10,000 Deadly Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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I just noticed we are merely 88 terror attacks short of 10,000 since 9/11/2001. At the rate they are going they will reach 10,000 within the next 6 weeks.  Does anyone want to wager that the media, who touts and broadcasts any milestone in American solder deaths, will NOT cover this???

10,000 deadly terror attacks since 9/11, 10,000 in 6 years people. But I bet that those who carry on everytime our brave soldiers deaths reach 100; will say NOTHING!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love our brave young men and women, they are true hero’s and I can never say thank you enough. But they KNOW who and what we are fighting. It’s too bad our politicians and our ‘fair’ news channels don’t.

How many people have died in those 10,000 terror attacks?? Maybe that is what should be counted instead of the number of attacks, put up the total number of victims by these animals. And while doing that, put up the number of Muslims in those victims. Because I can guarantee you will find they are the main victim. Osama must be so proud.  By the way, remember back when Ahmadnutjob said there were no ‘gays’ in his country, and I said if that was true it was because he killed them all…  The above picture is of two gay teens.  Isn’t that nice.   



Rush Limbaugh

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Ok, I again am going to stray off of the current series for at least this one post.

 I just saw on TV, another commercial against Rush Limbaugh over his “phony soldier” comment. I don’t listen to Rush all the time, but I do know who he was talking about when he made that comment. A boot-camp WASHOUT, who claimed he had served in Iraq, and observed all kinds of ‘atrocities’ (must be a friend of John Kerry). Obviously the left would like nothing better than to silence conservative radio. They want to bring back the unfairness doctrine which is nothing more than denying free speech.

Nobody listens to liberal radio, that is why Air America went bust. The Dem’s found out during the controversy over illegal immigration, just how much pull conservative radio had. It was conservative radio who mobilized the American people, into contacting their elected representatives and express their opinion on the matter. It was one of the times when the nation as a whole agreed on the issue. Especially after they tried to give amnesty in secret.

Those elected leaders knew that the American people wouldn’t go for an amnesty. That is the only reason they tried to ‘back door’ the issue. They forgot themselves yet again, in the fact of WHO they work FOR. That’s another reason why we need term limits for the House and Senate. Too many of us don’t pay enough attention to politics. The politicians are so beholden to lobby money, and their own ego, that they throw our opinion right out the window.

In my humble opinion, the Democrats are the worse. They seem to think that we are too stupid to control our own money, so they want to decide for us, on how much of it we get to keep. They want all kinds of big government, and in so doing, it points out clearly that they don’t have our best interest in mind. Have any of you seen how many buildings Robert Byrd (D) has his name on in his state?? Trust me, its plenty, and they are all being paid for with our tax dollars. And what about that road to no where in Alaska. It’s OUR money, not yours, so stop spending it willy nilly, I don’t care what party you claim, its still our money.

They have given so many entitlements, that the middle class is tax poor. Why should people have incentive to get out there and work, if they can sit on their butt and get money to do so?? We would do better to offer free college tuition and do away with Welfare except for the most extreme cases. At least that way, people will have incentive to do the right thing. And I bet we would save money in the long run.

There was a time in my life that I worked 3 jobs, just to make ends meet. Then my son got sick, back then there was no insurance for kids whose parents couldn’t afford it. I was a single parent, I went to the State to get help. All I wanted was a medical card so I could get my kid his asthma inhalers, I mean this was life or death in his case. He could have an attack and without those inhalers, he could die. I was told that because I worked 3 jobs, I was border line destitute, and would have been better off destitute. In other words, I made too much money to qualify for a medical card. But they said, I could quit my jobs and stay at home till he reached 5 years old, and collect all benefits. Didn’t even have to look for work. At that time, no one was required to look for work, if a kid was under 5 years old . I know what your all thinking, what did I do…

I walked out of the welfare office, and I called my job, and I told them…I’d be in the next morning. I continued to work those 3 jobs, until I got one job that paid well enough that I could afford to pay for insurance. I made payments to the pharmacy, and no matter how much I owed, they still filled my son’s prescription. I did that, because it was the right thing to do. It isn’t my neighbors job to take care of me. It was my job to take care of and raise my child with the best of my knowledge and ability. Doing otherwise would only teach him to look for the hand out, instead of getting out there and doing it for himself.

It is our job as parents to teach our children that simple fact, and we should be doing it by example. I never regretted my decision to keep working. I wasn’t even tempted to take that hand out. I had been disgusted to see some of the big strong men that came into that office while I was there, wanting to know where their ‘check’ was. They should have said, “don’t know, better ask your employer”.

My property taxes are pretty high, my state has one of the highest property tax in the nation…but Shrillary Clinton would like for them to be higher with her free health care program. Even though nations who have socialized medicine are failing their own population. It is a known fact that people from those nations will come here to get medical treatment because they have to wait so long to get treatment in their own country. Should we help kids of parents who need the help?? Yes, and we already are, but it is getting beyond making sense to me anyway, on how they think we as a nation can afford all that they want to do. Heck, we can’t even fix/pay for, SSI, but you want socialized medicine.

The left is beholden to Move On and George Soro’s, who has used his millions to buy himself a President, and so far it seems to be working. Heck Shrillary even made the comment that she helped start Move On. All the democrap’s contenders, running for President, are too afraid of pissing off Soro’s and his ilk, that they won’t even debate on Fox news. If you are that weak, how does that make you a decent candidate for President of this nation?? How can ANYBODY, vote for a President, that is afraid of Fox News?? You want to be President of the United States, while we are at war, and yet your afraid of Fox News?? Please somebody tell me how that makes ANY sense to ANYBODY. On second thought, don’t, it will just raise my blood pressure.

I am sick and tired of how the Democrats on the hill have wasted so much time, not only condemning Rush Limbaugh, but lying about it. They know darn good and well what he said and what he was referring too. None of them had a problem with the ‘Betray us’ ad. And to top it, they didn’t condemn it until they were forced to. So they can save their sanctimonious garbage for someone who is too stupid to know what they are doing and why. I for one, will listen to Rush, MORE because of their trash talk and lies, not less.

Now that I’ve vented for the second time since this series started , there will be a new post on the series tomorrow, and on Monday we will start on some of the bigger topics of the series. In the mean time, enjoy your day, and your weekend. And thanks for your continued support for my rants and musings.