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I’m working hard to get some more posts together for the series, but in the mean time I thought you might like a good laugh.  Please go here, and read about what happened when Rushdie’s Knighthood caused a Titles race between Rushdie and Osama.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, unless you are a Osama fan, and even then you may find it extremely funny.  Make sure you read the comments. 


The Women With Mustaches Who Will Kill The Mahdi 1

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When I saw this discussion I knew you would want to see it too, since we are on the subject of the Mahdi. It is completely out of order, I know, but couldn’t resist putting it up. It was taken from a Shiite chat room. At the bottom of the post will be some questions for my Muslim readers.


OK people, not sure about exactly what will happen after Imam Mehdi arrives, but it is said that Imam Mahdi will eventually be a shaheed. Imam Mehdi will be killed by a women with a moustache.
I have been told that Ayatollah Behjat has said that the women has been born few weeks ago. Can anyone confirm this? Ayatollah Behjat has a reputation of seeing the unknown, and has great respect.
Is the time coming near for the arrival?!?

Anyone with info reply to this post.


Ayatollah Behjat (HA) is among the Greatest ‘Urefa of our time.
As you progress towards Allah and become His intimate, He lifts the veils of Unseen and shares His secrets with you.
Once Ayatollah Behjat (HA) was delivering 2 lectures at the same time, at 2 different places !
What you speak of now, Once around 2-3 years ago or so, Ayatollah Behjat (HA) was giving a lecture to his students. Then he suddenly started to cry, the students got scared but were to embarrased to ask why. After the session one of his closest disciples stepped forth and asked why his master started to cry just like that, whereupon he answered that as he was teaching he had a vision where he saw a jewish girl who just had been born in Isfahan, who would be the killer of Imam Mahdi (A)


that happened like 3 or 4 years ago, not a few weeks ago. AndI that thing about the moustache is new. It might be true and it might be false.


i heard the mostache womans name will be MALIHA
where i live,ive seen women growing mostaches(sry if its the wrong spelling)


Can anyone elaborate? I havent heard that he will die


ive heard this prophesy alot for a long time……..her name will be Maliha(astaghfirrilha)


Yea i have heard that too…she would be a jew and her name would be either maliha or sa’eeda…And I am not sure , (Allah forgive me if I say something wrong) she would kill the imam after ruj’a..I have also heard that it would be a time when even iblees would have been defeated by imam-e-zaman and the rest of the imams, and she would be the only creature on earth….but again, I do not have any authentic source to support my point of view. And most shia ulema say that it is not wise to inquire about the details of what will happen after zahoor, because we dont know much…there are ahadith allright but we really dont know much details…

Answer#7 and in my opinion the smartest question asked….

even though Ayatollah Behjat (ha) is a very respected and noble man,i thought visions like these were only given to Prophets and Imams……..could any1 please shed light on this

I couldn’t find where that question was ever answered. The conversation took place in April of 2003. I am not putting it up to laugh, although it is somewhat amusing and we have been into some heavy stuff. But I have the same question that the last person gave. If we look at the definition of Prophecy it says it is the divine gift of speaking the truth, especially about the future. One who speaks prophecy is called a prophet. Now in Christianity there was never a ‘cut off’ on prophecy or messages from God, but in Islam, it is my understanding that that’s a different story all together. So if one of my Muslim readers can answer the question I would appreciate it. Especially if you are a Shiite Muslim.

The content of the conversation then went on to discuss the signs of the end times, which I am also putting up as some of them are different than the ones we have already gone over.

a.. Knowledge will finish in Najaf and the centre will move to Qum.Many ulema have been imprisoned and killed in Najaf. As a result, we
have seen in the past 100 years that the centre of ilm is moving
towards Qum.

b.. Baghdad will be extremely modern and will be full of vices and evils. As a result of this, an adhaab of a dark storm will be sent upon the people. It was mentioned on TV that Baghdad experienced such a dark storm, which covered the area for three days that nothing could be seen. It was a storm that broke a record of past decades.

c.. Earth shattering explosives will destroy Baghdad.d.. Destruction of Baghdad will come from air. Did that mean
e.. Baghdad will be occupied by people from different nations.
Today, Americans and Britons have occupied Baghdad.
f.. It has been narrated by Masoom that AlQaim (atfs) will not re appear till a seventh door has been made in The Masjid of Kufa.Masjid Al Kufa had 6 doors. Once Saddam went there and it was very crowded. 3 doors had been opened. He ordered for all 6 doors to be opened. Then he looked around and said that the wall in one area was very long without any door. He ordered a door to be put there. THUS, THE SEVENTH DOOR HAS ALREADY BEEN PUT THERE.

Want more ?

1. The Jews will reach a spot in Iraq (around Karbala it is) called Forat, I think it is a river (From jeum al-Khalas)

2. Sheikh Kurani has said that all the signs, except the 6 major which are bound to happen, have already happened, and we await the other ones to happen insh’Allah.

3. a Man from Qom will araise who will pull people to him like iron, and he will be the vanguard and bring back Islam on new (making it alive again) – Imam Khomeini ® perhaps?

4. A man by the Name of Seyyed Khorasani will battle against the Infidels for 7 years with 70’000 warriors, and then hand over the banner to Imam Mahdi (A). Imam Mahdi (A) will greet him and stretch forth his right hand to shake Seyyed Khorasani’s hand, but he will reply with the left, when poeple ask why they will be told his right hand is Shaheed…

Also I’ve heard his name is to be Ali Hossein or something…
(Rings a bell upon Imam Khamenei (HA), who is from Khorasani, his name is Ali Husseini al-Khamenei, and his Right Side and Hand is martyred becase of the assassination attempt by Munafeqine Khalq to blow him up).
Be prepared with the Sword of your Hearts, and lets do the Revolution before Imam Mahdi (A) comes, if you wish to be among his sincere devotees, as reliance on one man is wrong, rather we all have the Qaem within us, its about using this power and force and we can accomplish this ourselves.In Bihar Al Anwar(I Think), the hadith from our Imam says ” A man from our descendent(Sayyid) whose name will be similiar with the name of Prophet Isa(Jesus) will rise from Qum “Imam Khomeini(ra) First name was ROUHULLAH(Spirit of Allah)****
Prophet Jesus(as) was refered as ROUHULLAH(spirit of God) in the Holy Book

the author of ‘eqdud-durar’ in section one, chapter four narrates from ‘al-fatan’ of hafiz abu-abdullah na’eem-ibn-hemmad and he, from yazid-ibn-khalil asadi who said: ‘i was in the presence of imam muhammad baqir (a.s.). he mentioned two of the signs which would occur before the emergence of mahdi and which has not yet been witnessed (right from the time of fall of adam till now). one sign is this that there shall occur an eclipse of the sun on 15th of ramadhan and the moon too shall be eclipsed at the end of ramadhan.
a person said: ‘o son of messenger of Allah! it is not as you say. rather the sun will be eclipsed at the end of the month of ramadhan and the moon will be eclipsed during the middle of the month.
imam baqir (a.s.) said: the one who says these words is knowing better (than you) that right from the time of adam’s fall till today these two signs have not occurred…….

the author of es’aaf-ul-raghaben’ too has narrated the same tradition

sayed khorasani

the author of ‘eqdud-durar’ in chapter five narrates from hafiz abu abdullah na’eem – ibn -hemaad who narrates from sa’eed-ibn- musayyeb that the messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.)said:

‘a person from bani-abbass shall emerge from the east and whatever Allah wishes will be established accordingly. afterwards, men with small black flags will rise and will battle out with the offsprings of abu sufyan. they will prepare the ground for the obedience and submission of the same chapter of the afore-said book, its author narrates from na’eem-ibn-hemaad (from his book ‘fatan’) that muhammad-ibn-hanafiya said: ‘the people of the flag will emerge from khorasan. afterwards people of another flag with white will rise. a man from bani-tamim called as tamim-ibn-saleh will face them…. it will be then that people would seek and desire for mahdi. again, in the same chapter of the same book, its author narrates from na’eem-ibn-hemaad and he from shareey-ibn-abdullah rashid-ibn-sa’ad and hamza-ibn-habib as such:‘the people of the east will swear allegiance to a person from bani-hashim who shall emerge with the army of khorasan. a man from bani-tamim will face them…. if mountains confront him, he will destroy them. later he will encounter the army of sufyani and will defeat them. fierce battle will take place with them and he will kill them. he will expel them from one place to another until he will defeat them in iraq. thereafter an incident shall occur between them as a result of which sufyani will gain victory and the hashimi man will escape towards mecca and tamim-ibn-saleh (who is one of the leaders of the army of hashimi) will escape towards baitul-muqaddas. when mahdi shall reappear, the hashimi man too will emerge.*Khorasan is Iran

I am terribly sorry for stealing this thread But here are signs of Zohoor of our Imam traditions have come down about the signs of mahdi’s emergence and the events which would occur before his uprising and the evidences which would be discovered before his emergence. they are as such:

(1) sufyani’s revolt,
(2) killing of hasani,
(3) discord amongst bani-abbass about possession of kingdom
(4) eclipse of the sun during mid-shaban
(5) unusual eclipse of the moon during the end of shaban contrary to astronomies calculations. the moon will not be eclipsed but during the thirteenth, fourteenth or fifteenth of the month. the moon will be eclipsed at the time when the sun and the moon would be facing each other in a special form.the eclipse of the sun will not occur but on the twenty-seventh, twenty-eight or twenty-ninth of the month. the sun will be eclipsed at the time when it comes close to the moon in a special form

(6) rising of the sun from the west,
(7) killing of seventy pious people (3) killing
(9) destruction of the wall of the mosque of kufa,
(10) advancement of the holders of black flags from khorasan
(11) yamani’s revolt
(12) maghrabi’s revolt in egypt and becoming the ruler of syri
(13) descencion of turks in an island
(14) the coming of romans in rumalah
(15) the rising of a star in the east which would be like a sparkling moon
(16) that star would bend and break into two in such a manner that they would come close to each other

(17) a redness will appear in the sky and it will cover its surrounding
(18) a fire would appear throughout the east and it would remain so for three or seven days
(19) arabs would set free their rein
(20) arabs would become owners of cities
(21) arabs would exit from the rule of iranian kings
(22) the inhabitants of egypt would kill their ruler and his commands
(23) syria would be destroyed and three flags will advance towards it
(24) the flags of qais and arab would advance towards egypt
(25) engraved flags would advance towards khorasan
(26) the entry of some arabs in the outskirts of hirah
(27) the coming of black flags from the east
(28) a split shall occur in euphrates as a result of which its water would flow on the roads of kura
(29) sixty liars will emerge where each of them will claim prophethood for themselves
(30) twelve persons from the progeny of abu-talib would revolt and each of them would claim imamate for themselves
(31) a dignified person from the followers of bani-abbass will get drowned near the bridge of karkh in baghdad
(32) a black wind will blow in baghdad
(33) an earthquake shall occur in baghdad where a greater portion of the city will collapse
(34) fear will encompass the inhabitants of iraq
(35) death will swiftly overtake the people of iraq
(36) the people of iraq will face deficience in their property and fruit
(37) locusts will appear during the normal season as well as during off-season and they will get attracted to plants and cereals
(38)the agriculture output of the people will be poor
(39) discord will arise amongst non-arabs and they will shed blood of one another
(40) slaves shall disobey their master and will kill them.

(41) after that, it would rain successively for twenty-four times. the earth would become alive after its death and would throw out its treasures. at that time, all types of calamities will be kept away from mahdi’s believers. at that moment they will realize that mahdi has emerged in mecca. as a result, they will move towards mecca for assisting hazrat and the same can be seen in the traditions.

I could go on, but that is enough for this post. Besides from here they went into how they must all learn to fight as they will be required to go to war with the Mahdi, which we will be getting to. How many different things can you find in regards to what we have already covered. Actually, it might be easier to find how many that do. Obviously we aren’t done with the series yet so there are plenty of things to go over, but we have pretty much covered the signs that lead to the coming of the Mahdi. There seems to be a fare bit of confusion at least within some Muslim circles.

The Shiite Muslims that were having this conversation made mention of the Sunni’s saying: “the sunni hadith seem to speak more of the coming of the dajjal. which relates to the coming of the Imam but they don’t seem to focus on the latter much (I guess that’s obvious, they barely know who to expect).”

I don’t mean to be too critical but it appears at least to me, that the Shiites don’t know what to expect either. Why else would there be so many different opinions?? I am a novice when it comes to Islam, but in my research for this series, I have seen plenty of contradiction within the same sects. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also seen agreement, but something doesn’t smell right. Please Please Please, if there is a Shiite Muslim reading this, please comment and tell us your opinion. Also, any other Muslim, please give your opinion.

As I have already stated, there are those that rely, only on the Quran, and as far as one individual, I will be deadicating at least one post just for him.

I’m sorry these posts are so long, but since I am only putting the long ones up Monday Wednesday and Friday I guess you could read half on one day and the other half the next lol.

The Coming Utopia??

The Coming Utopia magnify

I’ve pointed out some of this before, but when I found this, I just had to share it with you. I’ve said many times what would happen if Islamist/Jihadist get their way… ENJOY!!! Islamic Utopia??  

In the year 3000, we will live in the Dar-ul-Aman ruled by a pious Khalifa and surrounded by the bounty our Lord promised us:

  • All men will be freed from the curse of razor-burns that has plagued mankind for centuries.
  • The women, cloaked in tent-like burqas (veils) will be protected from the sun and their complexions will blossom without help from Este Lauder.
  • The faithful will never again have to suffer just because the singular wife has a headache – they will be able to choose from a harem of four plus forty.
  • Children will not have to struggle with thirty textbooks and useless subjects like biology and European History – all they will need to do is “memorize one book, which holds all the answers”. (Quran)
  • The state will provide free entertainment every Friday in the form of lashings, beheadings and stonings – G-rated fun for the whole family.
  • We won’t have to keep track of the Bank holidays, as all banks will be shut down once we do away with the curse of currency and go back to the blessing of barter trade.
  • Once the decadent internet is outlawed and the ISPs shut down, we will be spared the arbitrary pricing and bad service from the likes of AOL and @home.
  • Men will have more time for spiritual cleansing rites once the women are children are banished to the harem after the Majlis-I-Shoora passes the “Seldom Seen Never Heard” law.
  • Members of the Majlis will be able to consume mass quantities of halwa (fattening sweets) unfettered by the unislamic tie and belt.
  • No more traffic jams and pollution once we go back to riding camels and donkeys to uphold the Sunnah.
  • No more load-shedding once we harness the power of the jinns to produce zillions of megawatts in the Hazrat Suleiman Jinn Power Plant (HSJPP) – and to heck with the HUBCO!
  • As for the dastardly Indians, they won’t have the nerve to bother us once we have raised a few squadrons of Ababil (myth: birds who killed elephants by dropping pebbles from their beaks) and learned the art of parting the Ravi (a river in Indo Pakistan Sub Continent).
  • Once we have reached the required level of piety, we shall dine on Manna (Quail) and Salwa (another pre cooked divine food) from that big kitchen in the sky – who needs McDonalds and KFC.
  • The faithful will be spared the ignominy of buying liquor licenses from their non-Muslim “friends” because most be banished to Dar-ul-Harb for refusing to pay Jiziya.
  • We will be free from the curse of the blood-sucking lawyers once we establish the quick-and-dirty Islamic Justice system, which will be merged with the Ministry of Sports and Entertainment.
  • Government expenditure on education will be reduced by firing the likes of Dr. Hoodbhoy and merging the Quaid-i-Azam University with the one and only IU, whose Rector will also serve as the Imam (cleric) of the Faisal Masjid and head up the Institute of Research on Islamic Foods (in the pre-Salwa era.)
  • Islamic Research will finally solve the mysteries of the Composition of Milk and discover the cure for hoof-and -mouth disease (all hidden in the Quran as the faithful have claimed for centuries.
  • My brother-in-law, an under-employed physician and cricket purist, will be able to moonlight at the stadium amputating arms that chuck and beheading physicists who dare to think.
  • So, don’t let the lackeys of the West, the heretics and Hypocrites discourage you from following the True Path, the Sirat-ul-Mustaqeem, which will lead to salvation and glory for the Ummah. Those who stray from this path will suffer the ignominious 62-7 fate of the Miami Dolphins.

No disrespect intended.  As most of you know, I try not to disrespect anyone’s religion, but there was too much important stuff in the above info to ignore it all together. 

I would like to ask my Muslim friends and readers if this is how you would like to live??  Because this is only a small example of how the Islamist/Jihadist want to rule the world.   

I realize that different parts of the world allow different things in regards to ‘punishment’ for ‘criminal’ acts. But to me and most Westerners this is a bit over the top. Not to mention the fact that what the Islamist considers ‘criminal’ may be far out of line to even the most devout Muslim. I’ve pointed out how it could be different here…

And I continue to point out that it would be terrible if we did that type of thing to Muslims, so Muslims should think it would be terrible if they did it to us. Do you agree?? Are you trying to do any thing about it?? Do you talk to your Muslim brothers and sisters about this subject and how it is wrong?? I am interested to see what you have to say on this subject.

P.S.  To my readers, sorry if the text cames out small.  Seems like wordpress has a mind of it’s own, everytime I preview the post, it looks different, so who knows how it will look when I post it LOL…

9/11 Remembrance

 I have received this message already from my email. But in case you were not aware of this, I am posting it here as well. And just so you know…. I got it from a Muslim blog. Oh my goodness, there must be a secret message behind it. Maybe it’s code for all Muslim Americans to attack their neighbor. I am sooo scared, what can we do where can we go somebody help me .That goes out to all those conspiracy theorists. In all seriousness, please try and drive with your lights on, during the day of 9/11/07. Drive into the nearest fire house and thank them for their service. I will be posting a special post for 9/11/07, don’t miss it.


911 REMEMBRANCE magnify

A friend sent me this and asked me to blog it for everyone to read and hopefully act upon.Please forward this to all in your address book or post it on your blog,asking everyone
to also forward it.

Please join us on 9/11.We have only a few days left to get the word out all across this great land we love and call the United States of America.

Let’s see how powerful e-mail can be!

On Tuesday, September 11, 2007 everyone in the USA who will be driving a motor vehicle is asked to drive with their headlights on during daylight hours.

Though no explanation is needed as to why we are commemorating September 11, we hope more importantly to pay respect to the victims of that day, show our nation’s solidarity and show support for our
Men and Women of the Armed Forces.
You can help by sending this e-mail on to others!

Or post it on your blog!REMEMBER! LIGHTS ON 9/11

Bin Lyin’s Comic Review

Bin Lyin's Comic Review magnify




Why are our news agencies broadcasting the ridiculous rantings of Osama Bin Lyin?? ………… Maybe for the comic value …… ……..

Where to begin, Osama, seems to be worried about global warming. He obviously is a fan of Gore. And why shouldn’t he be, Gore is another hypocritical wind bag. But when it comes to Bin Lyin’s hypocrisy, it’s a lot more serious than Gore’s use of electricity.

He says, we need to give up our democratic government, hahahaha. “Democrats haven’t made a move worth mentioning.” AGREED!! they are worthless to this country (the House and Senate variety, except for a few) . Obviously they are worthless to Bin Lyin, because they haven’t been able to stop the war. He must be tired of living in that cave. It should concern our democrat leaders, that it appears Bin Lyin supports them and wants Americans to vote for them.  Why do you suppose that is??  Do you think Osama is a closet liberal??  I can see him now, joining the gay pride parade in San Francisco…”we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” Oh what a sight.    More than likely, that isn’t the reason, he wants the dems in power.  But you already knew that. 

OOooooh, we “permitted” President Bush to complete his first term. What’s the matter there, Osama, didn’t expect that war on you, did you? I can understand how you would think that. Too bad your timing was off. You should have known better than to attack a country while they had a President with a backbone. I can never see that smiley enough when talking of Bin Lyin.   He made the statement that 19 men changed the direction of America.  He’s right, our bombers have a new target range, its a little out of the way, but that’s OK.  Heads up Osama, special delivery.  

This guy was all over the map with his message.  I wonder who writes his material.  And where did he get that “Just for Jihadi” he used to color his beard, maybe it is just boot polish.  It’s funny that he thinks we are losing in Iraq, especially now that the Sunni Muslims of Iraq have figured out what al Qaeda really stands for.   The Sunni of Iraq have turned against al Qaeda.  They are tired of al Qaeda killing their people.  The only lost would be if we left before the Iraqi’s can protect themselves. 

He “invites” Americans to embrace Islam. But you can be sure, it is HIS brand of Islam. The Taliban and everything that comes with it. He and the rest of his ilk, don’t consider Muslims who don’t follow his ‘Wahhabi’ brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims.

That “true” word, for a second I want to show you how bigots and radical Islamist view the world. Bin Lyin, and other Islamist don’t consider any Muslim who doesn’t follow their brand of Islam to be “true” Muslims. Bigots have told me I wasn’t a “true” Christian, because I refuse to believe that all Muslims believe the way of the terrorists. I have a friend who is an Apostate, can he be a “true” Apostate?? Read on, the following comes from his blog, and his dealings with a bigot.

A Towelian meets an Islamophobe, criticizes his/her politics or dissents with their point of view about Islam. Usually these Islamophobes are “never-been-muslims” and “never-had-muslim-friends”, yet consider themselves to be a better authority on Islam than anyone else because they’ve clicked a few buttons online to take them to anti-Islamic websites. P Some of them have even deigned to debate against Muslims on online forums and hence feel they have accurate insight into the Muslim mind.

When we criticize such folks for their often misinformed and sometimes outright bigoted and violent perspective, Islamophobes react in an unerringly inevitable and typical way: (it’s as if they are following some formula that defines their reaction and personality!)

    • Parading their extreme open mindedness and “mad” research skills, they conclude that any opposition to their politics coming from people with Arabic sounding names are Muslims. (Even though one click on our names on WordPress for example, will bring them to this blog which is clearly not pro-Islam!)
    • When they discover that the Towelian is an apostate of Islam, instead of re-thinking their perspective, they find it easier to define us in a category that best suits their currently held bigoted beliefs about Islam/Muslims. That is, just because we disagree with them, we’re called “not true apostates”…
    • The problem with these people is that their point of view of Islam is limited to its political manifestation. And so they deal with Islam purely on a political level. This is why often times you see Islamophobic blogs extensively researching political verses in the Quran or Hadith, scouring for political issues created by Islamists (not Muslims) etc. They are (most of the time, we admit) justified when they are only reporting on developments in the Islamic world that are counter-progressive. For example, the diminishing women’s rights situation etc.
    • But this is also a problem because to them, their only interaction with “Islam” becomes not the religion, but the politics of Islamists. Therefore in their perspective Islam does nothing but promote terrorism and violence. Towelians know Islam is not just about politics but that its basis is both mystical and religious. Thus the Islamic experience of the Towelians plays a key role in giving us a unique perspective into Islam.
    • Using this experience, we disagree with the political demands by certain “unfriendly critics of Islam”. Instead of dealing with our counter point of view in a proper discussion where all ideas are explored in an unbiased way, they succumb to ad hominem type judgments on our person.
    • For example, recently a commentator denied that we were “true” apostates:
  • “My points is that true apostates of Islam would see this difference about mainstream political Islam. I don’t say that there are no peaceful strands of Islam (say Sufis and Druze), but these stand out in their disengagement from the central political message of the Koran. I will support true apostates who call themselves so because of their admission of followed by a rejection of the violent strand (i.e. the worldwide political ambitions) of Islam, and not in order to gain easy entry into political circles in the West.”

    As you can see he made the link between our rejection of Islam as mutually inclusive of rejecting “mainstream political Islam”, which is in essence his own perspective of mainstream political Islam. In other words he doesn’t believe we’re “true” apostates of Islam unless we agree with him… because he’s so “right”. Pun intended. P

Did you get all that?? If everyone would just stop for one minute and realize that we all have different opinions, thoughts, acts, families, jobs, religions, and lives. Some of us search a life time looking for another person who is like us to marry. It’s OK to think differently than your neighbor. Maybe things wouldn’t be so messed up if we all understood this.

When it comes to faith, that, is all about God. It is and should be a private matter between you and God. People who are religious, normally worship out of love. If you don’t…well I would question that. The point is, it’s between you and God. It isn’t anybody else’s job to brow beat someone because they don’t believe the way you do. Here’s what happens when you do…

I go to my friends blog, I don’t agree with some of his posts, but it is not my place to criticize and tell him that he needs to change his blog so I won’t be offended. In a situation like that, if I don’t want to be offended, I should change the channel. Get what I am saying here??

The problem comes when you have a bunch of “holier than thou” people who think they know more than you, be that in religion or other wise; Who then think, it’s alright to insult or disrespect you because of it. In the case of Bin Lyin, he thinks its alright to kill you over it. That’s a bit extreme don’t you think??

This post started out to be one thing and turned into another, but I will leave it as it is. Really folks we could all stand to take a step back and open our mind. ALL OF US!! I am really sick and tired of people saying what they think someone else is thinking even though there is no evidence of it.

I print a story about Muslims who support Israel, and I get an answer that the only reason they are saying that, is because they want to “please” the “West”. God forbid, they might actually believe what they themselves say. Just because you don’t, doesn’t mean that every other person believes the way that you do!!

Use some common sense people.  If I have repeated myself, sorry.  It’s only because I am passionate about the topic.

A Letter To Binny

A Letter To Binny magnify


As most of you know, I had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago. The surgery went great, but the recovery is kicking my butt. I am telling you this because I know I am lacks in my entry’s. The bottom line is, either I am in a great deal of pain , or I am in a drug induced haze . So please be patience with me.

The post before last, had a link to another item. It’s called,  “A Letter To Binny” and it is below.  I threw in the crazy kitty picture as my bit of the entry .  I hope you find it funny, I have a long list of stupid pictures I can throw out there every now and then.  The bottom line is that my blog is of a very serious nature, but every once in awhile, I want you to be able to come to my blog and laugh.  If for no other reason, than the picture on top.  

Letter to al Qaeda: 

Blessed be Allah.

Binny I have studied you for so long I feel like I know you.
And I am praying you will forgive my informality.
It has been 6 or 7 years since the first attacks.

Your name is known across the world.

Your crusade has not gone well.

You have killed around 7,000 Americans in 5 years.
You have lost two Middle Eastern Countries.
Lost most of your cadre, and another 100,000 troops.
YOU have a civil war going in Iraq which threatens to spread
to the rest of the Muslim world.
Your dream for a caliphiate is still a dream, you have Muslim
killing Muslim, killing women and children, bombing Mosques
and market places all an afront to Allah.

The six in New Jersey were not yours, they were planning to attack
a military base, they were holy within their own standards, no civilians.
While al Qaeda has become unholy killing civilians, blowing up Mosques.

Leading Muslim boys and girls to HELL, if they kill civilians, women and children, not Martyrs, shaitian.

You have bastardized Islam for your own political motives.
You sprang from Islams loins,
USA can fight you world wide,
but a Moslem will take you out,
your final Hajj.

Allah said : (Allah has promised, to those Moslems among you who believe and work righteous deeds, that He will, of a surety, grant them in the land, inheritance (of power), as He granted it to those before them; that He will establish in authority their religion -the one which He has chosen for them; and that He will change (their state), after the fear in which they (lived), to one of security and peace: ‘They will worship Me (alone) and not associate aught with Me. ‘If any do reject Faith after this, they are rebellious and wicked.) 55,AlNOOR.

Moslems created the al Qa’ida.

Asking the Lord to accept. The overall objective of this bulletin : Brothers and sisters urged to publish this article to relatives and friends, and in the mosques, and every person standing on the Internet Through the printing and distribution of the bulletin, and read on boards and also through sent by e-mail and e-mail Different groups, and chat rooms. , and other ideas that have the positive impact.

I think this must be the husband of the woman who wrote, “Blessed Be Al Qaida”  I say that, based on the link from the other website, some of what is in it, and the request at the end.  I have no real clue, but it looked like it to me.  I will also add, like I did before, that we all comply with her request and forward this to as many people as possible.

And one more thing.  I want to thank all of you, who come to this blog on a regular basis.  Thank you for your response, whether it be by email, the front page, or the comment section.  I truly appreciate all of you, so if I don’t say it enough, let me do it here for all to see….

Thank You     

Possible Misunderstanding


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This is just a very short note. On Aug. 11Th, I posted a story called, “Not Terrorist Enough….?? It suddenly dawned on me that people may have thought that the content of the post and the picture were related. The are NOT. I placed the photo on the top, to show that there are Muslims that think the terrorists are criminals, not Martyrs.

Anytime you see a picture on the top of my blog, unless I say otherwise, they are not related. They are there to add to the post, but not necessarily related. Such as the photo on the top of this post. I know some of you would rather see pics like that then anything. Don’t worry, Ive got a ton.