge?'” Al-Qur’an, Sura 75:7-9Allah gives a sign that Mahdi (atfs) will be among us when a double eclipse occurs in the month of Ramadan. Al-hamdulillah, this past Ramadan i was prompted to investigate the matter of when such an astronomical sign might occur. The information that i found revealed that this miraculous event is scheduled for Ramadan 2003.“It has been reported from Abu Jafar  that the event of the Mahdi’s appearance shall be attended by two clear signs which will carry with them the weight of ten strong signs. These are the solar and the lunar eclipses; and a similar sign has never happened ever since Adam came upon this planet.”
Notes: Ikmal al-Din, p. 361
Sunni hadith tells us the following: “Of our Mahdi there are two signs which have never taken place ever since the Earth and the Heaven came into existence. One is that in the month of Ramadan the moon shall be eclipsed on the first of its nights and the sun in the middle of its days; and such a sign has never occurred ever since the creation of the Earth and the Heaven.”

The specifications for the dating of the eclipses in the Sunni hadith however are erroneous, as the timing during the month of Ramadan that the Sunni version states is a physical impossibility. First of all the moon could not be told to be eclipsed on the first night, since it is virtually invisible then anyway. Even if it did eclipse then, this would be a fruitless sign since it is nearly invisible at that time anyway. An eclipse at that time of the month would be totally invisible. No human eye would be able to see this sign of the darkened moon of the first night, and yet it is given as the primary sign of the advent of the return of our Imam al-Mahdi (atfs).

These two phenomena of the lunar and solar eclipses will take place in a much different order. As the Sunni hadith says it, with the solar eclipse occurring in mid-month, this would require the moon to suddenly double its speed of movement after the onset of the month! To believe not only that the moon would suddenly double its speed after the onset of the month is unreasonable enough in itself. However, coupled with the fact that a lunar eclipse on the first night of Ramadan would be physically impossible to see, we must conclude that the Sunni version of this Hadith is unreasonable and the portion of it refering to the dates in the month of the eclipse must be rejected as plainly unscientific and unreasonable. Imam `Ali Riza  tells us that we must understand Islam through reason:

“The greatest of miracles of Allah is the human mind. It allows ideas to be thought through and reasoned out. Islam appeals to human reason. Man must accept Allah through reason and not through miracles.”

So, following in the study of astronomy that Imam Sadiq  also studied and taught, it is unreasonable to imagine that the Sunni scheduling of these eclipses will occur in the order said. As well, since Imam Baqir  mentions this sign yet make no mention of the dates of the eclipses in their relationship to the month itself, then we must accept only that the sign is that of the double eclipse during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The miraculous Double Eclipse is scheduled for November the 9th and November 23rd of 2003. Ramadan of 2003 is scheduled for approximately the 27th of October to approximately the 27th of November. Ramadan being a 30 day lunar period, both the eclipse of November the 9th and November the 23rd will fall in this Holy Month – al-hamdulillah! The November 9th Lunar eclipse will be visible from: Europe, South West Asia, Africa and America. The November 23rd Solar eclipse will be visible from Antarctica and the South Indian Ocean.

Notes on the double eclipse during the coming Ramadan of 2003: Bao-Lin Liu and A.D. Fiala, “Canon of Lunar Eclipses, 1500BC- AD3000”, 1992; Willmann-Bell Inc., Richmond, Virginia. Or: J. Meeus and H. Mucke, “Canon of Lunar Eclipses, -2002 to 2526”, 1983 (2nd edition); Astronomical Office, Vienna.

Eclipses may also be examined with computer software such as EclipseMaster, MoonTracker, SunTracker and AstroCalc; Zephyr Services, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To help with this AstroCalc was modified to print out celestial positions of the Sun and Moon near each Ramadan (i.e. every 354.367 days). Occasions when the mid-Ramadan Full Moon or the Eid New Moon were close to the ecliptic plane could then be highlighted – demonstrating that this occurs every 22 or 23 Islamic years.

See also H. Mucke and J. Meeus, “Canon of Solar Eclipses, -2003 to +2526”, 1983; Astronomical Office, Vienna Websites that note the dates of these eclipses are:

The FAS Eclipse Page – http://www.fedastro.freeserve.co.uk/eclipse/index.html

2003 The Year of Cold Eclipses: 4 central eclipses in one year! – http://eclipse.span.ch/2003.htm

Yet still we are told that the Ummah will deny the signs of our Rabb, and will reject the Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) until such Great Tribulation arises that they are left with no alternative but to follow him. May Allah strengthen our Iman that we might have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the Truth that the Ruh speaks to the Ummah. May Allah hasten the Imam’s Return, and may Allah led all who read this to recognize the Imam Al-Mahdi (atfs) when the sign is given that he is among us! Take care, stay safe and write back soon. 

Did you get all that, can you see where I am going here??  How’s this, here is a sentence taken out of the article above: 

“The greatest of miracles of Allah is the human mind. It allows ideas to be thought through and reasoned out. Islam appeals to human reason. Man must accept Allah through reason and not through miracles.”

You read that, on the same page where they talk of a man, a normal man, giving lectures in two different places at once.  When we have gone over the signs preceeding the Mahdi we see all kinds of things that we wouldn’t normally think of as normal or in some cases even possible, like the Mahdi being 1200 years old.  I can only hope that as far as Islam is concerned, they take the reading of the signs, literally.  If so, it will save on war.  But I am afraid, that there are too many folks out there who would like to rush the issue.  Some think that God needs our ‘help’, which we will get in to in the future.

The post before last mentioned many things about the history and beliefs of Shiites.  Some of which I made small comments on.  I want to say this here, for those of you who are religious, regardless of what religion you follow.  I became a Christian when I was 16 years old.  I was always taught to never take somebodies word, for what the Bible says.  I was told to study it for myself, to verify with others my or someone else’s beliefs.  In other words, I believe in the Rapture, I was taught it in church, I also read about it in my Bible.  Not every Christian believes in the Rapture, but many do and their views go along with what I was taught and make sense within the contents of scripture.

Does that make sense to you??  You should never think that a person is infallible, none of us are without sin.  You see in the news all the time of people who have done really stupid things based on what their ‘spiritual leader’ told them to do.  If it doesn’t make sense to you, if it isn’t grounded, if others say something is wrong with it, then don’t blindly follow it.  May I suggest you look into this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qadiani


10 Responses to “Women with Mustache 2”

  1. Stefan Says:

    its really a habit in the Muslim world to say ” I heard that, Bla Bla Bla” when talking about Islam.

    And the answer will be definitely another “Bla Bla Bla ” totally different than the “Bla Bla Bla ” said before.

    And the most important thing is that you will find that both “Bla Bla Bla”‘s are in the books of Bukhari, and if that “Bla Bla Bla” was related to what the prophet Mohamed used to do before entering the toilet or making urine, you will find that “Abu hurayra” has the answer.

    Another habit is to memorize the whole Quran without understanding a single word of what you are saying, i mean without studying meanings of words and explanations.

    The final habit is to hire someone to sing the Quran at your place for good luck, and you might go down and leave the house and he will continue singing, you can keep on doing this once a week for all of your life without studying the text.

    They are misusing the Quran and they sometimes pay money to sheikhs to tell them what to read when they are having a specific problem, if you want your girl friend back, you want to earn more money or you are having sexual problems 😀

  2. Eagle Says:

    I found the whole conversation between these people very interesting, as it went along it kind of grew and changed, but still carried on even after the one person asked about how somebody could be prophecing, when Muhammad was suppose to be the last prophet.

    I am aware that a great many Muslims are not even literate, they merely do what ever their teachers tell them to do, without reading or understanding what they are reading, which is why I put up this post. I think it is extremely important that if you are going to do something, you should know why you are doing it, and it should be more than because so and so told you too.

    Seriously what is the point? If you want to serve God, then you should be really sure that you are doing what God wants you to do. But really, what you said about paying money to find out what to read for this or that problem sounds like voodoo, where they do certian rituals for different personal needs or wants.

    If a person is religious and was serving God, and they had needs, why wouldn’t they just pray about it?? That’s what Christians do.

    One other thing I have noticed is a whole lot of “conspiracy theory” type thinking with Muslims in general. Even with some that were born and raised in the States. Which is something I never quite understood. Got any ideas?? 😀

  3. Stefan Says:

    can you give an example…

  4. snatchmaker Says:

    Here’s an example of a penchant for conspiracy theory among American Muslims:

    According to a poll last summer by the Pew Research Center, 40% of American Muslims (which Pew says are 2.35 million) don’t believe that groups of Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks. So that’s about 400,000 conspiracy theorists. Even though many non-Muslim Americans also believe this, I don’t think the percentage is anywhere near 40%.


  5. snatchmaker Says:

    Woops, those figures I quoted are incorrect:

    The 40% is not 40% of the total of American Muslims, but is 40% of the approximately one million among the total who, according to the same Pew poll, consider themselves to be “Muslims first, Americans second”.

    See this link for explanation:


  6. Eagle Says:


    Considering themselves to be Muslims first and Americans second, is not unusal amongst anyone who claims to be religious. My surprise is that it was only 40%. I can tell you that my faith also comes first. I love my family, I love my country, but first and foremost, I love my God.

  7. Eagle Says:


    I have heard a ton of some far out stuff from different Muslims. I was told that America was planning on invading Afghanistan so we bombed ourselves to give us the freedom to invade Afghanistan, but as you would guess they didn’t tell me why we would want to invade Afghanistan.

    I was told that we encouraged and wanted Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait. No reason given as to why we would do that and then turn around and attack Saddam for it.

    When we talk about the end times, there is all kinds of theorys out there, which you will see some of as we go along with this series.

    One of the most bizare things I have heard is the thought that Jews drink the blood of Palestinian babies at Passover. Those things are even put in the press of major newspapers. Seems that if it is about the Jews its demonaztions.

    Oh and I forgot to leave the link to this and the last post, so it is below.


  8. Eagle Says:

    Oh and snatchmaker,

    There is also some poll in which 40% of Muslims in America, had a hard time being devout in America, that too is not unusual. Christians also have trouble being devout in America. Just so you know, there are some things that are pretty natural when talking about those who are devout in a modern world. It doesn’t mean that they are bad people.

  9. Stefan Says:

    First of all, I think it is important that we note that many of the conspiracy theories you have mentioned were, surprisingly, originated from within America. For example, one of the most popular sources that supported that 9-11 was an American-led conspiracy theory was the documentary Loose Change, created by a group of young Americans, born and raised on American soil. Another example is the popular Rosie O’Donnell who was ousted from her own show due to her support of the idea that 9-11 was indeed a conspiracy.

    If even some Americans support such theories, it is no surprise that the Arabs and Muslims who have taken the blame for this terrifying event jump at the chance that they might have been framed and that the event was not done by one of them. Anyone would jump at the opportunity to wash their hands from such a crime. Also, the conspiracy theory claims that 9-11 was known in advance to the CIA but they did nothing to stop it.

    The theory does not state that the average American from New York or Wisconsin woke up on the morning of 9-11 in full knowledge and support of such an awful attack to their country. The theory does not say all Americans were behind 9-11 but just a minority, and to blame all Americans for such a minute number of people would be the same mistake as blaming millions of Muslims for 19 hijackers.


  10. Eagle Says:


    Yes I understand about 9/11, it shows that nuts can come from any nation of any race, sex, or religion 😀 Also I am not one who thinks that millions of Muslims should be blamed for a handful of idiots, but you know that.

    I was leaning more towards other stuff, many of which I will be putting up in coming posts when we start talking about Dajjal.

    I would say that some of what I have been told makes me think that mysticism plays a big role in Islam, but I thought that only Sufi’s leaned that way.

    Ah heck, do I really know what I’m talking about LOL 😀 I know what I am thinking but I can’t find the right words to express it, age will do that to you LOL.

    You will have to excuse me, I am learning as I go along. There is so much to learn and express that I am very slow at getting out my posts. Plus we have the winter season approaching here so I have yard work to attend to as well. As this series goes along you will see some of the stuff I am talking about like the ‘Illuminati’ amongst others.

    I’ve heard and read so many things on both sides, or should I say all sides, and hope to get all these down before I finish with this series. Sometimes I think maybe I am attempting to put up too much information. I’m paring it down as best I can and still cover everything.

    With your help, I’m sure we will get it all out. 😀
    And Peace to you my friend!!

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