The Coming Utopia??

The Coming Utopia magnify

I’ve pointed out some of this before, but when I found this, I just had to share it with you. I’ve said many times what would happen if Islamist/Jihadist get their way… ENJOY!!! Islamic Utopia??  

In the year 3000, we will live in the Dar-ul-Aman ruled by a pious Khalifa and surrounded by the bounty our Lord promised us:

  • All men will be freed from the curse of razor-burns that has plagued mankind for centuries.
  • The women, cloaked in tent-like burqas (veils) will be protected from the sun and their complexions will blossom without help from Este Lauder.
  • The faithful will never again have to suffer just because the singular wife has a headache – they will be able to choose from a harem of four plus forty.
  • Children will not have to struggle with thirty textbooks and useless subjects like biology and European History – all they will need to do is “memorize one book, which holds all the answers”. (Quran)
  • The state will provide free entertainment every Friday in the form of lashings, beheadings and stonings – G-rated fun for the whole family.
  • We won’t have to keep track of the Bank holidays, as all banks will be shut down once we do away with the curse of currency and go back to the blessing of barter trade.
  • Once the decadent internet is outlawed and the ISPs shut down, we will be spared the arbitrary pricing and bad service from the likes of AOL and @home.
  • Men will have more time for spiritual cleansing rites once the women are children are banished to the harem after the Majlis-I-Shoora passes the “Seldom Seen Never Heard” law.
  • Members of the Majlis will be able to consume mass quantities of halwa (fattening sweets) unfettered by the unislamic tie and belt.
  • No more traffic jams and pollution once we go back to riding camels and donkeys to uphold the Sunnah.
  • No more load-shedding once we harness the power of the jinns to produce zillions of megawatts in the Hazrat Suleiman Jinn Power Plant (HSJPP) – and to heck with the HUBCO!
  • As for the dastardly Indians, they won’t have the nerve to bother us once we have raised a few squadrons of Ababil (myth: birds who killed elephants by dropping pebbles from their beaks) and learned the art of parting the Ravi (a river in Indo Pakistan Sub Continent).
  • Once we have reached the required level of piety, we shall dine on Manna (Quail) and Salwa (another pre cooked divine food) from that big kitchen in the sky – who needs McDonalds and KFC.
  • The faithful will be spared the ignominy of buying liquor licenses from their non-Muslim “friends” because most be banished to Dar-ul-Harb for refusing to pay Jiziya.
  • We will be free from the curse of the blood-sucking lawyers once we establish the quick-and-dirty Islamic Justice system, which will be merged with the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment.
  • Government expenditure on education will be reduced by firing the likes of Dr. Hoodbhoy and merging the Quaid-i-Azam University with the one and only IU, whose Rector will also serve as the Imam (cleric) of the Faisal Masjid and head up the Institute of Research on Islamic Foods (in the pre-Salwa era.)
  • Islamic Research will finally solve the mysteries of the Composition of Milk and discover the cure for hoof-and -mouth disease (all hidden in the Quran as the faithful have claimed for centuries.
  • My brother-in-law, an under-employed physician and cricket purist, will be able to moonlight at the stadium amputating arms that chuck and beheading physicists who dare to think.
  • So, don’t let the lackeys of the West, the heretics and Hypocrites discourage you from following the True Path, the Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, which will lead to salvation and glory for the Ummah. Those who stray from this path will suffer the ignominious 62-7 fate of the Miami Dolphins.

No disrespect intended.  As most of you know, I try not to disrespect anyone’s religion, but there was too much important stuff in the above info to ignore it all together. 

I would like to ask my Muslim friends and readers if this is how you would like to live??  Because this is only a small example of how the Islamist/Jihadist want to rule the world.   

I realize that different parts of the world allow different things in regards to ‘punishment’ for ‘criminal’ acts. But to me and most Westerners this is a bit over the top. Not to mention the fact that what the Islamist considers ‘criminal’ may be far out of line to even the most devout Muslim. I’ve pointed out how it could be different here…

And I continue to point out that it would be terrible if we did that type of thing to Muslims, so Muslims should think it would be terrible if they did it to us. Do you agree?? Are you trying to do any thing about it?? Do you talk to your Muslim brothers and sisters about this subject and how it is wrong?? I am interested to see what you have to say on this subject.

P.S.  To my readers, sorry if the text cames out small.  Seems like wordpress has a mind of it’s own, everytime I preview the post, it looks different, so who knows how it will look when I post it LOL…


Then or Now, The Key!!

OK, time for the answers to yesterdays blog… Why do I get this feeling of dread .Please read the whole thing, and the comments underneath, its really important. I will fill in the blanks of all comments, that should tell you when it was written.  Welcome to America, which was founded on the precept that all men are created equal.  Where we have a rule of law.  Where we are made up of emigrants.  Where we have freedom and encourage other nations to fashion their laws after ours.  And welcome to some American idea’s….. 

1)  Europe is a sinking ship that the (Jews) are fleeing along with (women and children). They (sail the high sea’s) with pain in their hearts, hoping to find a rescuing coast with friendly people ready to receive them.

2)  I don’t mingle much with (Moslems) I see a only few on my way home from work at (Rockefeller Center), but most of them are selling foul-smelling food from carts. I can’t imagine living in an area infested by them. I would move away.

3)  We MUST make it uncomfortable for the enemy to enjoy its accomodations in (the West) – by any means necessary, if I may quote a knowledgeable source.

4)  Lets ban (Muslim) Immigration…

5)  I am a “good (Jew)” and a “decent (German)”! Only a (Jew) has the insolence to make such a claim. I answer it only to reach the public and finally dispatch the absurd notion of the “decent (Jew).” The fable of the “decent (Jew)” is not a (German) fable that has been handed down by our people and therefore something with educational value, but rather it is a shameless lie designed to lull the (host) people to sleep and appeal to hysterical weaklings.

6)  I HATE (ISLAM), but I’m not an (islamophobe). I will spread my hate for (islam) as far and wide as possible and nobody can stop me. You have inspired me to hate (islam) even more and bolstered my resolve to share my hate with everyone I meet. Thank you very much for the encouragement!

7)  I think it’s great news that (Islamophobia) is on the rise in Europe. I want the pot to start boiling over. Something’s gotta give. If it starts in Europe, it could ignite (over here).

8)  The best (German) is not he who makes the most money, but rather he who is of greatest service to his people. I doubt that one can translate this sentence into (Hebrew), since it goes far beyond any (Jewish) understanding.

9)  Affording these parasites a lifestyle they want to become accustomed to living off those that are their betters…(Muslims) are very good at playing the victim card when they are in a position of weakness exploiting the society they want to overrun and dominate.

10)  When the (Muslims) have served their purpose, the new European elite will liquidate any potential problems.

11)  They will resist any attack against their life, their nature, their culture or their economy, and are therefore unbeatable, because they have through their own values recognized the inner lack of values of the (Jewish) world enemy.

12)  The hairy (jihadi) apeman of (Hamas) naturally ASSUMES that (Madonna and Britney) whould be walking alone in a dark alley when he and his knuckle-dragging (followers) would pounce on them, rape them, and (cut off their heads).  Such tough guys these apes of allah.   ((this was on a story that evidently a person from Hamas said they would behead the “whores” Madonna and Britney)) 

13)  They are beginning to ask why members of a foreign race have more to say in their nation than those who bled and died for their nation. ((Germany))

14)  For every wounded person we throw out 100 (moslems) FOREVER and for every person murdered we make it a 1000… 

15)  But the (German) people have ripped apart this nimbus of (Jewish) irresistibility, and thus cleared the way for an open discussion among the peoples about the value or lack thereof of the (Jews). The peoples can only win as a result, the (Jews) can only lose!

16)  Most inexplicable for me are the two (Germans) who converted to (Islam). No one in their right mind should convert to (Islam). It’s bad enough to be born (Muslim), but to become one is evidence of off-the-chart foolhardiness. 

17)  Your (racial) comrades intentionally and cold-heartedly preached and encouraged the murder of the unborn children of our people through abortion. The (racial) hatred (Jews) had for their (Aryan) host people extended to the growing life in a mother’s womb. How many millions of unborn children and how many hundreds of thousands of mothers fell prey to the greed and hatred of (Jewish) doctors? 

18)  We should get together with (India, Russia, China) and (Europe) and stamp out this cancer.

19)  No (moslems) in any (Western) country.

20)  Today you must leave (Germany), as you once left (Egypt). Bearing the mark of (Cain), you must wander until your fate is fulfilled.  Only then will the age of true peace between the peoples of this earth begin!

21)  (Hamid Hayat’s) relatives, no matter how far removed, should be deported! (not going back to Ishmael of course)  ((this was under a story about this guy having attended a jihadist training camp))

22)  You could claim hard work, diligence and luck, and reject any attack as the result of envy. But today you (Jews) are laughing no longer, for your very nature, your spirit, is revealed, and you must fight without your masks.

23)  (Islam) morally rots your morals and as well as your intellect. It’s a blasphemous cancer.  The blood always flows where the (Muhammadan ) goes.  Always. 

24)  Give (Islam) no quarter!  Stamp out (pigslam)!!! Let us no longer waste (Western lives) for the SCUM of the earth.

25)  Our daughters, the mothers of the coming generation, are far too holy to us to allow them to be given to the lusts of the offspring of parasitic (Hebrew nomads).

26)  It will be forever impossible here for faded coats of arms to be regilded through marriage with baptized (Jewesses).

27)  They rightly ask who won the war, and who benefited from it. One day, they will know the answer. No one then will believe the fables of “(decent Jews) and good Frenchmen or Englishmen or Americans” any longer.  ((Oops, hahaha))

Notice anything??  Definitely Radical Islam needs to be questioned and talked about.  But these people do not separate radical Islam and Islam.  They talk about the primitive 7th century Muslims, but do their comments look ‘civilized’ to you??  These are mild compared to some of their other comments.  The point is, we know that radical Islamist/Jihadist are fascist, it is plain to see.  But check yourself that you don’t become like them!!  THIS, IS NOT AMERICA!!!

I would like to think that this will make you think, if you have a tendency to lean towards comments like this.  Hate only breeds more hate, it adds nothing to dialog and only confirms your own ignorance.  There is an old saying that says, “Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it.”  There is also a poem that we should all remember.:

First they came for the Jews
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists
and I did not speak out
because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak out for me.
Pastor Martin NiemöllerYou can speak out about radical Islam without the venom that we see here.  I don’t seem to have a problem doing it.  The point is to see how the comments from ‘now’ mirror the comments of ‘then’.  I’m sure plenty will jump me for this, but it is plain to see.  Islamist say the same type of thing, is that where you want to be??  Below are a few more ridiculous comments. 

To those that make comments like these, what makes you better that radical Islam, or the Nazi’s??

To Muslims who are reading this.. I’m sorry to print this stuff but it needs to be addressed.  Most all of this came from one website in the last few days. Sad, sad, sad.  If you want to skip the orgy of hate, be sure you read the bottom comment.  These comments are all copy/paste.  The numbers are only there to separate each comment.

1)  They need to capture the entire colony of rats because they breed like Muslims.

2)  Anyone else out there not feeling comfortable with Muslim doctors?


Muhammadan Bus Drivers?
Muhammadan Airline Pilots?
Muhammadan food handlers?
Muhammadan security guards?
Muhammadan pharmacists?
Muhammadan soldiers?
Muhammadan taxi drivers?
Muhammadan engineers?
Muhammadan dentists?
Muhammadan financial planners?
Muhammadan baggage handlers?
Muhammadan janitors?
Muhammadan daycare workers
Muhammadan nurses?

Muhammadan anything?

3)  The Muslims seem to have an endless supply of bullets, rockets, and explosives, which may be a good thing.. They have lots of Muslims to use them on…
While we dhimmi fools feed the bastards! They gort money for guns.. ergo they have something of value they can barter for food, etc.

Give islam NO QUARTER!!

STAMP OUT pigslam!!!!

Let us no longer waste Western lives for the SCUM of the earth.

4)  We should in fact remove rturkey from teh European part it occupies and restore the rightful owners to the land.. Greece and Bulgaria. Konstantinopoulos should be RETAKEN and handed to Greece!!

5)  Time to realize that pedo-prophet was right on one thing, muslim women are deficient in the brain.

6)  Premise #1: NO moslems in any Western country.
Ergo: NO mopslem violence!

Wow. That was easy.. Logic 101.

Why don’t the POLOticians know Logic??!!

Why do the MSM ignore Logic??

Are we experiencing Mass Psychosis in the West?

((Sad, below is about some foot washing stations that were put in at a Airport.))  

7)  They know damn well that most real Americans won’t put their feet into one of these nasty foot baths.

Any way that someonbe who lives near these things anywhere could post pictures of them so I can make some suggestions on how they could be used creatively?!

Seeing them in their setting would aid in visualizing something 🙂

I could suggest drawing crucifixes or the fish symbol with chalk on the walls in front of these things.. Anyone who is tall should draw them HIGH up to make it harder to interfere with and to remind the MoFoes that they are UNDER God as long as they are in the USA. 🙂

Doing it in chalk wouldn’t make it graffiti either.

We MUST make it uncomfortable for the enemy to enjoy its accomodations in the West – by any means necessary, if I may quote a knowledgeable source.

8)  What if I said that mohamet was a goat-loving pedophile? Is that worth anything? Maybe I have to start cartooning?

9)  We should get together with India Russia China and Europe and STAMP OUT this cancer. [sorry for the caps]

10)  islam is like the Roach motel. You can be born in it, check into it, live around it and perhaps convert to it. But once you check into this roach motel, you can never leave.

/Black Flag… Roaches check in but they don’t check out!

/Hotel California.. “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave”.

You’re either dealt the fate of being born into this filth with no way out, or you choose to convert because you have a Nazi like mentality. There’s “no way out”.

islam is a disgusting cancer on this Earth.. a pimple on the ass of Satan.. A scourge that has scarred humanity for all time. And the worst part? “There’s no way out”.

11)  Enraged Islamo-punks climbing all over an ancient statue trying to blow it up?

Reminds me of that scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the apes are banging on that “monolith.”
A culture of lethal ignorance…and my apologies to actual apes for the analogy.


And finally the ‘coup de ass’…Evidently the person who made the comment below, is all for just killing someone who is suspected of a crime whether he has a weapon or not, whether he has been found guilty or not.  I’d just LOVE to live in his world….NOT.  

12)  According to this story:

The vermin that killed sheik Risha last week was just located and arrested.

I say again “arrested”.

Was he read his rights? Will he demand and get a speedy trial? Will he get his 3 squares a day, new prayer rug, new Koran and state financed attorney? Will he get conjugal visitation rights for his 10 year old bride?

This is madness. Our own Christian-Judeo values and legal traditions will be the death of us all.

The shiek was blown to pieces by an IED and his killer was “arrested”.

I thought this was a war, not a police action.

One final thought on this subject, my feelings on these people are the same as my feelings for Radical Islam and the Nazi’s, they are  there are no other words for it.  Well there are, but I won’t use them.    

Have a nice day.    And if your going to err on something, err on the side of love!          

Where Are Those Moderate Muslims?? HERE!!

I wasn’t planning on writing more on this topic for at least a little while, but I came across this and thought it was PERFECT, and needed to be seen by all. Many have asked where are the voices of Muslims, crying out against terrorism. I have asked the same thing. We can put part of that on our media, how many of you have seen the story below?? I stayed tuned into cable news all day long, and I haven’t seen this story. It all follows what I have said many times. Good news just doesn’t sell. Will anyone give this credit?? Or will the typical anti-Muslim bigots, call this an aberration and all these people not “true” Muslims. 

Tabraiz Feham writes from Pakistan:


15 Apr – 2007

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in sizzling heat of Karachi to condemn and raise their voice against extremism and what they call it “Danda Bardaar Shariyat”. This is a sheer display and warning for a mere 2% minority of extremists to correct their vices… This is not Afghanistan, Welcome to Pakistan.


Mammoth historical rally

Ocean of Masses



Religious scholars from different School of thoughts are present in the Rally




Possible Misunderstanding


270 magnify

This is just a very short note. On Aug. 11Th, I posted a story called, “Not Terrorist Enough….?? It suddenly dawned on me that people may have thought that the content of the post and the picture were related. The are NOT. I placed the photo on the top, to show that there are Muslims that think the terrorists are criminals, not Martyrs.

Anytime you see a picture on the top of my blog, unless I say otherwise, they are not related. They are there to add to the post, but not necessarily related. Such as the photo on the top of this post. I know some of you would rather see pics like that then anything. Don’t worry, Ive got a ton.