An Open Letter to Muslims

The face of Islam 

Before 9/11/2001, I didn’t know anything about Islam. Since then I have learned plenty. I have learned that there is no shortage of Muslims willing to kill in the name of Islam. I have learned that they have no problem with killing other Muslims, when they don’t believe the way the killers do, or, are just in the way. I have learned that even though they call Christians and Jews, “People of the Book”, in Muslim eyes they are all infidels/kufars, and as such are worth nothing but contempt. The goal is to convert, subjugate, or kill them (in the case of the Jew, it is more likely than not, to kill them). While Christianity is a religion of love and redemption, Islam is hate, vengeance and “awful doom”.

Some Muslims will be offended by the words in this post. Maybe you should be more concerned with changing how Islam is viewed, by stopping the killing. Stop all the death fatwa’s. Stop beheading people and teaching children the fine art of beheading. Maybe you should stop indoctrinating little children in hate and death. Maybe you should stop trying to get 6 year old kids, to become suicide bombers.

Some Muslims think that the war, is about us, wanting to convert all Muslims. Their Imams and other leaders, use this kind of talk to convince other Muslims that they are in a legitimate, worthy fight. And that Allah calls them to defend, and “protect” the faith, a perfect example of this is here:–?cq=1 “come2jihad2save_Islam”, this person has moved on to a different blog and is a jihadist that wants nothing more than for ignorant Muslims to spill their blood.  First of all I think that Muslims who fall for this line of garbage, are ignorant, or naive, and have no real grasp of what is really going on in the world. If they did, they would know, that the real enemy of Islam, are those who would get thousands to give their lives in a false cause.

The west couldn’t care less, about your religion. Unlike most Muslim countries, the west has true freedom of religion. There is no compulsion on way or another. All are welcome to worship who they want, when the want, or not at all if that is their desire. And it is all without threat. The same cannot be said about Christians in Muslim countries. If you are a Muslim and want to convert to another religion, you face death.

I am not calling you a terrorist, but I am calling on you to condemn the terrorist actions of your brother Muslims. If you cannot do that, it leads me to believe, that you approve of their actions. Which is only a short step away from committing acts of violence and terror yourself, or encouraging others to do so.

I do not understand why it is so hard for Muslims to speak out against violence. Are you afraid for your safety?? Maybe you can explain it too me. And please explain why so many Muslims feel the need to kill others for not believing the way that they do. Why behead priest, nuns, and monks?? Are these people deserving of that treatment?? What about beheading school girls on their way to school. What in Gods name could they have done to deserve that?? Why rape women for showing a interest in the Bible?? Does your holy book command you to do these things?? Come on, somebody tell me why this is OK. I really want to know. Some feel that they are in a war, as stated above, to “protect” Islam, and yet we only see Muslims doing the kind of violence I just stated. So who is really trying to change who’s faith??

Do you really believe that this type of behavior will get people to want to become a part of your religion, or respect it?? I certainly have a hard time respecting anyone who believes these things. I have posted these questions before, and have not found any honest people, willing to answer my questions. Just some indignant Muslims, that have no problem being offended by my writings, but not offended enough about their own religion to stand up and shout for the insanity to stop.

Do I hate all Muslims…NO, I hate the actions of extremest, I hate the silence of the so called “moderates”. I hate the double talk of the so called “moderate” Muslims, who say one thing when in front of the camera’s, and says something else when he thinks only like minds are listening. I have a problem with any religion that allows their members to lie about their actions and true feelings about jihad, or anything else, to keep the “kufar” from knowing what they are doing.

I hate the “kufar” terminology. Nothing like a religion that blatantly calls for slavery, discrimination and murder. As I have said, Christianity is based on love, and forgiveness. Islam is based on hate, discrimination, and death. You can cherry pick verses that are against these things, but if you look at it in context or as a whole, the Quran is all about death.

The Christian Bible says nothing about killing everybody who doesn’t believe. The Bible says of enemies: “Bless them that curse you, pray for them who despitefully use you. And if someone smacks you on one cheek, offer to him the other; And if somebody takes away your cloak, give to him your coat also.” It says to love your enemy and to pray for them. And when asked of the Lord how often to forgive those who offend you, He said, “Until seventy times seven” daily. And what do some Muslims do with this information?? They mock it. How you can call Jesus Christ a prophet on one hand and mock him with the other is beyond me. The Christian Bible and the Quran are polar opposites.

I learned a lot about Islam since 9/11, I learned that if I was in a position of either converting to Islam, or death… you would have to kill me. I will never understand why anyone would want to be in a religion that is so hateful. And as far as Muslims condemning the acts of terrorist… I’m sorry, I just don’t see enough of it to think that you really mean it.