Mufti: No Jewish Prayer In Palestine’s, Jerusalem


First things first, the photo above was of a 6 year old student who was punched in the face by her Moroccan teacher after she accidently stepped on his prayer mat… All I can say, is its a good thing that wasn’t my child.

I have done my fair share of posts on actions of both Muslim and non-Muslim acts of bigotry. And though I am sure it will meet with disapproval, as some will misunderstand what I am trying to do… I am posting this story anyway. Acts done to deliberately insult, demean, or intentionally hurt others is wrong regardless of who is doing it. If non-Muslims did it to Muslims, if Jews did it to Muslims, if Muslims did it to non-Muslims, or if Muslims did it to Jews. Which brings me to today’s post.

Sadly, this will not be the last post of this kind. I can only hope that by bringing this kind of stuff to the forefront and talking about it, that it might make a difference and change the way we think and act. I recently posted a story about an Italian politician who decided to walk a pig on a site on which a Mosque was due to be built. It was done out of hate, pure and simple. It can’t be justified, because it was completely out of line. It served no purpose and only reinforced the erroneous view that we are at war against Islam, and not Islamist. Obviously there are a whole lot of people out there that never learned the line our mothers taught us as children… “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.” A bigot by any other name, is still considered a bigot.

We will be getting much farther into Israel as it plays a prominent role in ‘the end times’ prophecy in both Islam and Christianity. But this article is to point out a comment, and how it adds nothing towards the cause of peace. You can find the original article here. I am printing it below in its entirety.

If Jerusalem is divided, and it’s eastern part made the capital of “Palestine” -world Jewry will be forever cut off from the hope it has held onto for 2000 years, and be once and for all prohibited from ascending the Temple Mount and even from praying at the Western Wall.
This warning was clearly sounded in an interview the former PLO-appointed mufti of Jerusalem gave to The Jerusalem Post this week, excerpts of which were published Thursday.

Ikrema Sabri emphatically told the Post no Israelite temple had ever stood on the Temple Mount.

What’s more, the cleric insisted, the Western Wall – whose massive stones the entire world knows to have been laid by Herod the Great during the Roman occupation of the Land of Israel – had nothing to do with any temple either.

“The wall is not part of the Jewish temple. It is just the western wall of the mosque. There is not a single stone with any relation at all to the history of the Hebrews.

“It was always only a mosque – all 144 dunams, the entire area,” Sabri said.

“No Jews have the right to pray there. … No Jewish prayer. If the Jews want real peace, they must not do anything to try to pray on Al-Aqsa. Everyone knows that.”

The Mufti’s ranting underscored how the Muslim Arab effort to wrest Israel’s holiest site from the Jewish people and entrench it under irreversible Islamic control is intensifying in the run-up to next-month’s US-sponsored Middle East conference.

Washington is pushing for this conference, fully aware that the Arab side’s intent is to steal great chunks of Israel’s historic homeland for the creation of a juden-rein Palestinian state that will never tolerate Jewish and Christian worship on or near the Temple Mount – or at any other site deemed sacred to Islam. ((yes I am aware that the same charge has been made against Israel))

((My comment))What if it was the other way around?? What if Israel was “forever cutting off” Al-Aqsa Mosque?? There is another article below, which can be found here. I know that Israel invokes a lot of emotion, but this kind of thing doesn’t help. Is it absolutely hopeless?? Am I wasting my time?? Will everyone keep their preconceived idea’s with out trying for even a minute to understand the other side?? And I’m not just talking about non-Muslims here.

Israel to come under Sharia law, says Israeli Arab cleric
A leading Israeli Arab Muslim cleric said at the weekend that the Jewish state will very soon cease to exist and the whole of the country will come under Sharia (strict Islamic) law as another piece in the puzzle to reconstituting the Islamic Caliphate.

In an interview with a local Arabic-language newspaper, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, deputy head of northern Israel’s Islamic Movement, insisted that the world is “on the threshold of a new era. The future belongs to Islam and the Muslims.”

Khatib said that in preparation for the coming Islamic takeover, Muslims who hold Israeli citizenship like himself should begin to actively rebel against the state by refusing to cooperate with and forming alternatives to the Israeli authorities.

Also at the weekend, Khatib’s boss, Sheikh Raed Salah denounced current peace negotiations leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict as an “evil Israeli scheme.” Salah, who is also an Israeli citizen, has long maintained that that Muslim world must not recognize Israel’s right to exist.

((My comment))I have so much to say (in regards to the series we are in), too much actually, which makes it very hard to find the words and order that I want it in. Over the next few weeks our current series will discuss different Muslim views in regards to Dajjal, Imam Mahdi, Jesus or Isa as he is referred and Israel. We will talk about Iran and Ahmadnutjob’s feelings on the matter. I will share some of my personal views along with others. I actually feel that the most important time will be when the anti-Christ comes. But fear not, I will also write about Armageddon and the 7 years prior too. And I haven’t forgot about Gog and Magog in Islam. So hang on folks things are getting ready to jump off in here .

Last but definitely not least, what do you think of this story? Is this a crime worth torture and death? Please give me your honest opinion, if you think it is, why do you think it is.

Sorry about the indents, wordpress seems to have a mind of its own.  No matter how many times I formate the post, it decides how it will look when posted. 


17 Responses to “Mufti: No Jewish Prayer In Palestine’s, Jerusalem”

  1. in2thefray Says:

    I am no fan of the UN. With that said I’d get behind the idea of securing Jerusalem for mankind. Surround the place with blue helmets and let’s see if we can all get along.

  2. Eagle Says:

    I agree, there has to be some kind of solution that works for all parties, but neither side will go for it. It appears that some don’t want peace.

    I say some because it is some on both sides. Some will never be satisfied. That includes some Christians who don’t want Israel to give up one inch of land. It all plays into the series I am doing, and because of what each religion’s prophecy says about the end times… They let that rule their thoughts and actions. That is basically it in a nutshell.

  3. awake Says:

    Ikrema Sabri

    Sheikh Kamal Khatib

    Sheikh Raed Salah

    Where is the world can nutters like the aforementioned be getting the same crazy idea from?

  4. Eagle Says:

    speaking of nutters

  5. awake Says:

    Uour level of intellect is astounding Eagle. Calling me a nutter, even if true however, is not a counter argument nor does it answer the question.

  6. Eagle Says:

    I don’t recall putting any name on my comment.

  7. salahudin Says:

    I think the Temple Mount should be converted to an Atheist’s Mound of Worship of the (N)one.

    It’s about time we Atheists banded together and made our own violent claim to some random piece of land in the name of whatever we believe in… cause, hell, we’re losing out on political power and money!

    I hereby declare we need “The Atheist Defense League” to liberate the Holey Lands in Israel occupied Palestine!


  8. Eagle Says:

    I thought they already had their land, its called California 😀

  9. salahudin Says:

    hahahahha i burst out laughing as soon as i read that…

    well california isn’t blue enough, unfortunately. Minnesota… ah now THAT is a great state!

    but personally i don’t think there is any true atheistic nation out there… unfortunately.

  10. salahudin Says:

    and by “blue” i don’t necessarily mean pro-democrat… i mean liberal.

  11. Eagle Says:

    How about san fran, you don’t get anymore liberal than that, even HolierThanThouWood has to take a back seat to san fran.

  12. in2thefray Says:

    Massachusetts . Bluest blue. Religious only when convenient. SJC very sec/prog at best. Anti religious overtly other times.

  13. salahudin Says:

    yeah but san fran’s just a city… and these days states have little power let alone cities… and that’s just upsetting… greatly!

    massachusetts, eh? interesting….. heheh

  14. Eagle Says:

    I thought you were a libertarian not a liberal.

  15. salahudin Says:

    i’m a social liberal and a political libertarian

  16. Robert Salaam Says:

    It gets crazier and crazier everyday….

  17. Eagle Says:

    Agreed and welcome back 😉

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