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As most of you know, two of my blogs are completely up to date with all my posts.  Those two had a long series of posts in regards to Islamophobia/bigotry, which sadly gave me quite a bit of hate mail on one of them.  This post is not part of the series I am working on now, and not even written by me.  But I felt it was so important, that I am doing a complete copy/paste from the blog I found it.

Italian politician parades pig on mosque site: press ROME, Nov 11 (AFP): Italy’s former deputy education minister has provoked a scandal by parading a pig on the site of a planned mosque in the country’s north, news reports said Sunday. “We have ‘blessed’ the ground that the Padua authorities want to transfer for the mosque,” said Mariella Mazzetto, a member of the populist right-wing Northern League party in the city. She walked the pig on a lead accompanied by about 10 party members, Italian daily newspapers reported. (Posted @ 16:54 PST) source

Talk about nasty, malicious and hateful. I’d like to see how Islamophobes try to justify this sort of blatant hatred – it’s not even a “point” the Italian politician is trying to make, nor a “self-defense” action etc. On second thought, I don’t think I could palate even a singl comment trying to justify this sort of thing. It’s purely to hurt Muslim sentiment and offend them. Very reminiscent of anti-antisemitism in Europe when other types of fascists paraded donkeys with Jewish symbols on them.

And yet not enough people notice this growing Islamophobia and of those who do, even less are alarmed by it enough to condemn it.

Stop hating Islam. It is as “great” a religion as Christianity and Judaism. It has its flaws like any other religion so look at your own faith’s transgressions against humanity first and then point fingers at others. Better yet, go take out your anger at a punching bag at the gym or something. Get offline and stop surfing right wing blogs. I thank you on behalf of humanity.

As you can see, this is not the kind of behavior which is acceptable under any stretch of imagination.  It sounds more like a something a juvenile thug, than a grown adult who is suppose to be educated.  You can find the original story here.   We have been over this before, we all know that there are bad people out there, but please, try not blaming an entire religion for the acts of a few.  Should we kill all the Jews because they were to ‘blame’ for the death of Jesus?? (no I don’t believe that) Below is part of a comment I left on one of my other blogs, it speaks for itself. 

I have met Muslims from every sect, from conservative to liberal, and in my journey I have found a broad range of beliefs. Only the radicals are ridged. A lot of Muslims will tell you that they may be Muslim but they also have a brain. They are a joy to meet, and no different than you or I. They just worship God differently than what you may be accustomed too.  The best way I can describe it is this; Have you ever met or been told about a Cop who was a complete and total jerk? Who used his position of authority to lord it over others?? Did it at first make you think that all Cops were aholes?? The, “one bad apple spoils the whole bushel” thing??

You have a powerful tool in your hands right now. You can use it to learn, and to grow. You can use it to change hearts and minds. Or you can use it to be condescending, hateful or hurtful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you are, I’m just saying the possiblities.

From my personal experience in the last 8 months or so, I have grown and learned. I have spent a great deal of time dealing with Islamist on their blogs (for material). But I have also met and became friends with a lot of good, God fearing, caring, and open minded Muslims. I have also met a fair share of close minded and bigoted non-Muslims.

It all goes to prove one thing… If we actually look below the surface, if Muslims in Muslim nations were given the freedom to live how they please… There wouldn’t be that much difference then in the West. There would be those who are devout, and those who are not. There would be those who choose to dress according to what they feel their scripture calls for, and those who don’t.  You can go on from there.  

We really aren’t that different when it comes right down to it. Most people just want to do their thing, free of strife. There are a lot of misconceptions about Muslims, and Muslims have a lot of misconceptions about Christians and the West. We can go on the attack, or we can go into explanations. Its all how you go about it in your heart. What is your true objective. Mine is to build brotherhood.     


Where Are Those Moderate Muslims?? HERE!!

I wasn’t planning on writing more on this topic for at least a little while, but I came across this and thought it was PERFECT, and needed to be seen by all. Many have asked where are the voices of Muslims, crying out against terrorism. I have asked the same thing. We can put part of that on our media, how many of you have seen the story below?? I stayed tuned into cable news all day long, and I haven’t seen this story. It all follows what I have said many times. Good news just doesn’t sell. Will anyone give this credit?? Or will the typical anti-Muslim bigots, call this an aberration and all these people not “true” Muslims. 

Tabraiz Feham writes from Pakistan:


15 Apr – 2007

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in sizzling heat of Karachi to condemn and raise their voice against extremism and what they call it “Danda Bardaar Shariyat”. This is a sheer display and warning for a mere 2% minority of extremists to correct their vices… This is not Afghanistan, Welcome to Pakistan.


Mammoth historical rally

Ocean of Masses



Religious scholars from different School of thoughts are present in the Rally




A Study in Jihadist Delusion and Mental Illness

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A entry, on a jihadist website, shows that they are all upset over US politics. Upset because of Barak Obama’s ridiculous Jr. politician comment over Pakistan. And upset in a big way, because Tom Tancredo said that if he were president and Islam attacked us with a nuclear weapon…then he as President would attack Mecca and Medina. Tancredo said, “That is the only thing, that I could come up with that might deter, somebody from doing something, that they might otherwise do.”


So the jihadist takes it out on the Muslims of America, by saying–


“I am amazed by the extreme stupidity of “Muslims” who vote for the Kufar. So when I see the likes of theses dirty Kuffaar (may Allah kill them all), we simply just ask ourselves in great confusion: How is it that a “Muslim” still votes for these disbelievers?


They might respond, “Well, their policy on this-and-that is better than so-and-so…” These hypocritical sellouts don’t realize – since they don’t have a brain to realize with in the first place – that as for the Kuffaar who don’t say anti-Islamic statements in public, they will end up doing something against the Muslims physically.


Bush wasn’t making these ridiculously anti-Islamic statements when running for presidency. So the blind Muslims voted for him thinking that he would “benefit” Islam and the Muslims; and they would give a million excuses to vote for him. But look what he did!! He’s the leader of this Crusade against Islam and the Muslims and is responsible for the murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims and he has invaded our lands and stolen our wealth and properties.


So it amazes us how the Murji’ah vote for these Kaafir leaders to be their Khaleefah when they have seen many examples where these Kaafir politicians would turn out to be the greatest enemies of Islam in the current age, such as “silly billy clinton” (Qatalahummullaah); and they wouldn’t even know it until it happened.


(“silly billy clinton” I love the name, but just what did Bill Clinton do against Islam, besides turning down Osama Bin Lyin, when he was offered to us by countries that did not want him.)


This is one of the reasons why voting is Haraam; and anyone who votes is a Faasiq (and other say Kaafir; and I don’t disagree).


By the way, if you ever see at you local Masjid or Islamic Community Gathering where they are passing out pamphlets regarding voting (or anything similar), then take all those papers from their hands – even if you have to struggle to get it out of their hands – and either tear them apart in front of them or throw them out. Then give them a good lesson on following this Deen firmly by sticking to the principles of al-Walaa’ wal Baraa’ah and staying away from Kufr and fighting it through every possible means.


These pathetic Murji’ah need to be treated harshly when it comes to matters such as voting and supporting democracy since they refuse to look at these issues from the perspective of Qur’an and Sunnah strictly and traditionally. Ignore the House NegroScholars” that fail to stand up for the Haqq and its people.


Obviously, he has no concept of democracy and what elections are all about. On second thought, he does know what democracy is all about, that’s why he doesn’t want it. Tyranny never gets voted in voluntarily, or gets voted to stay in power voluntarily. No one wants to live under such a system.


When I asked him if Muslims were not allowed to vote. He said that it is only Allah’s rule that deserves to be to be law of the land. And voting for disbelievers by Muslims is strictly forbidden.


When I asked,…So any Muslim, in any country other than say Iran, which is a Islamic state, with Shariah law, is not allowed to vote? ….I got the following answer about Iran.


Eagle you claim that Iran is an Islamic State,

Why then is there a jew in the government?
What Islamic state allows the disbelievers to order the laws of Allah swt?
Why are there synagogues allowed in tehran but no sunni mosques?
Why are the sunnis oppressed and the jews left alone? Iran is no Islamic state, but the Brother (so-n-so) has illustrated this in prior posts.


So Iran is NOT, an Islamic state…What is then…


    “There is no Islamic State today.”
And Iran is a Shi’a state and we reject the Shi’as.

However, in ‘Iraq and Afghanistan, we have nascent Islamic State’s. In fact with ‘Iraq, many will argue that the areas that the Sunni’s control is an Islamic State that is under war. I agree with this opinion. The same is argued about Afghanistan. (TALIBAN)

If Iran is not,…. Hello, my Muslim friends…this is exactly the threat I am talking about. Listen to what this idiot is saying. It is either their way, or no way. What does that mean for all Shiites in the world?? We all see how they are treated in Iraq by the Sunni’s, and Al Qaeda, which is Sunni. Here’s a good one….

And even before 9/11, the United States was participating in a troop deployment with other nations to invade Afghanistan prior to 9/11.


Show me where?? No answer.


As far as Bush making anti-Islamic statements…the answer was…


Bush has spoken quite a lot against the establishment of a Caliphate; and he says that the goal of the “terrorists” is to establish one. Well, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, this is our obligation undoubtedly. So we take it personally when he speaks against our religion. ((Isn’t that what they say they are trying to do?? )) ((contradiction, again…still…))


Nothing about the fact that President Bush was running for president BEFORE 9/11, so why would he make any statements about Islam.


And of coarse the ridiculous comment, that he is blind to…The fact that if 9/11 hadn’t happened then nothing would have happened in Afghanistan or Iraq.


So the biggest unanswered question, is how does he reach the conclusions he reaches. Can we assume there is a bit of mental illness involved?? When one becomes so overcome with hate that they cannot see the facts staring them in the face. That is the only conclusion I can reach.


It is a WARNING, to anyone, who so entrenches themselves in lies and hatred that it consumes them. They buy into, whatever, people of like minds come up with. Kind of like those who hate Jews so much that they truly believe that Jews drink the blood of Palestinian babies during some Holy holidays. Even if the truth is laid bare before them, they will not believe it.


It is this kind of thinking that caused 900 or so cultist to kill themselves with Jim Jones in Guyana. And it caused the “heavens gate” cult to think that if they killed themselves, they would catch a spaceship that was hiding behind a comet. Now THAT is delusional. And I think it is the same thing affecting our friend here. He speaks of his “brother” Muslims, and then disparages them. All Muslims in his mind are wrong unless they think the way he does.


Unfortunately, he is not alone. And if he has his way he will poison the mind of every single solitary Muslim to his way of thinking. And those who resist, he will call an apostate, and, he would attempt to kill you, if given the chance.


His blog gets a lot of traffic, and the people who go there sing his praises in the comment section. He normally erases mine, but I will share that with you in a different thread. He is a very angry man, and could care less about what anyone else thinks of him. He has told me this on more than one occasion.


I did ask him if he knew how many million people would die if his people were successful with setting off a nuclear bomb. And that Tancredo made the statement as a means of deterrence. I asked him what we should do short of turning the country over to him, and putting our women in burka’s. I told him that the thought of millions of men, women, and children dead, should make him mad. Not a statement of deterrence.


His response…


As for what America should do if it’s attacked by nuclear weapons (by the Mujaahideen), then come and find them and fight them. No need to create another Hiroshima (you damn terrorists!).


Now, please read that statement again….what do you notice?? More contradiction. Do I really have to point this out to you? More…”we can do what we want, but you can’t”. We can create another Hiroshima, but you are the terrorist, and cannot respond. This is standard fare. If it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be hysterically funny.


One other thing I noticed, they are afraid that their comments might cause someone to do the things they suggest, and then they will be sued. Very funny, they must be out of America, or the U.K. (based on some of the words he uses and how they are spelled) here is the disclaimer on the top of their blog. Their claims, in the disclaimer, are a complete and total lie. As you can see in my blog entry: “A Question of Righteousness”.


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    Islamist/Muslim Idea’s on Freedom and/or Democracy part 2

    when Islam meets Christianity


    In the 40’s America made a movie called “Why We Fight”, it told why we were fighting the Nazi’s and Japan, in a way that the average person could understand (in case they didn’t already know) (or was under a rock).   Because then as now, there are some people out there that just don’t get it.  More so now, I’m afraid. 

    In my opinion, it is past time for them to do the same thing NOW!  I will attempt to spell it out for those who don’t understand, using the words of those we fight.   

    The Entire Earth Must Be Subjected to Islam

    “How can [he] possibly [accept humiliation and inferiority] when he knows that his nation was created to stand at the center of leadership, at the center of hegemony and rule, at the center of ability and sacrifice? How can [he] possibly [accept humiliation and inferiority] when he knows that the [divine] rule is that the entire earth MUST be subject to the religion of Allah – not to the East, not to the West – to no ideology and to NO PATH EXCEPT for the path of Allah?…”

    “As long as this Muslim knows and believes in these facts, he will not – even for a single moment – stop striving to achieve it, EVEN IF IT COSTS HIM HIS SOUL… his time, his property, and his son, as it is said, ‘Say [to the believers]: If your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your wives and your kinsfolk and the worth you have acquired and the trade, the dullness of which you apprehend, and the dwellings that you fancy are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger, and striving in His cause, then wait until Allah issues His judgment. Allah guides not the disobedient people…'” 

    Little bit of contradiction there, who wants to lose their soul??  So what it appears he is telling the Muslim is,…you have to do this killing and general bad behavior, even if it causes you to go to Hell.  Make sense to you??  I wonder how this guy would feel if we tried to do to them, what they want to do to us.     Lets continue…

    Part II: The Blow Against the U.S. Will Come from Where Least Expected

    “…The [premises] on which we base ourselves as an organization, and on which we base our operations and our method of action, are practical and realistic… They are also scientific and [in accordance with] Islamic religious law, and they give us confidence and certainty… In writing them and in [publicly] revealing them, I do not intend to be apologetic for what was done; I lay [these arguments] before you so as to emphasize that we are continuing with our blows against the Americans and the Jews, and with attacking them, both people and installations [so as to stress] that what awaits the Americans will not, Allah willing, be less than what has already happened to them. America must prepare itself; it must go on maximum alert; … because, Allah willing, the blow will come from where they least expect it…”

    Hey Americans…are you hearing this???

    “America is the head of heresy in our modern world, and it leads an infidel democratic regime that is based upon separation of religion and state and on ruling the people by the people via legislating laws that contradict the way of Allah and permit what Allah has prohibited. This compels the other countries to act in accordance with the same laws in the same ways… and punishes any country [that rebels against these laws] by besieging it, and then by boycotting it.  By so doing, [America] seeks to impose on the world a religion that is not Allah’s…”

    The part about us punishing other countries that don’t follow our laws, is ridiculous, and not true, (in case you had any doubt).  Yes we want all people to be free, yes we call for sanctions on countries that brutalize their own citizens, or their neighbors.  It has nothing to do with religion.  But the people we fight are too blinded with hatred, to see the real world.

    We Have the Right to Kill 4 Million Americans

    “We have not reached parity with them. We have the right to kill 4 million Americans – 2 million of them children – and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons, so as to afflict them with the fatal maladies that have afflicted the Muslims because of the [Americans’] chemical and biological weapons.”

    (clanking on microphone) AMERICANS…ARE YOU LISTENING???

    Part I: Why We Fight the U.S.

    “…Perhaps the [Islamic] nation is waiting for one Al-Qa’ida man to come out and clear up the many questions that accompany any communiqué, message, or picture [concerning September 11], to know the truth, the motives, and the goals behind the conflict with the Hubal [one of the pre-Islamic Ka’ba idols – referring to the U.S.] of our generation…”

    “Why is the world surprised?! Why were millions of people astounded by what happened to America on September 11? Did the world think that anything else would happen? That something less than this would happen?!”

    Hey all you who think al qaeda didn’t commit 9/11, did you hear what this guy just said??

     written by:                                                     Al-Qa’ida spokesman Suleiman Abu Gheith, originally from Kuwait, recently posted a three-part article titled “In the Shadow of the Lances” on the website of the Center for Islamic Research and Studies

    Alright kiddies, time to turn off the TV, put down the video games, get up and inform your neighbors, your friends, your family.  Email this to  who you know, that doesn’t understand the fight we are in.  Send it to your political leaders.  Tell them…YELL at them, to…WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!!  Your way of life is in danger!!  Your life is in danger!!!  Are you willing to lay down and let it happen??

    HEY MUSLIMS, MUSLIMS, MUSLIMS, how is what these people are trying to do to us, ANY DIFFERENT, than if we tried to do it to you??  Where are your voices??  You riot over a cartoon, but stay silent over this??  WHY?!?  Do you want to live like the Taliban??

    America is the first to respond if there is a natural disaster, in your lands.  Such as, the tsunami, earthquakes, etc…We give of our time and our money to help you when it is needed.  What do we get in return??  Silence

    Americans would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER support anyone who tried to force their religion on you.  For all our faults, our hearts are pure and giving.  So why are you silent??  (crickets chirping)  HELLO?!?!?!

    Islamist Idea of Freedom

    “In Islam, however, freedom is to be able to practice your Religion as much as possible, which includes establishing the Shari’ah (sharia law) and waging Jihad for the cause of Allah.

    Freedom is to be able to stand up to the tyrants and tell them, ““Verily, we are free from you and whatever you worship besides Allah.” Free from your wretched laws, methodologies, constitutions and values… free from your repugnant governments, courts, distinguishing characteristics and media…

    “We have rejected you, and there has become apparent between us and you, enmity and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah ALONE.” THEREFORE, WE WILL CONTINUE TO SHOW HOSTILITY AND HATRED TOWARDS YOU FOREVER UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IN ALLAH ALONE…and freely”…..

    Their idea of freedom, it the TALIBAN, pure and simple and they won’t rest until they achieve that goal. They make it pretty clear. They also speak in oxymoron’s and contradictions and don’t even realize it. The quotes here are all copy and paste, they are NOT my words, but theirs.


    It is important for all of us to pay attention to the signs of the times. Far too often we busy ourselves with the mundane day to day tasks. How many “man on the street” episodes, have you seen, where the person being questioned, has no clue who the people, in the highest level of government are??


    If we cannot be bothered to know who is running our country, then how do we expect to win a war of ideology??


    Here is another Muslim opinion on democracy:

    All Who Believe in Democracy, The Religion of Godlessness, Are Infidels

    by Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi, a pseudonym for Asem Al-Burqawi


    “[Democracy is] denying Allah the Almighty, associating [other deities] with [Allah,] the Sovereign of heaven and earth, and is contrary to the religion of unity [i.e. Islam] and the religion of the prophets, for many reasons, among them:


    First, [democracy] is legislated by the masses or the regime of tyrants, and it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted. Allah commanded his Prophet to act according to the law that Allah sent down to him, and forbade him from following the desires of the nation or the masses and warned him that they would divert him from part of the [precepts] sent down by Allah: ‘Judge between them by that which Allah has sent down, and do not follow their wishes to deviate from it’ [Qur’an 5:49]. This [appears] in the religion of unity and of Islam.


    “With regard to the religion of democracy and association [of other deities with Allah, i.e. polytheism], those who worship it say ‘Judge between them by that which the people wish; be wary of deviating from what they want, desire, and legislate’… This is what they say, and thus it is determined that democracy is unbelief and association [of other deities with Allah] if it is implemented…


    Second, the rule of the masses or the tyrants is in accordance with the constitution, and not in accordance with the law of Allah, and thus say their constitutions and their books, which they sanctify over the Qur’an. Evidence of this is that the law [of the constitutions and books] is preferred to the law [of the Qur’an], and the law [of the constitutions and books] is higher [to them] than [the Qur’an‘s] laws… According to the religion of democracy, the masses do not accept the judgments and laws … unless they are based on the precepts and articles of the constitution, because they see it as the father of the laws and the holy book. In the religion of democracy, there is no consideration of the Qur’an verses or the Hadiths [prophetic tradition] of the Prophet, and laws cannot be legislated in accordance with them unless they are compatible with the precepts of their holy book, the constitution…


    “Third, democracy is the vile fruit and illegitimate daughter of secularism, because secularism is a heretical school of thought that aspires to isolate religion from life or separate religion from state … and democracy is the rule of the people or the rule of the tyrants. But in any event, it is not the rule of Allah the Exalted, and it does not take the unswerving legislation of Allah into account at all unless it is first compatible with all the articles of the constitution, and then with the desires of the people, and even before that with the desires of the tyrants or the masses…

    “Secularism”…do you think that if our democracy, changed to one that was based on Christianity, in the way the above author, views the rule of law under Islam. That his perception of that nation would change??? Absolutely NOT. It is not the “secularism” that he opposes, it is anything that doesn’t rule under sharia law.


    So, the people that we are fighting, desire to do away with the rule of law, (at least as we know it). They feel that giving people the right to vote and choose their leaders, who make laws to protect and benefit their constituents, is wrong. Unless it is all done, in Allah’s name and in accordance to the Quran. This is why they have no problem with beheading people, or stoning them, or cutting off hands and feet.


    There is no consideration for current times and beliefs. There is no consideration for what the people think. This is NOT, a isolated way of thinking. Muslims have no loyalty to the country in which they live. There are films of Muslims in downtown New York city, standing on the American flag. Yelling that want the world to know that their only allegiance, is to Allah.


    As a Christian, I try to follow Gods words, and if I HAD to choose between, that and anything else, my loyalty would be to God. But make no mistake, it is not the same way of thinking in Islam. There are tons of things, I as a Christian do not like, that are permitted under U.S. law, such as abortion. But I don’t try and overthrow the government because of it. I don’t kill the people that are doing it. I don’t try and force my beliefs on others. I don’t violate the law in an attempt to stop that barbaric practise. I do try and get laws changed by voting for people who share my views. THAT, is democracy.


    The threat is not only to our country, the threat is towards ALL countries. Including Muslim nations that don’t rule under strict sharia law.


    I would ask the “moderate” Muslim, if this is acceptable to them. Do you really have a complete knowledge of what that would entail?? Are you OK with the idea of storming other nations, overthrowing them, and installing sharia law??


    Are there Muslims out here that would care to read my blog and answer my questions?? Because I have a lot and will be posting them on a regular basis. My goal is not to insult you, but to inform, myself, non-Muslims, and Muslims alike. I can only do that with your help.


    Other websites, (jihadist) when they don’t like my comments, or can’t answer them, they erase them.


    If you are righteous in your thoughts and writings then you should not fear what the kufar has to say. If a person is not using foul language, then why would you erase what they had to say?? Are you afraid that they might influence a Muslim coming to your website?? Surely you don’t think that your opinion is so weak that it cannot stand up to remarks by someone with a differing view.

    My response to those who erase comments:


    “Since you keep erasing my comments, I am left with only one thought. You are afraid of others seeing my response. You are afraid that my words might influence another Muslim. You are not as righteous as you would have others believe. Your words are false. You lie not only to yourself but to others. If this was not true, you wouldn’t be afraid of my comments.”



    Please visit this website and view the picture of the Statue of Liberty. This is what you see right off the top.:


    Muslims get all worked up over the thought that the United States is trying to invade, conquer, and convert Muslim nations, which I might add is UNTRUE. How is it, that doing the same to us, is OK??

    An Open Letter to Muslims

    The face of Islam 

    Before 9/11/2001, I didn’t know anything about Islam. Since then I have learned plenty. I have learned that there is no shortage of Muslims willing to kill in the name of Islam. I have learned that they have no problem with killing other Muslims, when they don’t believe the way the killers do, or, are just in the way. I have learned that even though they call Christians and Jews, “People of the Book”, in Muslim eyes they are all infidels/kufars, and as such are worth nothing but contempt. The goal is to convert, subjugate, or kill them (in the case of the Jew, it is more likely than not, to kill them). While Christianity is a religion of love and redemption, Islam is hate, vengeance and “awful doom”.

    Some Muslims will be offended by the words in this post. Maybe you should be more concerned with changing how Islam is viewed, by stopping the killing. Stop all the death fatwa’s. Stop beheading people and teaching children the fine art of beheading. Maybe you should stop indoctrinating little children in hate and death. Maybe you should stop trying to get 6 year old kids, to become suicide bombers.

    Some Muslims think that the war, is about us, wanting to convert all Muslims. Their Imams and other leaders, use this kind of talk to convince other Muslims that they are in a legitimate, worthy fight. And that Allah calls them to defend, and “protect” the faith, a perfect example of this is here:–?cq=1 “come2jihad2save_Islam”, this person has moved on to a different blog and is a jihadist that wants nothing more than for ignorant Muslims to spill their blood.  First of all I think that Muslims who fall for this line of garbage, are ignorant, or naive, and have no real grasp of what is really going on in the world. If they did, they would know, that the real enemy of Islam, are those who would get thousands to give their lives in a false cause.

    The west couldn’t care less, about your religion. Unlike most Muslim countries, the west has true freedom of religion. There is no compulsion on way or another. All are welcome to worship who they want, when the want, or not at all if that is their desire. And it is all without threat. The same cannot be said about Christians in Muslim countries. If you are a Muslim and want to convert to another religion, you face death.

    I am not calling you a terrorist, but I am calling on you to condemn the terrorist actions of your brother Muslims. If you cannot do that, it leads me to believe, that you approve of their actions. Which is only a short step away from committing acts of violence and terror yourself, or encouraging others to do so.

    I do not understand why it is so hard for Muslims to speak out against violence. Are you afraid for your safety?? Maybe you can explain it too me. And please explain why so many Muslims feel the need to kill others for not believing the way that they do. Why behead priest, nuns, and monks?? Are these people deserving of that treatment?? What about beheading school girls on their way to school. What in Gods name could they have done to deserve that?? Why rape women for showing a interest in the Bible?? Does your holy book command you to do these things?? Come on, somebody tell me why this is OK. I really want to know. Some feel that they are in a war, as stated above, to “protect” Islam, and yet we only see Muslims doing the kind of violence I just stated. So who is really trying to change who’s faith??

    Do you really believe that this type of behavior will get people to want to become a part of your religion, or respect it?? I certainly have a hard time respecting anyone who believes these things. I have posted these questions before, and have not found any honest people, willing to answer my questions. Just some indignant Muslims, that have no problem being offended by my writings, but not offended enough about their own religion to stand up and shout for the insanity to stop.

    Do I hate all Muslims…NO, I hate the actions of extremest, I hate the silence of the so called “moderates”. I hate the double talk of the so called “moderate” Muslims, who say one thing when in front of the camera’s, and says something else when he thinks only like minds are listening. I have a problem with any religion that allows their members to lie about their actions and true feelings about jihad, or anything else, to keep the “kufar” from knowing what they are doing.

    I hate the “kufar” terminology. Nothing like a religion that blatantly calls for slavery, discrimination and murder. As I have said, Christianity is based on love, and forgiveness. Islam is based on hate, discrimination, and death. You can cherry pick verses that are against these things, but if you look at it in context or as a whole, the Quran is all about death.

    The Christian Bible says nothing about killing everybody who doesn’t believe. The Bible says of enemies: “Bless them that curse you, pray for them who despitefully use you. And if someone smacks you on one cheek, offer to him the other; And if somebody takes away your cloak, give to him your coat also.” It says to love your enemy and to pray for them. And when asked of the Lord how often to forgive those who offend you, He said, “Until seventy times seven” daily. And what do some Muslims do with this information?? They mock it. How you can call Jesus Christ a prophet on one hand and mock him with the other is beyond me. The Christian Bible and the Quran are polar opposites.

    I learned a lot about Islam since 9/11, I learned that if I was in a position of either converting to Islam, or death… you would have to kill me. I will never understand why anyone would want to be in a religion that is so hateful. And as far as Muslims condemning the acts of terrorist… I’m sorry, I just don’t see enough of it to think that you really mean it.