Friends and Readers

To all my friends and readers,

I know I have been gone for awhile, and I should have taken the time to let everyone know where I was, since the last a lot of you knew I was sick. I am well over that, and have been extremely busy with the Christmas rush of family and friends, shopping and visitors in from out of town. I haven’t even checked my mail for a month much less anything else. I had hoped to be able to at least do some stuff before the first of the year, but alas it was not meant to be.

I am looking forward to things calming down in the next month. I am looking forward to some late visitors in the next week or so, and in February I will be gone for a couple of weeks house/dog sitting out of town, but I hope to be able to get on line over there, if not, I will at least let you know and use the time preparing for upcoming blog entries on the subject we have been working on.

Give me a little more time and I will be back to normal in regards to the blog. It takes me a lot of time to put together a blog entry and I couldn’t do it when I had company and what not, some of you are much better at putting together your blogs then I am . What can I say, I’m a bit slower. Anyway, I wanted to post this so you would know what is going on, I will get to your mail later. By the way… thanks for your mail.



Arrgh!!! magnify

OK, for some reason, someone does not want me to do this series.  Most of you know who that is .  But I will not be stopped!! 

On Saturday I lost my stuff twice, so I shut down my computer and decided to work on it on Sunday.  I lost it again, but only a little bit, as I had not been working on it that long.  Then after completeing almost the entire first bit that was going up on Monday, my page shut without warning.  I composed my entry on a different blog site that doesn’t have a way to save your stuff, so I lost it. 

I had hoped that by now I would have enough done for at least 2-3 posts.  I write them on my other blog site because it has the font I like, then I save them here.  I have found that if I write them on here first, I have to rewrite them on there, in order to get them the look I want.

So this is it for now, hopefully I will get things together tomorrow and will get a post up before the end of the day.  I know some of you are waiting for this series to start, and I promise I will work on nothing else until it is done.  I just wanted you to understand why, my first post is not up yet.  Bare with me and I will get it up, even if I pull all my hair out in the process.

I hate it when my computer messes up.  Some of you know that I have that problem with IM.  I normally don’t have the same problem when I log in under Internet Explorer, so I was really surprised over the last couple of days when my stuff just shut down w/o notice.  Obviously I need to take the time to get a hold of Yahell and find out what the problem is.  In the mean time, those of you who are believers in God…you know what to do .

Many thanks for your patience and God Bless you and yours.

Now or Then, Can You Tell??

Then Or Now?? magnify



In the very short time I have been doing this, I have seen some very nasty comments. Comments overflowing with hate. You have all seen the quotes I have put up from radical Islamist/Jihadist. Those are just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, it is bad out there. Some of you already know that, some of you don’t. It makes me think back to Nazi Germany, the speeches and propaganda, geared towards turning the citizens against the Jews.

I sometimes wonder about the hate speech I have seen though. I mean, do you think that normal Muslims visit those websites?? The Islamist and his buddies already know what the other are thinking, so why do you suppose they would use hate speech propaganda?? Maybe they are hoping for the same thing the Nazi’s did. That should a ‘normal’ Muslim wander in, they can sway them with their suave use of the English language.  

Here’s what I wanna do, I am going to put up some comments, with some blanks in it. Some are current, some are from the 1930’s. See if you can tell the difference. Tomorrow I will break it down for you.  Some of this is hard to listen to, but it is worth it.  I will be leaving out part of the comment so as to not give it away as to whether this is now or then.  Some may seem evident, but lets see if I can disguise them enough.  The number of X’s mean nothing.

1)  First Europe is a sinking ship that the (xxxx) are fleeing along with (xxxx). They (xxxxx) with pain in their hearts, hoping to find a rescuing coast with friendly people ready to receive them.

2)  I don’t mingle much with (xxxx) I see a only few on my way home from work at (xxxx), but most of them are selling foul-smelling food from carts. I can’t imagine living in an area infested by them. I would move away.

3)  We MUST make it uncomfortable for the enemy to enjoy its accomodations in (xxxx) – by any means necessary, if I may quote a knowledgeable source.

4)  Lets ban (xxxx) Immigration…

5)  I am a “good (xxxx)” and a “decent (xxxx)”! Only a (xxxx) has the insolence to make such a claim. I answer it only to reach the public and finally dispatch the absurd notion of the “decent (xxxxx).” The fable of the “decent (xxxx)” is not a (xxxx) fable that has been handed down by our people and therefore something with educational value, but rather it is a shameless lie designed to lull the (xxxx) people to sleep and appeal to hysterical weaklings.

6)  I HATE (xxxx), but I’m not an (xxxx). I will spread my hate for (xxxx) as far and wide as possible and nobody can stop me. You have inspired me to hate (xxxx) even more and bolstered my resolve to share my hate with everyone I meet. Thank you very much for the encouragement!

7)  I think it’s great news that (xxxx) is on the rise in Europe. I want the pot to start boiling over. Something’s gotta give. If it starts in Europe, it could ignite (xxxx).

8)  The best (xxxx) is not he who makes the most money, but rather he who is of greatest service to his people. I doubt that one can translate this sentence into (xxxx), since it goes far beyond any (xxxx) understanding.

9)  Affording these parasites a lifestyle they want to become accustomed to living off those that are their betters…(xxxx) are very good at playing the victim card when they are in a position of weakness exploiting the society they want to overrun and dominate.

10)  When the (xxxx) have served their purpose, the new European elite will liquidate any potential problems.

11)  They will resist any attack against their life, their nature, their culture or their economy, and are therefore unbeatable, because they have through their own values recognized the inner lack of values of the (xxxx) world enemy. 12)  The hairy (xxxx) apeman of (xxxx) naturally ASSUMES that (xxxx) whould be walking alone in a dark alley when he and his knuckle-dragging (xxxx) would pounce on them, rape them, and (xxxx).13)  They are beginning to ask why members of a foreign race have more to say in their nation than those who bled and died for their nation.

14)  For every wounded person we throw out 100 (xxxx) FOREVER and for every person murdered we make it a 1000… 

15)  But the (xxxx) people have ripped apart this nimbus of (xxxx) irresistibility, and thus cleared the way for an open discussion among the peoples about the value or lack thereof of the (xxxx). The peoples can only win as a result, the (xxxx) can only lose!

16)  Most inexplicable for me are the two (xxxx) who converted to (xxxx). No one in their right mind should convert to (xxxx). It’s bad enough to be born (xxxx), but to become one is evidence of off-the-chart foolhardiness. 

17)  Your (xxxx) comrades intentionally and cold-heartedly preached and encouraged the murder of the unborn children of our people through abortion. The (xxxx) hatred (xxxx) had for their (xxxx) host people extended to the growing life in a mother’s womb. How many millions of unborn children and how many hundreds of thousands of mothers fell prey to the greed and hatred of (xxxx) doctors? 

18)  We should get together with (xxxx) and (xxxx) and stamp out this cancer.

19)  No (xxxx) in any (xxxx) country.

20)  Today you must leave (xxxx), as you once left (xxxx). Bearing the mark of (xxxx), you must wander until your fate is fulfilled.  Only then will the age of true peace between the peoples of this earth begin!

21)  (xxxx) relatives, no matter how far removed, should be deported!

22)  You could claim hard work, diligence and luck, and reject any attack as the result of envy. But today you (xxxx) are laughing no longer, for your very nature, your spirit, is revealed, and you must fight without your masks.

22)  (xxxx) morally rots your morals and as well as your intellect. It’s a blasphemous cancer.  The blood always flows where the (xxxx) goes.  Always. 

23)  Give (xxxx) no quarter!  Stamp out (xxxx)!!! Let us no longer waste (xxxx) for the scum of the earth.

24)  Our daughters, the mothers of the coming generation, are far too holy to us to allow them to be given to the lusts of the offspring of parasitic (xxxx).

25)  It will be forever impossible here for faded coats of arms to be regilded through marriage with baptized (xxxx).

26)  They rightly ask who won the war, and who benefited from it. One day, they will know the answer. No one then will believe the fables of “(xxxx) and good Frenchmen or Englishmen or Americans” any longer.

When using stuff from the Nazi’s, I tried to use things that weren’t well known.  I wanted to make it a little tough for you.  Also the other statements are not necessarily about Jews.

What do you think of these comments as a whole.  I know what I think, it is disturbing to me.  It was hard to do all the research to get this material.  That kind of talk is depressing, guess maybe I picked the wrong topic to blog about.   Oops, too late now.  I will share the key with you either tomorrow or the next day.  I will be interested in how many you get right.  This kind of stuff is a dime a dozen, so I only used a small sample.