Anti-al Qaeda Base Envisioned

Here is the second post which is connected to the last one. Again, I found this on my friends blog, thank you Stefan. It is an article from The Washington Times, the link for this story is below.  As always any thing in ((and)) is my comment on the subject. One other thing I want to say, completely off topic. I had this post already in the line up to put up. I had hoped to do some research over the last couple of days since this time of year finds most of us extremely busy until after New Year’s Day. The series I am writing on takes a lot of research to get it right and cover everything. Anyway, on Saturday I started coming down with something, now its a full on head cold. The problem is, if it goes to my lungs, I could be in serious trouble. I have a preexisting lung problem and any other insult could not only cause me to have to go into the hospital, but it could kill me.

I’m telling you all this for two reasons; Number 1 is, I will do what I can with my blogs, but you know what its like when you have a head cold or don’t feel well. 2 if I disappear for a week or so, it could be I am in the hospital, so just so you know, its not because I am quiting the blog. 

Now, on with today’s post:


Article published Sep 26, 2007
an article from

By Willis Witter

Exiled Egyptian cleric Ahmed Subhy Mansour, whose teachings have earned him dozens of death “fatwas” from fellow Muslim clerics, uses the English translation for al Qaeda — meaning “the base” — to describe a plan to defeat Osama bin Laden and other terrorists, who he says have seized control of Islam.”Suppose you have here [in the United States] a base to counter al Qaeda in the war of ideas?” Sheik Mansour asked during a recent luncheon at The Washington Times.

“You could convince a large number — millions of silent Muslims. We can convince them very easily that the real enemy is not the United States. It is not Israel. The real enemy is the dictators in the Muslim world and the culture of the Wahhabis and Muslim Brotherhood,” he said, referring to the dominant arbiters of Islamic orthodoxy in Saudi Arabia and Egypt respectively.

Sheik Mansour is the founder of a small Egyptian sect that is neither Sunni nor Shi”ite. They call themselves Quranists because they believe that the Koran represents the single authentic scripture of Islam. They especially anger Sunni Muslims by rejecting the Hadith and Sunna, purported sayings and traditions of the prophet Muhammad.

“Killing people just because they are not Muslims, they have a Hadith for this. To kill a Muslim like me after accusing him to be an ‘apostate,” they have a Hadith for this. To persecute the Jews, they have a Hadith for this.“All this is garbage. It has nothing to do with Islam. It contradicts more than one-fourth of the Koranic verses,” Sheik Mansour said. ((one-fouth Wow!))A former professor of Islamic history at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, he was expelled in 1987 as the Muslim equivalent of a “heretic” and was briefly imprisoned by Egyptian authorities. After subsequent waves of persecution, he finally fled Egypt just months after the September 11, 2001, attacks and received political asylum in the United States the next year.

More recently, in May and June, Egyptian authorities arrested five leaders of the movement, including Sheik Mansour“s brother, on charges of “insulting Islam” and began investigations of 15 others, with the intent, he said, to destroy the entire movement.

From exile in the United States, he continues to attack the Islam of bin Laden and the Wahhabi Islam of Saudi Arabia that gave birth to bin Laden”s beliefs. Sheik Mansour also attacks the Islamist vision of Egypt”s Muslim Brotherhood, a group that rejects violence but shares the goal of a theocratic nationhood under Shariah, or Islamic law.

Though illegal in Egypt, the Brotherhood is allowed to operate openly in an uneasy truce with the government. Police round up its members whenever it delves too publicly in politics — for example, by holding anti-government demonstrations. But the Brotherhood”s interpretation of Shariah provides a benchmark for Egyptian law, which is based primarily on Shariah.

“We are not against the people. We are against this culture that will produce more and more generations of fanaticism. We go to the core of this culture and prove that it contradicts the Koran,” Sheik Mansour said.

“Few Americans understand that the battle against terrorism is a war of ideas,” Sheik Mansour said. “It is a war that is very different from the military in its tactics, its strategy and its weapons.

“Suicide bombings are just one aspect of this war. They brainwash young men to blow themselves up, to kill randomly. Our mission is to convince him, to undeceive them, to convince them that what he is doing is against Islam. He will lose his life and lose his afterlife as well.”Sheik Mansour claims about 10,000 followers in Egypt who accept his teachings, many of whom are part of his extended family.“We find Islam has the same values as the West: freedom, unlimited freedom of speech, justice, equality, loving, humanity, tolerance, mercy, everything. This is our version of Islam, and we argue that this is the core of Islam according to the Koran.”  ((Somebody tell me why people like these are so feared by the powers that be in Muslim nations??))

He and his sons operate the Quranic Center in Northern Virginia, which includes an elaborate Internet site in Arabic and English. On its Web site at, the organization is republishing dozens of Sheik Mansour“s books and hundreds of articles he has written over the years.  ((the english version

The campaign is not without risk. One can find a sampling of fatwas, or edicts by other Muslim scholars against the Quranists, including one saying, “We have issued our commands to the soldiers of God to worship God by pouring out their blood and burning their homes.”  ((Those of you who live in the West, be grateful for your religious freedom.))

Sheik Mansour said in response: “I do not care about my safety, but I do care about my persecuted people in Egypt.”

Paul Marshall, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute”s Institute of Religious Freedom, said arrests of the Quranists reflect an attempt by Egypt”s government to demonstrate its loyalty to Islam to fend off challenges from even more extreme Islamists who want to impose much harsher restrictions on the Arab world”s most populous nation.

“These arrests are part of the Egyptian government’s double game in which it imprisons members of the Muslim Brotherhood when the latter appear to become too powerful, while simultaneously trying to appear Islamic itself and blunt the Brotherhood’s appeal by cracking down on religious reformers, who are very often also democracy activists,” Mr. Marshall wrote in a recent edition of the Weekly Standard.

The arrests of the Quranists received a brief mention in the latest annual report on International Religious Freedom by the State Department, which noted the arrests of five Quranists and defined the group as “a small group of Muslims who rely largely if not exclusively on the Qur’an as authoritative for Islam, to the exclusion of the prophetic traditions [Hadith] and other sources of Islamic law.”

One detainee told an Egyptian human rights investigator that he was beaten and threatened with rape by one interrogator, the State Department report says.  ((This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this kind of punishment and interrogation torture.  So here we have a man being persecuted, because he is considered a heretic towards Islam, and we have some Muslims, torturing him and others… Please somebody tell me how one man raping another, or if a man rapes a woman … how ‘Islamic’ is that??  How is torture in any form Islamic??)) 

Since arriving in the states, Sheik Mansour has held a number of academic posts. In 2002, he was a Reagan-Fascell Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington, where he wrote on the roots of democracy in Islam.

The next year, he received a visiting fellowship at Harvard Law School’s Human Rights Program.

He also briefly met Karen P. Hughes, the undersecretary of state for public diplomacy, last year in the office of Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican.The meeting, Sheik Mansour said, lasted for 10 minutes, barely enough for polite introductions.

“I said: ‘Please, let me sit down with you for more time. I have big plan,” ” he recalled. But there was no follow-up.

“We need official American help for our arrested people in Egypt,” he said. “We don”t want money. We are talking about releasing our arrested people, saving the lives of scholars, bringing them to the U.S., granting them asylum to help establish this new base for moderate Islam.”


The Coming Utopia??

The Coming Utopia magnify

I’ve pointed out some of this before, but when I found this, I just had to share it with you. I’ve said many times what would happen if Islamist/Jihadist get their way… ENJOY!!! Islamic Utopia??  

In the year 3000, we will live in the Dar-ul-Aman ruled by a pious Khalifa and surrounded by the bounty our Lord promised us:

  • All men will be freed from the curse of razor-burns that has plagued mankind for centuries.
  • The women, cloaked in tent-like burqas (veils) will be protected from the sun and their complexions will blossom without help from Este Lauder.
  • The faithful will never again have to suffer just because the singular wife has a headache – they will be able to choose from a harem of four plus forty.
  • Children will not have to struggle with thirty textbooks and useless subjects like biology and European History – all they will need to do is “memorize one book, which holds all the answers”. (Quran)
  • The state will provide free entertainment every Friday in the form of lashings, beheadings and stonings – G-rated fun for the whole family.
  • We won’t have to keep track of the Bank holidays, as all banks will be shut down once we do away with the curse of currency and go back to the blessing of barter trade.
  • Once the decadent internet is outlawed and the ISPs shut down, we will be spared the arbitrary pricing and bad service from the likes of AOL and @home.
  • Men will have more time for spiritual cleansing rites once the women are children are banished to the harem after the Majlis-I-Shoora passes the “Seldom Seen Never Heard” law.
  • Members of the Majlis will be able to consume mass quantities of halwa (fattening sweets) unfettered by the unislamic tie and belt.
  • No more traffic jams and pollution once we go back to riding camels and donkeys to uphold the Sunnah.
  • No more load-shedding once we harness the power of the jinns to produce zillions of megawatts in the Hazrat Suleiman Jinn Power Plant (HSJPP) – and to heck with the HUBCO!
  • As for the dastardly Indians, they won’t have the nerve to bother us once we have raised a few squadrons of Ababil (myth: birds who killed elephants by dropping pebbles from their beaks) and learned the art of parting the Ravi (a river in Indo Pakistan Sub Continent).
  • Once we have reached the required level of piety, we shall dine on Manna (Quail) and Salwa (another pre cooked divine food) from that big kitchen in the sky – who needs McDonalds and KFC.
  • The faithful will be spared the ignominy of buying liquor licenses from their non-Muslim “friends” because most be banished to Dar-ul-Harb for refusing to pay Jiziya.
  • We will be free from the curse of the blood-sucking lawyers once we establish the quick-and-dirty Islamic Justice system, which will be merged with the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment.
  • Government expenditure on education will be reduced by firing the likes of Dr. Hoodbhoy and merging the Quaid-i-Azam University with the one and only IU, whose Rector will also serve as the Imam (cleric) of the Faisal Masjid and head up the Institute of Research on Islamic Foods (in the pre-Salwa era.)
  • Islamic Research will finally solve the mysteries of the Composition of Milk and discover the cure for hoof-and -mouth disease (all hidden in the Quran as the faithful have claimed for centuries.
  • My brother-in-law, an under-employed physician and cricket purist, will be able to moonlight at the stadium amputating arms that chuck and beheading physicists who dare to think.
  • So, don’t let the lackeys of the West, the heretics and Hypocrites discourage you from following the True Path, the Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, which will lead to salvation and glory for the Ummah. Those who stray from this path will suffer the ignominious 62-7 fate of the Miami Dolphins.

No disrespect intended.  As most of you know, I try not to disrespect anyone’s religion, but there was too much important stuff in the above info to ignore it all together. 

I would like to ask my Muslim friends and readers if this is how you would like to live??  Because this is only a small example of how the Islamist/Jihadist want to rule the world.   

I realize that different parts of the world allow different things in regards to ‘punishment’ for ‘criminal’ acts. But to me and most Westerners this is a bit over the top. Not to mention the fact that what the Islamist considers ‘criminal’ may be far out of line to even the most devout Muslim. I’ve pointed out how it could be different here…

And I continue to point out that it would be terrible if we did that type of thing to Muslims, so Muslims should think it would be terrible if they did it to us. Do you agree?? Are you trying to do any thing about it?? Do you talk to your Muslim brothers and sisters about this subject and how it is wrong?? I am interested to see what you have to say on this subject.

P.S.  To my readers, sorry if the text cames out small.  Seems like wordpress has a mind of it’s own, everytime I preview the post, it looks different, so who knows how it will look when I post it LOL…

A Study in Jihadist Delusion and Mental Illness

150 magnify

A entry, on a jihadist website, shows that they are all upset over US politics. Upset because of Barak Obama’s ridiculous Jr. politician comment over Pakistan. And upset in a big way, because Tom Tancredo said that if he were president and Islam attacked us with a nuclear weapon…then he as President would attack Mecca and Medina. Tancredo said, “That is the only thing, that I could come up with that might deter, somebody from doing something, that they might otherwise do.”


So the jihadist takes it out on the Muslims of America, by saying–


“I am amazed by the extreme stupidity of “Muslims” who vote for the Kufar. So when I see the likes of theses dirty Kuffaar (may Allah kill them all), we simply just ask ourselves in great confusion: How is it that a “Muslim” still votes for these disbelievers?


They might respond, “Well, their policy on this-and-that is better than so-and-so…” These hypocritical sellouts don’t realize – since they don’t have a brain to realize with in the first place – that as for the Kuffaar who don’t say anti-Islamic statements in public, they will end up doing something against the Muslims physically.


Bush wasn’t making these ridiculously anti-Islamic statements when running for presidency. So the blind Muslims voted for him thinking that he would “benefit” Islam and the Muslims; and they would give a million excuses to vote for him. But look what he did!! He’s the leader of this Crusade against Islam and the Muslims and is responsible for the murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims and he has invaded our lands and stolen our wealth and properties.


So it amazes us how the Murji’ah vote for these Kaafir leaders to be their Khaleefah when they have seen many examples where these Kaafir politicians would turn out to be the greatest enemies of Islam in the current age, such as “silly billy clinton” (Qatalahummullaah); and they wouldn’t even know it until it happened.


(“silly billy clinton” I love the name, but just what did Bill Clinton do against Islam, besides turning down Osama Bin Lyin, when he was offered to us by countries that did not want him.)


This is one of the reasons why voting is Haraam; and anyone who votes is a Faasiq (and other say Kaafir; and I don’t disagree).


By the way, if you ever see at you local Masjid or Islamic Community Gathering where they are passing out pamphlets regarding voting (or anything similar), then take all those papers from their hands – even if you have to struggle to get it out of their hands – and either tear them apart in front of them or throw them out. Then give them a good lesson on following this Deen firmly by sticking to the principles of al-Walaa’ wal Baraa’ah and staying away from Kufr and fighting it through every possible means.


These pathetic Murji’ah need to be treated harshly when it comes to matters such as voting and supporting democracy since they refuse to look at these issues from the perspective of Qur’an and Sunnah strictly and traditionally. Ignore the House NegroScholars” that fail to stand up for the Haqq and its people.


Obviously, he has no concept of democracy and what elections are all about. On second thought, he does know what democracy is all about, that’s why he doesn’t want it. Tyranny never gets voted in voluntarily, or gets voted to stay in power voluntarily. No one wants to live under such a system.


When I asked him if Muslims were not allowed to vote. He said that it is only Allah’s rule that deserves to be to be law of the land. And voting for disbelievers by Muslims is strictly forbidden.


When I asked,…So any Muslim, in any country other than say Iran, which is a Islamic state, with Shariah law, is not allowed to vote? ….I got the following answer about Iran.


Eagle you claim that Iran is an Islamic State,

Why then is there a jew in the government?
What Islamic state allows the disbelievers to order the laws of Allah swt?
Why are there synagogues allowed in tehran but no sunni mosques?
Why are the sunnis oppressed and the jews left alone? Iran is no Islamic state, but the Brother (so-n-so) has illustrated this in prior posts.


So Iran is NOT, an Islamic state…What is then…


    “There is no Islamic State today.”
And Iran is a Shi’a state and we reject the Shi’as.

However, in ‘Iraq and Afghanistan, we have nascent Islamic State’s. In fact with ‘Iraq, many will argue that the areas that the Sunni’s control is an Islamic State that is under war. I agree with this opinion. The same is argued about Afghanistan. (TALIBAN)

If Iran is not,…. Hello, my Muslim friends…this is exactly the threat I am talking about. Listen to what this idiot is saying. It is either their way, or no way. What does that mean for all Shiites in the world?? We all see how they are treated in Iraq by the Sunni’s, and Al Qaeda, which is Sunni. Here’s a good one….

And even before 9/11, the United States was participating in a troop deployment with other nations to invade Afghanistan prior to 9/11.


Show me where?? No answer.


As far as Bush making anti-Islamic statements…the answer was…


Bush has spoken quite a lot against the establishment of a Caliphate; and he says that the goal of the “terrorists” is to establish one. Well, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, this is our obligation undoubtedly. So we take it personally when he speaks against our religion. ((Isn’t that what they say they are trying to do?? )) ((contradiction, again…still…))


Nothing about the fact that President Bush was running for president BEFORE 9/11, so why would he make any statements about Islam.


And of coarse the ridiculous comment, that he is blind to…The fact that if 9/11 hadn’t happened then nothing would have happened in Afghanistan or Iraq.


So the biggest unanswered question, is how does he reach the conclusions he reaches. Can we assume there is a bit of mental illness involved?? When one becomes so overcome with hate that they cannot see the facts staring them in the face. That is the only conclusion I can reach.


It is a WARNING, to anyone, who so entrenches themselves in lies and hatred that it consumes them. They buy into, whatever, people of like minds come up with. Kind of like those who hate Jews so much that they truly believe that Jews drink the blood of Palestinian babies during some Holy holidays. Even if the truth is laid bare before them, they will not believe it.


It is this kind of thinking that caused 900 or so cultist to kill themselves with Jim Jones in Guyana. And it caused the “heavens gate” cult to think that if they killed themselves, they would catch a spaceship that was hiding behind a comet. Now THAT is delusional. And I think it is the same thing affecting our friend here. He speaks of his “brother” Muslims, and then disparages them. All Muslims in his mind are wrong unless they think the way he does.


Unfortunately, he is not alone. And if he has his way he will poison the mind of every single solitary Muslim to his way of thinking. And those who resist, he will call an apostate, and, he would attempt to kill you, if given the chance.


His blog gets a lot of traffic, and the people who go there sing his praises in the comment section. He normally erases mine, but I will share that with you in a different thread. He is a very angry man, and could care less about what anyone else thinks of him. He has told me this on more than one occasion.


I did ask him if he knew how many million people would die if his people were successful with setting off a nuclear bomb. And that Tancredo made the statement as a means of deterrence. I asked him what we should do short of turning the country over to him, and putting our women in burka’s. I told him that the thought of millions of men, women, and children dead, should make him mad. Not a statement of deterrence.


His response…


As for what America should do if it’s attacked by nuclear weapons (by the Mujaahideen), then come and find them and fight them. No need to create another Hiroshima (you damn terrorists!).


Now, please read that statement again….what do you notice?? More contradiction. Do I really have to point this out to you? More…”we can do what we want, but you can’t”. We can create another Hiroshima, but you are the terrorist, and cannot respond. This is standard fare. If it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be hysterically funny.


One other thing I noticed, they are afraid that their comments might cause someone to do the things they suggest, and then they will be sued. Very funny, they must be out of America, or the U.K. (based on some of the words he uses and how they are spelled) here is the disclaimer on the top of their blog. Their claims, in the disclaimer, are a complete and total lie. As you can see in my blog entry: “A Question of Righteousness”.


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