This Is Not Us or Yeh Hum Naheen

I’ve been waiting to get a copy of this video for a little while now, its finally out. This is a group of Muslims, who  share their thoughts on those who are defiling Islam. And what Islam is to them.  Personally, I think its great, what do you think??


10,000 Deadly Terror Attacks Since 9/11

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I just noticed we are merely 88 terror attacks short of 10,000 since 9/11/2001. At the rate they are going they will reach 10,000 within the next 6 weeks.  Does anyone want to wager that the media, who touts and broadcasts any milestone in American solder deaths, will NOT cover this???

10,000 deadly terror attacks since 9/11, 10,000 in 6 years people. But I bet that those who carry on everytime our brave soldiers deaths reach 100; will say NOTHING!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love our brave young men and women, they are true hero’s and I can never say thank you enough. But they KNOW who and what we are fighting. It’s too bad our politicians and our ‘fair’ news channels don’t.

How many people have died in those 10,000 terror attacks?? Maybe that is what should be counted instead of the number of attacks, put up the total number of victims by these animals. And while doing that, put up the number of Muslims in those victims. Because I can guarantee you will find they are the main victim. Osama must be so proud.  By the way, remember back when Ahmadnutjob said there were no ‘gays’ in his country, and I said if that was true it was because he killed them all…  The above picture is of two gay teens.  Isn’t that nice.

Memo To Osama Bin Laden

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I saw this and thought that since we are on the subject, you might be interested in seeing it.  Basicly it is a letter to Bin Lyin, from Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D. This is an American Muslim’s response to the tape recorded message dated 2/11/03 by fugitive terrorist Osama Bin Lyin.  

Mr Bin Laden,

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, the Most Benevolent.

I begin by reciting some important principles of Islam to remind you that there is more to Islam than just a call to arms.

1 Islam was sent as mercy to humanity (Quran 4: 79).  2. Do not make mischief on the earth (Quran 29:36).  3. People, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you might know one another.  The noblest of you before God is the most righteous of you. (49:13)  4. There are among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) upstanding nations that recite the message of God and worship throughout the night, who believe in God, who honor and forbid dishonor and race in good works.  These are the righteous. (3:113-114). 

I am writing this to make it clear that there are Muslims in America and in the world who despise and condemn extremists and have nothing to do with Bin Laden and those like him for whom killing constitutes worship. 

Islam was sent as mercy to humanity and not as an ideology of terror or hatred.  It advocates plurality and moral equality of all faiths (Quran 2:62, 5:69).  To use Islam, as a justification to declare an Armageddon against all non-Muslims is inherently un-Islamic – it is a despicable distortion of a faith of peace.  One of Allah’s 99 names in the Quran is “Al Salam” which means Peace.  Thus in a way Muslims are the only people who actually worship peace.  Today this claim sounds so empty, thanks to people like you, Mr. Bin Laden.  You and those like you are dedicated to killing and bringing misery to people wherever they are.  God blessed you with the capacity to lead and also endowed you with enormous resources.  You could have used your influence in Afgahanistan to develop it, to bring it out of poverty and underdevelopment and show the world what Islam can do for those who believe in it.  You chose to provoke and bring war to a people who had already been devastated by wars.

Yes many innocent people lost their lives in America’s war on Afghanistan and many more might lose their lives in Iraq.  This is indeed regrettable.  But we must never forget as to how the West is divided over this and how nations and people within nations are agonizing in Europe and in America over this decision to go to war in Iraq.  While many Americans and Europeans oppose the war, Muslim nations have already agreed to cooperate in this war.  No Muslim leader has tried to play the role of a statesman on this issue.  It is a tragedy that there is not a single Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter or Nelson Mandela in the entire Muslim world who would stand up and speak for justice!

Before we rush to condemn America we must remember that even today millions of poor and miserable people all across the world are lining up outside US embassies eager to come to America, not just to live here but to become an American.  No Muslim country today, can claim that people of other nations and other faiths see it as a promise of hope, equality, dignity and prosperity. 

Yes, we American Muslims will continue to challenge the Bush administrations’ proposal to wage war against Iraq.  We think a regime change in Washington is as necessary as a regime change in Baghdad, but that is an intramural affair.  Once the war is declared, make no mistake Mr. Saddam Hussein and Mr. Bin Laden, We are with America.  We will fight with America and we will fight for America.  We have a covenant with this nation, we see it as a divine commitment and we will not disobey the Quran (9:4) – we will fulfill our obligations as citizens to the land that opened its doors to us and promised us equality and dignity even though we have a different faith.  I am sure Mr. Bin Laden, you can neither understand nor appreciate this willingness to accept and welcome the other.

Sure at this moment out of anger, frustration and fear, some in America have momentarily forgotten their own values.  I am confident that, God willing, this moment of shock and insecurity will pass and America will once again become the beacon of freedom, tolerance and acceptance that it was before September 11th.  On that day Mr. Bid Laden, you not only killed 3000 innocent Americans, many of whom were also Muslims, but you signed the death warrants of many innocent people who will die in this war on terror and many more who will live but will suffer the consequences, the pain and the misery of war.  Before September 11th, the US was giving aid to Afghanistan and was content to wait for the Iraqi people to free themselves and the rest of the world from their dictator.  On that day you changed the rules of the game and Muslims in many places are suffering as a direct consequence.

When the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions fought in the name of Islam, Allah made them victorious and glorified them in this world.  They made Islam the currency of human civilization for over a millennium.  You and your men on the other hand face nothing but defeat, global ridicule and contempt and run and hide like rats in caves and dungeons.  You live in the dark.  Your faith neither enlightens you nor enables you to live in the light and you have made Islam the currency of hate and violence.

Let me tell you that I would rather live in America under Ashcroft and Bush at their worst, than in any “Islamic state” established by ignorant, intolerant and murderous punks like you and Mullah Omar at their best.  The US, Patriot Act not withstanding, is still a more Islamic (just and tolerant) state than Afghanistan ever was under the Taliban.

Remember this:  Muslims from all over the world who wished to live better lives migrated to America and Muslims who only wished to take lives migrated to Afghanistan to join you.

We will not follow the desires of people (like you) who went astray and led many astray from the Straight Path. (Quran 5:77)

I conclude by calling upon you Mr. Bin Laden and your Al Qaeda collegues and Mr. Saddam Hussein to surrender to International Courts and take responsibility for your actions and protect thousands of other innocent Muslims from becoming the victims of the wars you bring upon them.

Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.  Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.
Director of International Studies, Adrian College, MI
Director of Muslim Social Scientists
Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.


Just so there is no misunderstanding. I agreed with President Bush in going into Iraq. Knowing the history of Saddam, and after what had happened on 9/11, we couldn’t take the chance. I do NOT believe that Saddam had any ties to what happened on 9/11. He had plenty of time to cooperate with the UN before we invaded. He even had the chance to leave Iraq. Why he did neither, I will never understand.

Though some people have changed their mind on this subject I have not. As to the US still in Iraq, I don’t think we should leave unless the leaders of Iraq asked us to, and to date, they have not. Whether you think it is right, wrong or indifferent, we stay until Iraqi’s can defend themselves, to leave before that, would cause a bloodbath.

Some of you may disagree with me on this, and that’s OK, I am merely telling you my views on the manner.



In Memorial, Never Forget

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As we approach the anniversary of 9/11/2001, I want to leave a simple message of tribute to those who died then (on 9/11) and now, serving in the military. May God bless and comfort their families. Never forget that day, or the days that followed, when we as a nation stood hand in hand together. Not Republican and Democrat, but Americans. May we get back to that.

I have been doing a series of posts on bigotry, because some people think all Muslims think alike. Below is a letter from a Muslim, in regards to 9/11, I think its important for us all to read. It was printed in Time one year after 9/11.

As an Egyptian, I find myself compelled to apologize to the American people for what happened to them on Sept. 11. I apologize because one of those involved in that horrible disaster was Egyptian. As a man of letters, I declare myself innocent of having any part in the creation of the culture that spawned these individuals.

A long time before New York City’s Twin Towers were destroyed, many towers in my country were brought down by this same brand of perpetrators. They killed President Anwar Sadat, who initiated peace with Israel and liberalism in Egypt; they killed the Egyptian writer Farag Fouda, a defender of freedom and secularism; they stabbed our Nobel laureate, Naguib Mahfouz, when he was 82 years old, after discovering that 30 years earlier he had written a novel they considered the work of an infidel. They said they had not read the novel. Who told them it was sacrilegious? Someone living in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, or sitting in a London café or a mosque in New Jersey, told them so. In Egypt alone, these fundamentalists have killed more than 1,000 policemen and ordinary citizens, Christian and Muslim alike. In one of the most beautiful places on earth, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Luxor, they slaughtered nearly 60 tourists in 1997. In Algeria their sickles endlessly harvest the souls of the poor and helpless. They have committed all these crimes with the purpose of establishing the kingdom of God on earth and have succeeded only in turning our lives into hell.

In my country, art, education and the economy have all been leveled to a ground zero. I’m convinced, though, that the problem we face is not religious but political. And so it will never be solved with a religious summit. If you hold a meeting of Muslim sheiks, Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis, they inevitably come out with blissful smiles and report that they have found their values to be mostly identical, and they are right.

Extremism may claim God as its redeemer, but it’s really the selfish product of lunacy. In America, the most free and modern nation of our time, you see it too. You saw it with Jim Jones, who told his flock in Guyana to follow him into death by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid, and you saw it when David Koresh created his own small hell in Waco, Texas.

In my part of the world, the Arab Middle East, a great tragedy results from our governments’ well-intentioned attempts to cure society of extremism through education. These leaders, however, don’t teach what they should to produce the values they want. They seek moderation and enforce piety. They seek citizens who value life, yet their school curriculum’s exalt the value of science and ignore philosophy and history and the liberal, humanistic values they embody. That is why those who excel in such a system are no less immune to the call of extremism.

Our governments assume that people need to understand Islam in its purest form to stay religiously moderate. The result is the mass production of true believers, not good citizens. Because people initially welcome the imposed piety but then gradually realize it doesn’t equip them to meet the challenges of getting through life, life becomes a morbid burden. To shake off this burden, some of them, usually young men, can’t wait for natural death and decide instead to take a short cut to heaven.

Before ascending, they must have a cause that’s canonized by their community—the greatest cause on earth, capable of justifying their sacrifice in the eyes of their kin. It’s not enough to die fighting for their country; they must be fighting for God. Once they have secured that cause, they search for a way to ennoble it in the eyes of ordinary people who do not share their holy delusion but whose admiration they crave. They know that most people respect logic and reason. So they go looking for a nationalistic cause: this is what Osama bin Laden did when he claimed the Palestinian cause as a justification for the destruction of Sept. 11.

But beneath their claims is a sadder truth: these extremists are pathologically jealous. They feel like dwarfs, which is why they search for towers and all those who tower mightily. We must admit that we failed to teach these people that life is worth living. These extremists exist now, and will exist forever, so the question before us must be, How can we defend both our lives and theirs? We in the Arab world love freedom and want the chance at a decent life. We are not different from you, as it sometimes seems. We may be just temporarily backward. Working together, our governments must decide how, with what culture and by what actions, they will combat the influence of those who hate life.

Ali Salem is a playwright and the author of several books, including “Journey into Israel.” He lives in Cairo


Never forget my friends, never forget.  And thank you to Ali Salem and other Muslims and Arabs who have spoken out against extremism.  Thank you to all people who have sent their respects to our nation and to the families of the fallen.  Thank you to all the troops, both foreign and domestic that fight for the cause of freedom.  The troops who are volunteers, knowing that we are at war, but still raise their right hand.  Thank you to our brave fire and police personnel, who when others are running out, you are running in.  Thank you to those nations who send their young men and women to fight beside ours.

If I missed anyone, please accept my apology.  I can never say thank you enough for all those mentioned.  They are the new hero’s of our time.  All of us would do well to fashion our life like theirs.  May God bless them all.  There is one more thing I would like to say to our fine young men and women in our armed forces.  It is a little prayer I pray daily.  I would ask us all to say this little prayer.  That goes out to our Muslim soldiers as well.

May God keep you safe, never too hot, never too cold, never too hungry, never too lonely, always thankful, always enlightening, may He shield your eyes from the things that would haunt you.  May He shield your body from the enemy.  May He wrap His loving arms around you at all times. May He remind you at all times, that His love and grace is sufficient. May He heap blessings upon you and your family, and keep them from worry.  May He bless the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and free them from al qaeda and the Taliban.  

We all know that freedom is never free.  I would ask my readers to go up to a veteran, a police officer, any fire personnel, any current service member of our armed forces; Buy them a cup of coffee, or dinner, or even just shake their hand.  Let them know you appreciate their service.  Remember it is because of these men and women, that you are free, safe, and live the way you do. 

We seldom think of it, but we should.  How many police and fire official’s die in the line of duty every year??  How many are retired because of injury in the line of duty??  Do you know??  Have you ever thought about it??  What about our military personel, how are their families taken care of if they die in battle??  Are they provided for??  What about their children, is there money for them to go to college??  What can we do to help?? 

These are important questions, that you should be asking.  You should be trying to assist where you can.  We get calls for this charity, and that charity, but these people never call out for help.  We are a generous nation, there are charities you could donate too that helps with the above.  Please consider donating to them.  

The Moderate Muslim

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In this installment, we will cover a little bit more of Muslims who are against terrorism and radical Islamist/Jihadist. Please let me know if any of this has made you think differently about the average Muslim. As for the photo on the top of the page, disregard the added bumper stickers and cardboard, but ask your self a question. Do you think Muslim women want to come to this?? Because that is what will happen.

Tawfik Hamid, was born into Islam. His parents were secular Muslims in Egypt. I will leave a link on the bottom where you can read what he thinks of the State of Israel.

Tawfik Hamid joined the extremist Islamic group Jamma’a Islameia, while he was a student in medical school. In his studies he was learning to heal, but in his thoughts, as he says, he “dreamed to die for Allah and to share in terrorist acts.” His colleague in these formative days of the terror movement was Dr. Al Zawaheri, then an acquaintance with whom Tawfik used to pray, and now the number two person of Al Qaeda.

Eventually Dr. Hamid questioned the hatred and impulses to violence that participation in extremist Islam was fomenting within him. When he began to preach in Mosques to promote a message of peace instead of violence and hatred, however, he himself became a target of the Islamic extremists who had been his friends. They threatened his life, forcing him and his family to flee Egypt, then Saudi Arabia and from there to the West.

Some of you may have seen interviews he has given to several well know publications. Including, The Wall Street Journal, and National Review, among others. You can do a simple search of his name and get info on interviews and appearances.

A courageous as well as scholarly initiator of Islamic reformation, Dr. Tawfik Hamid seeks to build new thinking within Islam to overcome the hatred and violent extremism that have metastasized within his religious tradition as he states: “in order to make LOVE prevail you should defeat Hatred”!

Another name I would like to bring up is Tashbid Sayyed. He wrote for Pakistan Today. Founded Muslim World Today. And was even memorialized by “Jihad Watch”, when he passed away earlier this year. So, was he not a moderate Muslim? Or do you consider him, not a “true” Muslim? Since he was on the board of Jihad Watch, they must have thought he was. I could write more about this man but you can look him up if you are interested.

Next, Dr Wafa Sultan, she also calls for reform in Islam. If she is no longer a Muslim, then disregard. For the sake of these posts I am strictly using Muslim voices to show there are moderates out there. As far as I can tell, Dr Sultan has not renounced her religion or converted to another.

Here we have another Egyptian, Sa’d Al-Din Ibrahim, the same applies here as Dr Wafa Sultan. Here is a Iraqi rock star (if he’s not, he should be), Iyad Jamal al-din, who believes in a secular government. Doesn’t sound like a radical terrorist to me. Have I mentioned Irshad Manji?? She is another Muslim calling out for reform.

Abdul Hadi Palazzi, Internationally respected pro-Israel authority on Islamic law and distinguished secretary general of the Italian Muslim Association, says that Israel’s right to exist as a nation is described in the Quran. He is against terrorist murder in the name of Islam. Wow, sounds radical to me.

Nonie Darwish, the founder of Arabs for Israel, I told you about yesterday. Her father, Mustafa Hafez, cofounded the Palestinian Fedayeen, a precursor to the PLO terror organization, and was assassinated in Gaza by Israeli commandos in 1956.

Dr. Khaleel Mohammed, PhD, Muslim Zionist, Islamic law specialist and Assistant Professor at the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University. Says the Quran clearly states that the Holy Land was promised by God to the Jewish People. Doesn’t sound like a radical terrorist to me either.

Khaled Abu Toameh, an Israeli Muslim, who fights anti-Semitism, and speaks the truth about the PLO/PA. Amir Taheri, speaks out against radical Islam, but I am unsure if he is still a Muslim.

Salim Mansur, a Muslim writer, who has written numerous articles critical of radical Islam, and sometimes of Islam itself. “Instead of acknowledging the reality of the Arab-Muslim world as a broken civilization, we Muslims tend to indulge instead in blaming others for our ills; deflecting our responsibilities for failures that have become breeding grounds of violence and terrorism.” Does that sound like a person who agrees with the terrorist ideology??

Salma Abdallah, another Israeli Muslim. As a proud Muslim woman, Salma believes that coming to terms with realities is of utmost importance today. She councils her Muslim community to accept the existence of the State of Israel and see the positive values that derive from its being a part of the Middle East. She also encourages Muslims to take responsibility for mistakes made in the past and not to blame others, like Jews, Israelis, Americans and so forth. And finally she advises them to deal with the problems within their communities and to take responsibility for improving their own culture, education and community life. I could put that on all of these people, they all deserve a standing ovation.

A lot of these people are from Egypt. President Anwar Sadat, who was killed at the hands of radical Islamist/Jihadist, should be proud of these people.

That should keep you going until the next installment on this topic. Hopefully since yesterday you are able to see that there are MANY Muslims who stand up against radical Islam. They do so at risk of their own life, and the lives of their families. We all know what the terrorists are capable of. Instead of thinking that all Muslims are the same, try and open your mind to the fact that they are NOT. The same way that not all Christians are the same.

The KKK professes Christianity, are all Christians racist?? Some Christians have blown up abortion clinics and killed doctors, are all Christians of that mindset?? Amish Christians dress and behave differently than most Christians, does that mean everyone else is wrong?? The Bible speaks of taking slaves, does that mean we should repeat the practice?? Do you see the point yet?? Want to borrow my glasses??

Interesting reading for all:…

What is a Bigot prt 2

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As I have already pointed out, there is another type of radical out there and it is a bigot, a person who is prejudiced against anything that doesn’t fit into their narrow beliefs.  Since this blog is about radical Islam, the bigot that I normally refer to is the radical himself.  However as I said in part one on this subject, there are those who are just as bigoted towards all Muslims, as the radical is against all things that don’t fit their narrow view of Islam.

There are many things I want to cover and it will take several entry’s to get it all in.  Some people have also objected to the term Islamophobia.  For the sake of this blog, let me define what I consider Islamophobia to be.  An Islamophobe believes that ALL Muslims either support terrorism, or are terrorists themselves.  They don’t believe that there are any moderate Muslims.  They believe that if they are considered moderate, its because they aren’t following the Quran.  Which is funny as that is what the radical believes. 

I intend to show that there are moderate Muslims out there and even if you don’t here much about them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  I intend on leaving comments and websites from them.  I will also show some of the more extreme comments made by Islamophobes themselves.  It is hard not to close your mind, when you see the things that terrorists do.  But there is a huge difference between them and the average Muslim.  If you will open your mind to the facts, its the average Muslim that is the victim of the radicals more than anyone else.  The photo at the top os the page are terrorists in Iraq.  The victims are Iraqi’s, Muslim Iraqi’s.  

I’ve seen a lot of blanket comments, but when you look a little closer at some of them, you find that a lot of things were left out.  I also see a lot of so called experts of the Quran.  Experts that are NOT Muslim, and have never been Muslim.  But they feel, they are the expert on what Muslims think and believe.  They get out there and have their ego stroked by other so called experts.  They learn what Muslims are all about from these circle of friends.  Personally, when I wanted to learn about the Jewish faith, I went to a Rabbi.  Not the guys on the corner.  

The simple fact of the matter is this;  Without knowing a true translation and context, it is too easy to misunderstand verses in the Quran, or Bible for that matter.  You can’t just pick up a Quran pull out a few verses and condemn a entire religion.  There are times when Muslims try and do the same thing with the Bible.  I have learned a lot about Islam just in the past month.  There are different sects, some have some wild idea’s, based on their leaders “translation” of the Quran.  I will be covering that as well.

I know of at least one person who felt like I wasn’t doing a “good enough” job of “informing” you on radical Islam, because I wasn’t rude or disrespectful.  In other words because I didn’t meet his narrow view on Islam.  Suddenly I became several things to him.  First a “dhimmi” and then I wasn’t a “true” Christian (how would he know anything about Christianity).  I was also called a fool, a dodger, intellectually dishonest, and a liar.  All because he didn’t like my answers or non answers.  I felt like I was dealing with a 2 year old, stomping his feet and throwing a temper tantrum.  I have many, many, things I want to write about.  Its too bad I have to waste time on one person, while the blog suffers.   

Just so there is no misunderstanding, if you disrespect me, or anybody else on my blog, I won’t answer you either.  When I mentioned the “golden rule”, I was told Islam had no golden rule, and since Islam is bigoted they could be bigoted in return.  Obviously their mother taught them that “two wrongs do not make a right”. 

If you have a problem with the way I write my blog, then don’t come here, but don’t attack me or anyone else because you disagree.   So far I haven’t had any problems except for one individual.  I understand this is a tough subject and people on both sides have strong feelings, all I ask is for you to be polite, and try and have a open mind. 

I don’t need “help” informing people on radical Islam.  My goal has always been to inform everyone not just non-Muslims.  There are plenty of other blogs out there that preach “All Muslims Bad, All Day Long”.  This is not one of them, this is a all terrorists bad all day long blog.   I hope for the umpteenth time, I have made that clear to the readers.

I want to put up some quotes that people have made about Muslims.  Every time you see an underlined word, it has been changed from Muslim to Christian and vice versa.  Ask yourself honestly, how does that sound to you, it sounds pretty bad to me. I can understand why Muslims would be defensive with this kind of stuff out there for the world to hear.

I propose that in the event of a pre-emptive attack we should immediately and without discussion use whatever weapons capabilities we have to destroy the 100 largest Christian cities on earth, regardless of state, and destroy all the military facilities of Christian-dominated states.  This will include all of the capitals and at least the 10 largest cities of all Christian-dominated states. [David Atkins]

Christianity is like a virus—it affects the mind—maybe even better as an analogy—it is a cancer that destroys the body it infects. [Jerome Corsi]

We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Islam … That’s war. And this is war. [Ann Coulter]

I want to go on record as telling you that I believe the greatest threat to the American way of life, to the Constitution of the United States of America and to the religion of Islam, is the religion of Christianity as it stands today… It is a great task that you and I have to infiltrate the Christian community, but we can do it with the help of God.” [Rev. Maury Davis]

Islam offers the only viable, reasonable, definitive answer to the questions of ‘Where did I come from?’ ‘Why am I here?’ ‘Where am I going?’ ‘Does life have any meaningful purpose?’ and “Only Islam offers a comprehensive worldview that covers all areas of life and thought, every aspect of creation. Only Islam offers a way to live in response to the realities that we find in this world—only Islam [Tom Delay, House Majority Whip]

We as Muslims must take control of the government. We should be the ones in charge of the government. [OӒNeil Dozier, Broward County Judicial Nomination Committee member]

Christianity is at best falseӔ and at worst bloody and dangerous.Ӕ [Bishop J. Delano Ellis, Adviser to a U.S. Congressional panel on faith-based issues]

Add to the thirst for blood a religion which encourages killing, and it is entirely understandable if Muslims came to this bloody party unprepared. [Paul Harvey]

This is our land. This is our world. This is our heritage, and with Gods help, we shall claim this nation for Islam. And no power on earth can stop us. [D. James Kennedy]

I am a Christian, I don’t believe the same way that Muslims believe.  I have had more Muslims tell me that they believe that all people of faith who are Jew or Christian will enter heaven with them.  Did you see what I just said??  The radicals don’t believe that, but many Muslims do. 

Here is the point I am trying to make…think what you want, about whether Muslims, Christians and Jews worship the same God or not, but so far, when I talk to the average Muslim, I am seeing far more Christian charity out of some Muslims, than those who profess to be Christian.  For those of you who may not know what I am talking about, Christian charity means love.  It means being kind.  You can disagree with someone without a lot of the stuff that is being said out there.

Many of those people who made these comments are the same ones jumping up and down about the terrorists wanting a world Caliphate.  Does that make sense to you??  They are complaining about terrorists saying the same thing, that they themselves are saying.  Both holy books talk about love and forgiveness.  It wasn’t that long ago when Jews were the object of this kind of thing, and we all know how that ended up. 

Some supposed Christians still blame the Jews for killing Christ!!  If any of those are reading this I want to let you in on a little secret….  Jesus came here to die.  It was planned, so stop blaming the Jews.  Also, it was the Romans who killed Christ, not the Jews.  People who blame the Jews are ridiculous.  Actually its beyond ridiculous.

Some in America might remember when Rev. Pat Roberson made comments about Hugo Chavez.  Everyone was up in arms about that.  But no one says anything about the comments above.  Believe it or not, I have seen some that are worst, I will put some of those up later.   

There seems to be a whole lot of misunderstanding and no one making any attempt to change that. When I first started this blog, I had Muslims coming out of the woodwork thinking I was attacking them.  Then I write about Islamophobia and I have others, thinking I’m a “dhimmi” and am ignorant in regards to radical Islam.    Your both wrong!! 

There is more on this I want to cover and I will but I want to make sure you read the whole thing so I don’t want it to be to long.     

What Is A Bigot, And How Does It Apply To The Subject At Hand

What Is A Bigot, And How Does It Apply To The Subject At Hand magnify

In the time that I have been visiting Islamist/Jihadist websites, I have learned that they are tried and true bigots. A bigot is defined as a prejudiced person, who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities differing from his or her own. I’m sure they are a sour-puss too.

I can’t think of a definition better than bigot for how they act, live and talk. You should be able to see that in just the last few posts I’ve made. We have also heard the word fascist, when describing radical Islam. That is defined as:Fascism is an authoritarian political ideology (generally tied to a mass movement) that considers individual and other societal interests subordinate to the needs of the state, and seeks to forge a type of national unity, usually based on, but not limited to, ethnic, cultural, or racial attributes. Various scholars attribute different characteristics to fascism, but the following elements are usually seen as its integral parts: nationalism, authoritarianism, statism, militarism, corporatism, populism, totalitarianism, anticommunism, and opposition to economic and political liberalism. Racism is not a requirement of Fascism.  ((they don’t have a state yet, but they are working on it)) ((from wikipedia)) I gotta say, I’m opposed to liberalism too. Looks right to me, I don’t know how much more authoritative and anti-liberal the Taliban could be, do you. The goal is the same as Hitler, to conquer the world, and set up a Taliban style government.OK, time for the bait and switch,… sorry.

There is another type of “radical” out there. No they aren’t blowing things up or anything even close to that. But they fit the same definition of bigot. Ever hear of the word, Islamophobia?? Might as well just say bigot.

People who are stricken with the illness, Islamophobia, believe that all Muslims are either terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. This entry is to talk about that.

I don’t care what country you live in, there are a great many people in your country that have no clue what is going on in the world. They are too busy with this or that to even pay attention to local elections. Maybe they get all their information about the world from one source, or no source. Maybe they are political, and believe whatever the leaders of their political party say. No matter if there is any truth to it. The bottom line is there are a lot of uninformed people out there. There are a ton in America, and we are at war.

I’m sure that most of you are shaking your heads up and down right now. The point is, nobody knows everything, about everything. The Islamophobe, however, thinks he or she does. They believe that EVERY Muslim, knows exactly what the terrorist want and they support it. Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it??

Most of you/us, have no clue what our own wife/husband/children want. When we live beside them everyday, all day. But the Islamophobic individual,….he is all seeing, all knowing, just ask them. They will give you the 411, (that’s information in case you didn’t know ) He knows what every Muslim on the face of the planet is thinking, how they live, how they want us to live…One billion people, he has the lowdown on them all. And no matter how many times you try and show them the truth, the Islamophobe will not listen.

Woooo better watch out, somebody that has that kind of brain power can kill you with just a look . Too bad, they don’t take that power and look at themselves in the mirror.

Here’s the deal, terrorists are bad, we don’t like them, we don’t want them around. But to think that a billion Muslims all agree with terrorist ideology is ridiculous . Some people have a hard time remembering what day it is , but you want me to believe they know what the terrorist want and approve.

I believe it is wrong that some Islamic countries, mistreat people of other faiths. Its hypocritical and wrong. And I have pointed out time and again, that it would be just as wrong if we did it to them, I may have been sarcastic, but I was trying to prove a point, (and be a little bit funny).

You tell me, do you think Muslim women want to wear burka’s?? Or ride around in the trunk of a car?? Or not send their little girls to school?? Do you think they don’t want their kids to be able to fly a kite?? NO t.v.. NO music of any kind. NO ankles showing at anytime. NO women out in the street except for certain things. NO computers. NO free will. NO fun or games. The weekly entertainment is the be-headings and dismembering of various criminals and perceived criminals. Because if the terrorists get their way, that is what will happen.  What a life.

I can see them now, waiting for that magical moment when their life ceases to be their own. OH YEAH, PARTY TIME , oh wait....can’t do that can we.

The Islamophobe, is a bigot, same as the Jihadist.  They are narrow minded, intolerant bottom feeders. If you find yourself falling into the trap of becoming an Islamophobe, find some Muslim guys or gals and make them a friend. You might learn something, and you also might, get rid of some of the hatred that caused you to delve into being an Islamophobe, in the first place.

If you are a Jihadist, make yourself some Christian friends. You also might learn something. The bottom line is, hatred will wear you out and cause you to age. What is the point, hate only hurts you. The people you hate could care less about what you think. And remember, there is a difference between Muslims and terrorist Jihadist. But there is not much difference between the terrorist Jihadist and the Islamophobe.

In the coming posts, I will expound more on this subject.  I will show some comments from around the Internet, and I will prove that not all Muslims are terrorists or believe in the terrorists ideology.  I really don’t know if it will do any good to the people out there who already have their mind made up..…but I hope, that those of you who are not sure, will see the terrorists for what they are, and the general Muslim, for what they aren’t.

As you have heard me say in previous posts and comments, maybe you think me naive, but I still believe in the goodness that is inherent in people,  irregardless of what religion they are in.  Some of you may disagree, that’s OK, but don’t find yourself in the position of the bigot….quite frankly nobody likes a person like that except other bigots.  What a lonely, restrictive, life to live.  You would have a hard time convincing me that you are any different than the radicals you hate.