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Ok, I again am going to stray off of the current series for at least this one post.

 I just saw on TV, another commercial against Rush Limbaugh over his “phony soldier” comment. I don’t listen to Rush all the time, but I do know who he was talking about when he made that comment. A boot-camp WASHOUT, who claimed he had served in Iraq, and observed all kinds of ‘atrocities’ (must be a friend of John Kerry). Obviously the left would like nothing better than to silence conservative radio. They want to bring back the unfairness doctrine which is nothing more than denying free speech.

Nobody listens to liberal radio, that is why Air America went bust. The Dem’s found out during the controversy over illegal immigration, just how much pull conservative radio had. It was conservative radio who mobilized the American people, into contacting their elected representatives and express their opinion on the matter. It was one of the times when the nation as a whole agreed on the issue. Especially after they tried to give amnesty in secret.

Those elected leaders knew that the American people wouldn’t go for an amnesty. That is the only reason they tried to ‘back door’ the issue. They forgot themselves yet again, in the fact of WHO they work FOR. That’s another reason why we need term limits for the House and Senate. Too many of us don’t pay enough attention to politics. The politicians are so beholden to lobby money, and their own ego, that they throw our opinion right out the window.

In my humble opinion, the Democrats are the worse. They seem to think that we are too stupid to control our own money, so they want to decide for us, on how much of it we get to keep. They want all kinds of big government, and in so doing, it points out clearly that they don’t have our best interest in mind. Have any of you seen how many buildings Robert Byrd (D) has his name on in his state?? Trust me, its plenty, and they are all being paid for with our tax dollars. And what about that road to no where in Alaska. It’s OUR money, not yours, so stop spending it willy nilly, I don’t care what party you claim, its still our money.

They have given so many entitlements, that the middle class is tax poor. Why should people have incentive to get out there and work, if they can sit on their butt and get money to do so?? We would do better to offer free college tuition and do away with Welfare except for the most extreme cases. At least that way, people will have incentive to do the right thing. And I bet we would save money in the long run.

There was a time in my life that I worked 3 jobs, just to make ends meet. Then my son got sick, back then there was no insurance for kids whose parents couldn’t afford it. I was a single parent, I went to the State to get help. All I wanted was a medical card so I could get my kid his asthma inhalers, I mean this was life or death in his case. He could have an attack and without those inhalers, he could die. I was told that because I worked 3 jobs, I was border line destitute, and would have been better off destitute. In other words, I made too much money to qualify for a medical card. But they said, I could quit my jobs and stay at home till he reached 5 years old, and collect all benefits. Didn’t even have to look for work. At that time, no one was required to look for work, if a kid was under 5 years old . I know what your all thinking, what did I do…

I walked out of the welfare office, and I called my job, and I told them…I’d be in the next morning. I continued to work those 3 jobs, until I got one job that paid well enough that I could afford to pay for insurance. I made payments to the pharmacy, and no matter how much I owed, they still filled my son’s prescription. I did that, because it was the right thing to do. It isn’t my neighbors job to take care of me. It was my job to take care of and raise my child with the best of my knowledge and ability. Doing otherwise would only teach him to look for the hand out, instead of getting out there and doing it for himself.

It is our job as parents to teach our children that simple fact, and we should be doing it by example. I never regretted my decision to keep working. I wasn’t even tempted to take that hand out. I had been disgusted to see some of the big strong men that came into that office while I was there, wanting to know where their ‘check’ was. They should have said, “don’t know, better ask your employer”.

My property taxes are pretty high, my state has one of the highest property tax in the nation…but Shrillary Clinton would like for them to be higher with her free health care program. Even though nations who have socialized medicine are failing their own population. It is a known fact that people from those nations will come here to get medical treatment because they have to wait so long to get treatment in their own country. Should we help kids of parents who need the help?? Yes, and we already are, but it is getting beyond making sense to me anyway, on how they think we as a nation can afford all that they want to do. Heck, we can’t even fix/pay for, SSI, but you want socialized medicine.

The left is beholden to Move On and George Soro’s, who has used his millions to buy himself a President, and so far it seems to be working. Heck Shrillary even made the comment that she helped start Move On. All the democrap’s contenders, running for President, are too afraid of pissing off Soro’s and his ilk, that they won’t even debate on Fox news. If you are that weak, how does that make you a decent candidate for President of this nation?? How can ANYBODY, vote for a President, that is afraid of Fox News?? You want to be President of the United States, while we are at war, and yet your afraid of Fox News?? Please somebody tell me how that makes ANY sense to ANYBODY. On second thought, don’t, it will just raise my blood pressure.

I am sick and tired of how the Democrats on the hill have wasted so much time, not only condemning Rush Limbaugh, but lying about it. They know darn good and well what he said and what he was referring too. None of them had a problem with the ‘Betray us’ ad. And to top it, they didn’t condemn it until they were forced to. So they can save their sanctimonious garbage for someone who is too stupid to know what they are doing and why. I for one, will listen to Rush, MORE because of their trash talk and lies, not less.

Now that I’ve vented for the second time since this series started , there will be a new post on the series tomorrow, and on Monday we will start on some of the bigger topics of the series. In the mean time, enjoy your day, and your weekend. And thanks for your continued support for my rants and musings.   


What Will You Do??

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A friend of mine pointed out this article by Fred Voorhees.  Fred is a Liberal and I am a Conservative, so we don’t always agree where politics are concerned.  Unlike some of our elected leaders, I don’t have a problem reading what he has to say and agreeing with some or all of it.  I don’t think that makes me a “bad” conservative.  I think we would all do well to listen more than we talk.  If we do that, we will all have a bit more understanding of the other side.

I am posting here the article by Fred Voorhees.  Though I may not agree with all of it, he makes some valid points.  Buckle up for safety.  

 It is entitled:  Ethnocentric Ignorance,

Although Muslims say their religion is a peaceful one, many Americans are inclined to call bulls#it. How do they expect us to believe they’re all about loving one another when their own behavior seems to indicate otherwise? Slaughtering thousands of Americans on 9/11 was not their lone foray into killing; one can turn on the news any night of the week and catch media glimpses of militant jihadists destroying humanity in the name of allah. Muslims and their god “hate our freedom,” and they react viscerally to their own ignorance instead of trying to figure out what we as Americans stand for. As their violence escalates, even the most open-minded ((I certainly hope he is wrong)) Americans are starting to accept the dominant explanation that almost all Muslims are evil, and that the few “good” ones lack the balls to try to curtail the evildoers. In the name of jesus christ our lord and savior, we need to get the f@$k over there and blow some s#it up.

American eyes can see that the jihadists are brainwashed; and we are taken aback at their inability to recognize America is a peaceful nation, as addicted to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as radical muslims are to death, oppression, and the pursuit of suicidal hate. The USA is a loving nation, formed on the premise that human life is sacred. “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all (humans) are created equal. Here in the United States we say we believe in freedom of religion. So when we go to other countries with tanks and bombs it is to defend these freedoms–not to destroy them. Contrary to popular Islamic belief, we are not trying to take over the world and spread Christianity; we just want to restore peace.


Although Americans say our nation is a peaceful one, Muslims are inclined to call bullshit. How do we expect them to believe we’re all about loving one another when our own behavior seems to indicate otherwise? American blowhards like Rush Limbaugh pollute international radio waves with ethnocentric ignorance; our most hateful sound bytes then are translated in propaganda mills, churned out and consumed by the people. Limbaugh’s vomiting up of all the angst associated with his midlife crisis does not speak on behalf of America. But even though Limbaugh’s ignorance is one of the most disgusting examples of American hate; it is also one of the most commonly regurgitated global sound bytes. Words of the far right are translated into Arabic and other languages and have become an international caricature, assumed by many to represent the feelings of average Americans. The message they hear is that “Americans hate allah… Americans are sending their soldiers to enforce christianity.”

Jingoistic words, however vile, cannot alone incite the hate that so many nations now have for America. Many enlightened Muslims were initially skeptical of radical Islamic fears that Americans wanted to mandate jesus in all corners of the globe. But they probably became a bit more convinced when they saw U.S. troops trampling on their holy soil with no regard for their social, cultural, or religious beliefs. As the U.S. sends more troops to invade new locations throughout the Middle East, even the most open-minded Muslims are starting to accept the dominant explanation: almost all Americans are evil, and those who are “good” don’t have the balls to stop the evildoers. In the name of allah, they want to blow us up now.


Forty years after they were first written, Buffalo Springfield’s insights about right and wrong are as relevant as ever: “nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.” It remains a human instinct to consider oneself “right” in any form of retaliation against something that was “wrong.” To Americans who hate Islam, and to Muslims who hate America, I say this: Consider how you feel about your enemies, and think about why you feel that way. Your enemy feels these same things about you and has the same justification for feeling them. Nobody ever self-defines as being evil. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Nobody is saying, “I am hateful” or “I am wrong,” because few are strong enough to see the flaws in their own belief system.

America is snagged on the same trap that cripples our so-called enemies. For all of our differences, there is one fundamental commonality between America and radical Islam: we see the world in terms of hypocritical dichotomies. Just like Osama bin Laden, we see ourselves as loving, good, and right; and we see it as our duty to protect the world from all that is hateful, evil, and wrong.

I want to say several things in regards to this article.  First, I do listen to Rush on occasion, and most of the time I agree with what he says, as far as politics are concerned.  I can’t say that I have heard him say anything about Islam, but I don’t listen to him very often.  I can say this… I have seen Americans go into blogs that are run by radical Islamist.  They go in there and cuss and carry on, they don’t make any argument to try and change the mind of the radicals.  BUT, those comments they do make, are left up for everyone to see.  Why??  Because it confirms their view of Americans or non-Muslims.  They use it for propaganda against America.

In doing some research for my blog, I came across a petition that had been set up in which, Muslims were asked to sign it to denounce terrorism.  When I looked at it, I found various comments made by non-Muslims cussing and belittling the Muslim faith.  What do you think that kind of behavior adds to the conversation??  Do you think that by acting that way you are going to endear yourself to Muslims??  I know that some of you think that ALL Muslims believe in the terrorist ideology, I have already addressed that, and proved it false.  But, if there ARE Muslims who are moderate, if you are WRONG, then doing what some people think is cute, will only cause Muslims to lean towards the radicals, not away.

I had asked a question, of how many Muslims do you think read something like Jihad Watch, which never has anything good to say about Islam.  The answer was, lots.  I will take a leap and say, if that is in fact true, its to point out the fact that nothing good is ever said about Islam on that website.  I have said it a dozen times, my blog is about Radical Islam, but I don’t have one problem pointing out the fact that not all Muslims/Islam, agree with the terrorist ideology.  I make it a point to address that when ever and where ever I see people commenting that they think it is.  I say that, to show that your blog can be about Radical Islam without damning all Muslims.

We were all born with a brain, and if you were lucky, your parents taught you manners.  Use some common sense, use some manners.  If you will do those two things, you will do good.  I have spent a great deal of time proving that not all Muslims think like or agree with the terrorists.  I would ask those that still don’t get it, to at least refrain from spreading your venom.  The only thing you are doing is proving that you are UN-American, you don’t believe in things our country was founded on.

Must we always play politics, like our “esteemed” politicians, that have a hard time listening to anything anybody on the other side has to say??  Do we want to close our minds so much, that we are unable to learn anything new??  Do you want to surround yourself only with people that think just like you??  What good is that??  We have the greatest ability to learn and make a positive impact then any time before.  You have at your fingertips, right now, the means to learn and to teach.  How will you use it??  Will you attempt to educate yourself, or will you close your mind to new things??

To Muslims who are reading this, I want you to know that most Americans DON’T believe that ALL Muslims agree with the terrorists.  Actually a lot of Americans are too self absorbed to even think about it at all.  My biggest concern is Americans that don’t pay enough attention to the threat that radical Islam poses, I feel that way about Muslims as well.  If you as a Muslim, have been abused for no other reason than you are Muslim, please accept my apologies.  There is no excuse for that kind of behavior regardless of who you are. 

Another Muslim perspective

The links below are addition info on this subject that you should read.  The bottom link is the original article.

Memo To Osama Bin Laden

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I saw this and thought that since we are on the subject, you might be interested in seeing it.  Basicly it is a letter to Bin Lyin, from Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D. This is an American Muslim’s response to the tape recorded message dated 2/11/03 by fugitive terrorist Osama Bin Lyin.  

Mr Bin Laden,

In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, the Most Benevolent.

I begin by reciting some important principles of Islam to remind you that there is more to Islam than just a call to arms.

1 Islam was sent as mercy to humanity (Quran 4: 79).  2. Do not make mischief on the earth (Quran 29:36).  3. People, We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you might know one another.  The noblest of you before God is the most righteous of you. (49:13)  4. There are among the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) upstanding nations that recite the message of God and worship throughout the night, who believe in God, who honor and forbid dishonor and race in good works.  These are the righteous. (3:113-114). 

I am writing this to make it clear that there are Muslims in America and in the world who despise and condemn extremists and have nothing to do with Bin Laden and those like him for whom killing constitutes worship. 

Islam was sent as mercy to humanity and not as an ideology of terror or hatred.  It advocates plurality and moral equality of all faiths (Quran 2:62, 5:69).  To use Islam, as a justification to declare an Armageddon against all non-Muslims is inherently un-Islamic – it is a despicable distortion of a faith of peace.  One of Allah’s 99 names in the Quran is “Al Salam” which means Peace.  Thus in a way Muslims are the only people who actually worship peace.  Today this claim sounds so empty, thanks to people like you, Mr. Bin Laden.  You and those like you are dedicated to killing and bringing misery to people wherever they are.  God blessed you with the capacity to lead and also endowed you with enormous resources.  You could have used your influence in Afgahanistan to develop it, to bring it out of poverty and underdevelopment and show the world what Islam can do for those who believe in it.  You chose to provoke and bring war to a people who had already been devastated by wars.

Yes many innocent people lost their lives in America’s war on Afghanistan and many more might lose their lives in Iraq.  This is indeed regrettable.  But we must never forget as to how the West is divided over this and how nations and people within nations are agonizing in Europe and in America over this decision to go to war in Iraq.  While many Americans and Europeans oppose the war, Muslim nations have already agreed to cooperate in this war.  No Muslim leader has tried to play the role of a statesman on this issue.  It is a tragedy that there is not a single Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter or Nelson Mandela in the entire Muslim world who would stand up and speak for justice!

Before we rush to condemn America we must remember that even today millions of poor and miserable people all across the world are lining up outside US embassies eager to come to America, not just to live here but to become an American.  No Muslim country today, can claim that people of other nations and other faiths see it as a promise of hope, equality, dignity and prosperity. 

Yes, we American Muslims will continue to challenge the Bush administrations’ proposal to wage war against Iraq.  We think a regime change in Washington is as necessary as a regime change in Baghdad, but that is an intramural affair.  Once the war is declared, make no mistake Mr. Saddam Hussein and Mr. Bin Laden, We are with America.  We will fight with America and we will fight for America.  We have a covenant with this nation, we see it as a divine commitment and we will not disobey the Quran (9:4) – we will fulfill our obligations as citizens to the land that opened its doors to us and promised us equality and dignity even though we have a different faith.  I am sure Mr. Bin Laden, you can neither understand nor appreciate this willingness to accept and welcome the other.

Sure at this moment out of anger, frustration and fear, some in America have momentarily forgotten their own values.  I am confident that, God willing, this moment of shock and insecurity will pass and America will once again become the beacon of freedom, tolerance and acceptance that it was before September 11th.  On that day Mr. Bid Laden, you not only killed 3000 innocent Americans, many of whom were also Muslims, but you signed the death warrants of many innocent people who will die in this war on terror and many more who will live but will suffer the consequences, the pain and the misery of war.  Before September 11th, the US was giving aid to Afghanistan and was content to wait for the Iraqi people to free themselves and the rest of the world from their dictator.  On that day you changed the rules of the game and Muslims in many places are suffering as a direct consequence.

When the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions fought in the name of Islam, Allah made them victorious and glorified them in this world.  They made Islam the currency of human civilization for over a millennium.  You and your men on the other hand face nothing but defeat, global ridicule and contempt and run and hide like rats in caves and dungeons.  You live in the dark.  Your faith neither enlightens you nor enables you to live in the light and you have made Islam the currency of hate and violence.

Let me tell you that I would rather live in America under Ashcroft and Bush at their worst, than in any “Islamic state” established by ignorant, intolerant and murderous punks like you and Mullah Omar at their best.  The US, Patriot Act not withstanding, is still a more Islamic (just and tolerant) state than Afghanistan ever was under the Taliban.

Remember this:  Muslims from all over the world who wished to live better lives migrated to America and Muslims who only wished to take lives migrated to Afghanistan to join you.

We will not follow the desires of people (like you) who went astray and led many astray from the Straight Path. (Quran 5:77)

I conclude by calling upon you Mr. Bin Laden and your Al Qaeda collegues and Mr. Saddam Hussein to surrender to International Courts and take responsibility for your actions and protect thousands of other innocent Muslims from becoming the victims of the wars you bring upon them.

Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.  Muqtedar Khan, Ph.D.
Director of International Studies, Adrian College, MI
Director of Muslim Social Scientists
Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy.


Just so there is no misunderstanding. I agreed with President Bush in going into Iraq. Knowing the history of Saddam, and after what had happened on 9/11, we couldn’t take the chance. I do NOT believe that Saddam had any ties to what happened on 9/11. He had plenty of time to cooperate with the UN before we invaded. He even had the chance to leave Iraq. Why he did neither, I will never understand.

Though some people have changed their mind on this subject I have not. As to the US still in Iraq, I don’t think we should leave unless the leaders of Iraq asked us to, and to date, they have not. Whether you think it is right, wrong or indifferent, we stay until Iraqi’s can defend themselves, to leave before that, would cause a bloodbath.

Some of you may disagree with me on this, and that’s OK, I am merely telling you my views on the manner.



In Memorial, Never Forget

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As we approach the anniversary of 9/11/2001, I want to leave a simple message of tribute to those who died then (on 9/11) and now, serving in the military. May God bless and comfort their families. Never forget that day, or the days that followed, when we as a nation stood hand in hand together. Not Republican and Democrat, but Americans. May we get back to that.

I have been doing a series of posts on bigotry, because some people think all Muslims think alike. Below is a letter from a Muslim, in regards to 9/11, I think its important for us all to read. It was printed in Time one year after 9/11.

As an Egyptian, I find myself compelled to apologize to the American people for what happened to them on Sept. 11. I apologize because one of those involved in that horrible disaster was Egyptian. As a man of letters, I declare myself innocent of having any part in the creation of the culture that spawned these individuals.

A long time before New York City’s Twin Towers were destroyed, many towers in my country were brought down by this same brand of perpetrators. They killed President Anwar Sadat, who initiated peace with Israel and liberalism in Egypt; they killed the Egyptian writer Farag Fouda, a defender of freedom and secularism; they stabbed our Nobel laureate, Naguib Mahfouz, when he was 82 years old, after discovering that 30 years earlier he had written a novel they considered the work of an infidel. They said they had not read the novel. Who told them it was sacrilegious? Someone living in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan, or sitting in a London café or a mosque in New Jersey, told them so. In Egypt alone, these fundamentalists have killed more than 1,000 policemen and ordinary citizens, Christian and Muslim alike. In one of the most beautiful places on earth, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Luxor, they slaughtered nearly 60 tourists in 1997. In Algeria their sickles endlessly harvest the souls of the poor and helpless. They have committed all these crimes with the purpose of establishing the kingdom of God on earth and have succeeded only in turning our lives into hell.

In my country, art, education and the economy have all been leveled to a ground zero. I’m convinced, though, that the problem we face is not religious but political. And so it will never be solved with a religious summit. If you hold a meeting of Muslim sheiks, Christian pastors and Jewish rabbis, they inevitably come out with blissful smiles and report that they have found their values to be mostly identical, and they are right.

Extremism may claim God as its redeemer, but it’s really the selfish product of lunacy. In America, the most free and modern nation of our time, you see it too. You saw it with Jim Jones, who told his flock in Guyana to follow him into death by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid, and you saw it when David Koresh created his own small hell in Waco, Texas.

In my part of the world, the Arab Middle East, a great tragedy results from our governments’ well-intentioned attempts to cure society of extremism through education. These leaders, however, don’t teach what they should to produce the values they want. They seek moderation and enforce piety. They seek citizens who value life, yet their school curriculum’s exalt the value of science and ignore philosophy and history and the liberal, humanistic values they embody. That is why those who excel in such a system are no less immune to the call of extremism.

Our governments assume that people need to understand Islam in its purest form to stay religiously moderate. The result is the mass production of true believers, not good citizens. Because people initially welcome the imposed piety but then gradually realize it doesn’t equip them to meet the challenges of getting through life, life becomes a morbid burden. To shake off this burden, some of them, usually young men, can’t wait for natural death and decide instead to take a short cut to heaven.

Before ascending, they must have a cause that’s canonized by their community—the greatest cause on earth, capable of justifying their sacrifice in the eyes of their kin. It’s not enough to die fighting for their country; they must be fighting for God. Once they have secured that cause, they search for a way to ennoble it in the eyes of ordinary people who do not share their holy delusion but whose admiration they crave. They know that most people respect logic and reason. So they go looking for a nationalistic cause: this is what Osama bin Laden did when he claimed the Palestinian cause as a justification for the destruction of Sept. 11.

But beneath their claims is a sadder truth: these extremists are pathologically jealous. They feel like dwarfs, which is why they search for towers and all those who tower mightily. We must admit that we failed to teach these people that life is worth living. These extremists exist now, and will exist forever, so the question before us must be, How can we defend both our lives and theirs? We in the Arab world love freedom and want the chance at a decent life. We are not different from you, as it sometimes seems. We may be just temporarily backward. Working together, our governments must decide how, with what culture and by what actions, they will combat the influence of those who hate life.

Ali Salem is a playwright and the author of several books, including “Journey into Israel.” He lives in Cairo


Never forget my friends, never forget.  And thank you to Ali Salem and other Muslims and Arabs who have spoken out against extremism.  Thank you to all people who have sent their respects to our nation and to the families of the fallen.  Thank you to all the troops, both foreign and domestic that fight for the cause of freedom.  The troops who are volunteers, knowing that we are at war, but still raise their right hand.  Thank you to our brave fire and police personnel, who when others are running out, you are running in.  Thank you to those nations who send their young men and women to fight beside ours.

If I missed anyone, please accept my apology.  I can never say thank you enough for all those mentioned.  They are the new hero’s of our time.  All of us would do well to fashion our life like theirs.  May God bless them all.  There is one more thing I would like to say to our fine young men and women in our armed forces.  It is a little prayer I pray daily.  I would ask us all to say this little prayer.  That goes out to our Muslim soldiers as well.

May God keep you safe, never too hot, never too cold, never too hungry, never too lonely, always thankful, always enlightening, may He shield your eyes from the things that would haunt you.  May He shield your body from the enemy.  May He wrap His loving arms around you at all times. May He remind you at all times, that His love and grace is sufficient. May He heap blessings upon you and your family, and keep them from worry.  May He bless the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, and free them from al qaeda and the Taliban.  

We all know that freedom is never free.  I would ask my readers to go up to a veteran, a police officer, any fire personnel, any current service member of our armed forces; Buy them a cup of coffee, or dinner, or even just shake their hand.  Let them know you appreciate their service.  Remember it is because of these men and women, that you are free, safe, and live the way you do. 

We seldom think of it, but we should.  How many police and fire official’s die in the line of duty every year??  How many are retired because of injury in the line of duty??  Do you know??  Have you ever thought about it??  What about our military personel, how are their families taken care of if they die in battle??  Are they provided for??  What about their children, is there money for them to go to college??  What can we do to help?? 

These are important questions, that you should be asking.  You should be trying to assist where you can.  We get calls for this charity, and that charity, but these people never call out for help.  We are a generous nation, there are charities you could donate too that helps with the above.  Please consider donating to them.  

9/11 Remembrance

 I have received this message already from my email. But in case you were not aware of this, I am posting it here as well. And just so you know…. I got it from a Muslim blog. Oh my goodness, there must be a secret message behind it. Maybe it’s code for all Muslim Americans to attack their neighbor. I am sooo scared, what can we do where can we go somebody help me .That goes out to all those conspiracy theorists. In all seriousness, please try and drive with your lights on, during the day of 9/11/07. Drive into the nearest fire house and thank them for their service. I will be posting a special post for 9/11/07, don’t miss it.


911 REMEMBRANCE magnify

A friend sent me this and asked me to blog it for everyone to read and hopefully act upon.Please forward this to all in your address book or post it on your blog,asking everyone
to also forward it.

Please join us on 9/11.We have only a few days left to get the word out all across this great land we love and call the United States of America.

Let’s see how powerful e-mail can be!

On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours.

Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation’s solidarity and show support for our
Men and Women of the Armed Forces.
You can help by sending this e-mail on to others!

Or post it on your blog!REMEMBER! LIGHTS ON 9/11

Bin Lyin’s Comic Review

Bin Lyin's Comic Review magnify




Why are our news agencies broadcasting the ridiculous rantings of Osama Bin Lyin?? ………… Maybe for the comic value …… ……..

Where to begin, Osama, seems to be worried about global warming. He obviously is a fan of Gore. And why shouldn’t he be, Gore is another hypocritical wind bag. But when it comes to Bin Lyin’s hypocrisy, it’s a lot more serious than Gore’s use of electricity.

He says, we need to give up our democratic government, hahahaha. “Democrats haven’t made a move worth mentioning.” AGREED!! they are worthless to this country (the House and Senate variety, except for a few) . Obviously they are worthless to Bin Lyin, because they haven’t been able to stop the war. He must be tired of living in that cave. It should concern our democrat leaders, that it appears Bin Lyin supports them and wants Americans to vote for them.  Why do you suppose that is??  Do you think Osama is a closet liberal??  I can see him now, joining the gay pride parade in San Francisco…”we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” Oh what a sight.    More than likely, that isn’t the reason, he wants the dems in power.  But you already knew that. 

OOooooh, we “permitted” President Bush to complete his first term. What’s the matter there, Osama, didn’t expect that war on you, did you? I can understand how you would think that. Too bad your timing was off. You should have known better than to attack a country while they had a President with a backbone. I can never see that smiley enough when talking of Bin Lyin.   He made the statement that 19 men changed the direction of America.  He’s right, our bombers have a new target range, its a little out of the way, but that’s OK.  Heads up Osama, special delivery.  

This guy was all over the map with his message.  I wonder who writes his material.  And where did he get that “Just for Jihadi” he used to color his beard, maybe it is just boot polish.  It’s funny that he thinks we are losing in Iraq, especially now that the Sunni Muslims of Iraq have figured out what al Qaeda really stands for.   The Sunni of Iraq have turned against al Qaeda.  They are tired of al Qaeda killing their people.  The only lost would be if we left before the Iraqi’s can protect themselves. 

He “invites” Americans to embrace Islam. But you can be sure, it is HIS brand of Islam. The Taliban and everything that comes with it. He and the rest of his ilk, don’t consider Muslims who don’t follow his ‘Wahhabi’ brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims.

That “true” word, for a second I want to show you how bigots and radical Islamist view the world. Bin Lyin, and other Islamist don’t consider any Muslim who doesn’t follow their brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims. Bigots have told me I wasn’t a “true” Christian, because I refuse to believe that all Muslims believe the way of the terrorists. I have a friend who is an Apostate, can he be a “true” Apostate?? Read on, the following comes from his blog, and his dealings with a bigot.

A Towelian meets an Islamophobe, criticizes his/her politics or dissents with their point of view about Islam. Usually these Islamophobes are “never-been-muslims” and “never-had-muslim-friends”, yet consider themselves to be a better authority on Islam than anyone else because they’ve clicked a few buttons online to take them to anti-Islamic websites. P Some of them have even deigned to debate against Muslims on online forums and hence feel they have accurate insight into the Muslim mind.

When we criticize such folks for their often misinformed and sometimes outright bigoted and violent perspective, Islamophobes react in an unerringly inevitable and typical way: (it’s as if they are following some formula that defines their reaction and personality!)

    • Parading their extreme open mindedness and “mad” research skills, they conclude that any opposition to their politics coming from people with Arabic sounding names are Muslims. (Even though one click on our names on WordPress for example, will bring them to this blog which is clearly not pro-Islam!)
    • When they discover that the Towelian is an apostate of Islam, instead of re-thinking their perspective, they find it easier to define us in a category that best suits their currently held bigoted beliefs about Islam/Muslims. That is, just because we disagree with them, we’re called “not true apostates”…
    • The problem with these people is that their point of view of Islam is limited to its political manifestation. And so they deal with Islam purely on a political level. This is why often times you see Islamophobic blogs extensively researching political verses in the Quran or Hadith, scouring for political issues created by Islamists (not Muslims) etc. They are (most of the time, we admit) justified when they are only reporting on developments in the Islamic world that are counter-progressive. For example, the diminishing women’s rights situation etc.
    • But this is also a problem because to them, their only interaction with “Islam” becomes not the religion, but the politics of Islamists. Therefore in their perspective Islam does nothing but promote terrorism and violence. Towelians know Islam is not just about politics but that its basis is both mystical and religious. Thus the Islamic experience of the Towelians plays a key role in giving us a unique perspective into Islam.
    • Using this experience, we disagree with the political demands by certain “unfriendly critics of Islam”. Instead of dealing with our counter point of view in a proper discussion where all ideas are explored in an unbiased way, they succumb to ad hominem type judgments on our person.
    • For example, recently a commentator denied that we were “true” apostates:
  • “My points is that true apostates of Islam would see this difference about mainstream political Islam. I don’t say that there are no peaceful strands of Islam (say Sufis and Druze), but these stand out in their disengagement from the central political message of the Koran. I will support true apostates who call themselves so because of their admission of followed by a rejection of the violent strand (i.e. the worldwide political ambitions) of Islam, and not in order to gain easy entry into political circles in the West.”

    As you can see he made the link between our rejection of Islam as mutually inclusive of rejecting “mainstream political Islam”, which is in essence his own perspective of mainstream political Islam. In other words he doesn’t believe we’re “true” apostates of Islam unless we agree with him… because he’s so “right”. Pun intended. P

Did you get all that?? If everyone would just stop for one minute and realize that we all have different opinions, thoughts, acts, families, jobs, religions, and lives. Some of us search a life time looking for another person who is like us to marry. It’s OK to think differently than your neighbor. Maybe things wouldn’t be so messed up if we all understood this.

When it comes to faith, that, is all about God. It is and should be a private matter between you and God. People who are religious, normally worship out of love. If you don’t…well I would question that. The point is, it’s between you and God. It isn’t anybody else’s job to brow beat someone because they don’t believe the way you do. Here’s what happens when you do…

I go to my friends blog, I don’t agree with some of his posts, but it is not my place to criticize and tell him that he needs to change his blog so I won’t be offended. In a situation like that, if I don’t want to be offended, I should change the channel. Get what I am saying here??

The problem comes when you have a bunch of “holier than thou” people who think they know more than you, be that in religion or other wise; Who then think, it’s alright to insult or disrespect you because of it. In the case of Bin Lyin, he thinks its alright to kill you over it. That’s a bit extreme don’t you think??

This post started out to be one thing and turned into another, but I will leave it as it is. Really folks we could all stand to take a step back and open our mind. ALL OF US!! I am really sick and tired of people saying what they think someone else is thinking even though there is no evidence of it.

I print a story about Muslims who support Israel, and I get an answer that the only reason they are saying that, is because they want to “please” the “West”. God forbid, they might actually believe what they themselves say. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that every other person believes the way that you do!!

Use some common sense people.  If I have repeated myself, sorry.  It’s only because I am passionate about the topic.

A Study in Jihadist Delusion and Mental Illness

150 magnify

A entry, on a jihadist website, shows that they are all upset over US politics. Upset because of Barak Obama’s ridiculous Jr. politician comment over Pakistan. And upset in a big way, because Tom Tancredo said that if he were president and Islam attacked us with a nuclear weapon…then he as President would attack Mecca and Medina. Tancredo said, “That is the only thing, that I could come up with that might deter, somebody from doing something, that they might otherwise do.”


So the jihadist takes it out on the Muslims of America, by saying–


“I am amazed by the extreme stupidity of “Muslims” who vote for the Kufar. So when I see the likes of theses dirty Kuffaar (may Allah kill them all), we simply just ask ourselves in great confusion: How is it that a “Muslim” still votes for these disbelievers?


They might respond, “Well, their policy on this-and-that is better than so-and-so…” These hypocritical sellouts don’t realize – since they don’t have a brain to realize with in the first place – that as for the Kuffaar who don’t say anti-Islamic statements in public, they will end up doing something against the Muslims physically.


Bush wasn’t making these ridiculously anti-Islamic statements when running for presidency. So the blind Muslims voted for him thinking that he would “benefit” Islam and the Muslims; and they would give a million excuses to vote for him. But look what he did!! He’s the leader of this Crusade against Islam and the Muslims and is responsible for the murder of thousands upon thousands of innocent Muslims and he has invaded our lands and stolen our wealth and properties.


So it amazes us how the Murji’ah vote for these Kaafir leaders to be their Khaleefah when they have seen many examples where these Kaafir politicians would turn out to be the greatest enemies of Islam in the current age, such as “silly billy clinton” (Qatalahummullaah); and they wouldn’t even know it until it happened.


(“silly billy clinton” I love the name, but just what did Bill Clinton do against Islam, besides turning down Osama Bin Lyin, when he was offered to us by countries that did not want him.)


This is one of the reasons why voting is Haraam; and anyone who votes is a Faasiq (and other say Kaafir; and I don’t disagree).


By the way, if you ever see at you local Masjid or Islamic Community Gathering where they are passing out pamphlets regarding voting (or anything similar), then take all those papers from their hands – even if you have to struggle to get it out of their hands – and either tear them apart in front of them or throw them out. Then give them a good lesson on following this Deen firmly by sticking to the principles of al-Walaa’ wal Baraa’ah and staying away from Kufr and fighting it through every possible means.


These pathetic Murji’ah need to be treated harshly when it comes to matters such as voting and supporting democracy since they refuse to look at these issues from the perspective of Qur’an and Sunnah strictly and traditionally. Ignore the House NegroScholars” that fail to stand up for the Haqq and its people.


Obviously, he has no concept of democracy and what elections are all about. On second thought, he does know what democracy is all about, that’s why he doesn’t want it. Tyranny never gets voted in voluntarily, or gets voted to stay in power voluntarily. No one wants to live under such a system.


When I asked him if Muslims were not allowed to vote. He said that it is only Allah’s rule that deserves to be to be law of the land. And voting for disbelievers by Muslims is strictly forbidden.


When I asked,…So any Muslim, in any country other than say Iran, which is a Islamic state, with Shariah law, is not allowed to vote? ….I got the following answer about Iran.


Eagle you claim that Iran is an Islamic State,

Why then is there a jew in the government?
What Islamic state allows the disbelievers to order the laws of Allah swt?
Why are there synagogues allowed in tehran but no sunni mosques?
Why are the sunnis oppressed and the jews left alone? Iran is no Islamic state, but the Brother (so-n-so) has illustrated this in prior posts.


So Iran is NOT, an Islamic state…What is then…


    “There is no Islamic State today.”
And Iran is a Shi’a state and we reject the Shi’as.

However, in ‘Iraq and Afghanistan, we have nascent Islamic State’s. In fact with ‘Iraq, many will argue that the areas that the Sunni’s control is an Islamic State that is under war. I agree with this opinion. The same is argued about Afghanistan. (TALIBAN)

If Iran is not,…. Hello, my Muslim friends…this is exactly the threat I am talking about. Listen to what this idiot is saying. It is either their way, or no way. What does that mean for all Shiites in the world?? We all see how they are treated in Iraq by the Sunni’s, and Al Qaeda, which is Sunni. Here’s a good one….

And even before 9/11, the United States was participating in a troop deployment with other nations to invade Afghanistan prior to 9/11.


Show me where?? No answer.


As far as Bush making anti-Islamic statements…the answer was…


Bush has spoken quite a lot against the establishment of a Caliphate; and he says that the goal of the “terrorists” is to establish one. Well, according to the Qur’an and Sunnah, this is our obligation undoubtedly. So we take it personally when he speaks against our religion. ((Isn’t that what they say they are trying to do?? )) ((contradiction, again…still…))


Nothing about the fact that President Bush was running for president BEFORE 9/11, so why would he make any statements about Islam.


And of coarse the ridiculous comment, that he is blind to…The fact that if 9/11 hadn’t happened then nothing would have happened in Afghanistan or Iraq.


So the biggest unanswered question, is how does he reach the conclusions he reaches. Can we assume there is a bit of mental illness involved?? When one becomes so overcome with hate that they cannot see the facts staring them in the face. That is the only conclusion I can reach.


It is a WARNING, to anyone, who so entrenches themselves in lies and hatred that it consumes them. They buy into, whatever, people of like minds come up with. Kind of like those who hate Jews so much that they truly believe that Jews drink the blood of Palestinian babies during some Holy holidays. Even if the truth is laid bare before them, they will not believe it.


It is this kind of thinking that caused 900 or so cultist to kill themselves with Jim Jones in Guyana. And it caused the “heavens gate” cult to think that if they killed themselves, they would catch a spaceship that was hiding behind a comet. Now THAT is delusional. And I think it is the same thing affecting our friend here. He speaks of his “brother” Muslims, and then disparages them. All Muslims in his mind are wrong unless they think the way he does.


Unfortunately, he is not alone. And if he has his way he will poison the mind of every single solitary Muslim to his way of thinking. And those who resist, he will call an apostate, and, he would attempt to kill you, if given the chance.


His blog gets a lot of traffic, and the people who go there sing his praises in the comment section. He normally erases mine, but I will share that with you in a different thread. He is a very angry man, and could care less about what anyone else thinks of him. He has told me this on more than one occasion.


I did ask him if he knew how many million people would die if his people were successful with setting off a nuclear bomb. And that Tancredo made the statement as a means of deterrence. I asked him what we should do short of turning the country over to him, and putting our women in burka’s. I told him that the thought of millions of men, women, and children dead, should make him mad. Not a statement of deterrence.


His response…


As for what America should do if it’s attacked by nuclear weapons (by the Mujaahideen), then come and find them and fight them. No need to create another Hiroshima (you damn terrorists!).


Now, please read that statement again….what do you notice?? More contradiction. Do I really have to point this out to you? More…”we can do what we want, but you can’t”. We can create another Hiroshima, but you are the terrorist, and cannot respond. This is standard fare. If it wasn’t so dangerous, it would be hysterically funny.


One other thing I noticed, they are afraid that their comments might cause someone to do the things they suggest, and then they will be sued. Very funny, they must be out of America, or the U.K. (based on some of the words he uses and how they are spelled) here is the disclaimer on the top of their blog. Their claims, in the disclaimer, are a complete and total lie. As you can see in my blog entry: “A Question of Righteousness”.


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